Sat, Apr 27, 2013

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | April 27, 2013

We’ve all heard the startling statistics about obesity in America: over one third of American adults are obese (almost 36%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Obesity puts us at risk for all kinds of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. And it doesn’t afflict everyone equally: nearly 50% of blacks are obese, and lower income Americans in general are more likely to be obese than others.

Hugh Hewitt | April 27, 2013

"Regular Order" ought to be the way in which the House and Senate conduct their business, but not when highly irregular national security disasters and/or scandals occur, and especially not after an ambassador is murdered by terrorists and a mass casualty terrorist attack occurs on Patriots Day in Boston.

John Hawkins | April 27, 2013

Before 9/11, most Americans looked at Islam as no different than any of the world's other great religions. But since that terrible day, Americans have read countless stories about crazed riots over damaged Qurans, terrorists who've murdered people in the name of Allah and violent threats over Muhammad cartoons. Quite understandably, this has caused people to become considerably more wary of Islam.

John C. Goodman | April 27, 2013

If you ever doubted the inability of the federal government to protect you from harm, events of the past few weeks should have been a clincher.

Caroline Glick | April 27, 2013

The time has come for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to confront U.S. President Barack Obama. A short summary of events from the past three days: On Tuesday morning, the head of the IDF's Military Intelligence Analysis Division Brig. Gen.

John Ransom | April 27, 2013

It would be nice if the GOP in Congress did the job that they wouldn’t do on Fast and Furious, crony capitalism, Solyndra and several other violations of the law featured under the Obama administration. When people ask how Obama always gets away with it, the answer is easy: the GOP lets him.

Kathryn Lopez | April 27, 2013

Once in a while, a government agency adopts a policy that is logical, hardheaded, based on experience and unswayed by cheap sentiment. This may be surprising enough to make you reconsider your view of bureaucrats. But not to worry: It usually doesn't last.

Paul Greenberg | April 27, 2013

"I just see a huge trainwreck coming down." That's not a quote from one of our old editorials or from any of the other critics of what has become known as Obamacare. It's a quote from one of its key backers, one of its designers, one of its advocates and defenders. It's a quote from Max Baucus, senior senator from Montana and Democratic stalwart on the Senate Finance Committee.

Paul Driessen | April 27, 2013

The interminable war on drilling, fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline has taken some bizarre turns. Now it’s getting worse, as opponents grow more desperate, and the moon again grows full.

Bill Tatro | April 27, 2013

Truth be told, the growth rate of most European countries is hanging by a thread, and when really scrutinized from a day-to-day perspective, European gross domestic product is mired in economic depression.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 27, 2013

Kyle Oslen, CEO of, joined John Ransom for a discussion about common core standards. Also, Yahoo news say Paul Krugman was right. . . About everything. . .

Crista Huff | April 27, 2013

We recommended a “buy” on V.F. Corp. on February 15. The stock is up $16 since then. Growth stock investors and growth & income investors should jump in here.

Charlie Kirk | April 27, 2013

Privately held student loan debt surpassed 1 trillion dollars last November. More money is owed in student loans than in privately held credit card debt. This past year, bank write-offs of student loans are up almost 35% from the previous year.

Steve Deace | April 27, 2013

Getting the government out of marriage may be a noble goal, but it will be harder to do than privatizing Social Security.

Night Watch | April 27, 2013

A military spokesman confirmed Thursday that China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, is set to conduct a high seas trials.

Fri, Apr 26, 2013

Humberto Fontova | April 26, 2013

“More than four decades after the first Earth Day,” declared President Obama in an address this week, “millions of Americans have answered the call to protect the environment.

Donald Lambro | April 26, 2013

President Obama is clearly playing a nasty political game with the air traffic controller furloughs that have forced severe airline delays across the country.

Alan Sears | April 26, 2013

The things we never outgrow. “All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare said, “and all the men and women merely players.” A surprising number of us have stage fright.

Rich Galen | April 26, 2013

A beautiful day in Dallas - fair skies, temps in the high 60s - thousands of people came out to witness something that is so uniquely American that I'm not certain it survives translation into other languages.

Diana West | April 26, 2013

Let’s pick up where last week's column left off with that Saudi national in Boston – Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the 20-year-old “student” who was acting suspiciously enough after the Boston bombing to be “detained” under guard at the hospital and named a person of interest in the April 15 attack.

Michelle Malkin | April 26, 2013

Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio seems well meaning enough. As second-generation conservative Americans, I know we both share a common passion for this great land of opportunity.

Mark Davis | April 26, 2013

As President Obama joined four ex-presidents for the dedication of a facility honoring his immediate predecessor, comparisons were unavoidable.

Brent Bozell | April 26, 2013

As much as liberals had their fingers crossed after the Boston Marathon bombings -- please don't let it be a Muslim, please don't let it be a Muslim -- that's who the terrorists were.

Mike Adams | April 26, 2013

Students and their parents need to be warned about the latest serious threat to liberty on America's college campuses. They have probably already heard of campus speech codes, anti-discrimination clauses, and sexual harassment tribunals. The latest threat takes the form of "disorderly conduct" hearings. Many readers are wondering what exactly constitutes disorderly conduct. The more appropriate question might be "what does not?"

David Limbaugh | April 26, 2013

America's political and cultural left is, step by step, demonizing and marginalizing Christians and Christian values, to the point that even the congenitally apathetic should be concerned.

Mona Charen | April 26, 2013

We do not hesitate to condemn utterly the behavior and the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan (the perpetrators of this bombing and others) and their white supremacist fellow travelers. We do not worry that reviling white supremacists and their grotesque deeds will somehow taint all white people. But when it comes to other groups and other motives for the same kind of terrorism -- we lose our moral focus.

Oliver North | April 26, 2013

In the aftermath of last week's Boston Marathon terror attack, it is clear that those running our federal government know neither our enemy nor what we need to do about it.

Pat Buchanan | April 26, 2013

"I do not know the method of drawing up an indictment against a whole people," said Edmund Burke of the rebellious Americans. The same holds true of Islam.

Suzanne Fields | April 26, 2013

Between the tragedy over loss of life and limb in Boston and the rejoicing in the certainty that these two young men will not strike again, there's a large space for reflection. Emotion clouds reason, which is why we live by the rule of law.

John Ransom | April 26, 2013

Any other president would have been chastened by the results, not emboldened. Instead, Obama is acting more like himself, more in charge and exactly in character. These are all symptoms of a very bad disease for the Democrats, particularly on the gun issue.

Linda Chavez | April 26, 2013

Twelve years after September 11, our intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies still haven't fixed the data-sharing problems that make us vulnerable to more attacks.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 26, 2013

Former DEA undercover agent Robert Mazur talked with John Ransom about infiltrating Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel – and modern day money laundering. Also: Jobless claims are down, but it doesn’t really matter. John also talked about the unspoken truth behind gas prices.

Bill Tatro | April 26, 2013

Perhaps if the pundits considered the reason for holding U.S. paper as not to be the professed return on investment, but rather the return of investment.

Night Watch | April 26, 2013

Politically the offer is a test of the North Korean leadership's ultimate intentions. In the past, Kim Chong-il typically raised tension in order to extort aid or other concessions from the South in return for a restoration of normality.

Marita Noon | April 26, 2013

BP’s near-total retreat from renewable energy; and Europe’s tree-thefts as a result of high-cost heating bills and increasing use of wood (often imported from the US and Canada) and coal for energy production.

Bob Dane | April 26, 2013

The Senate Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act, S.744, or as I like to say – RubioCare – is an illusionary promise of future enforcement in exchange for amnesty that instantly rewards 12 million illegal aliens.

Thu, Apr 25, 2013

Matt Towery | April 25, 2013

I happened to hear President Obama halfway into his remarks on the evening that the surviving Boston Marathon terrorist was captured.

Phil Kerpen | April 25, 2013

If sequestration happens and nobody feels it, does it have a political impact? No, apparently; so two months into what we were told would be Armageddon, the Obama administration is launching a harm offensive.

Paul Greenberg | April 25, 2013

I just see a huge trainwreck coming down." That's not a quote from one of our old editorials or from any of the other critics of what has become known as Obamacare. It's a quote from one of its key backers, one of its designers, one of its advocates and defenders. It's a quote from Max Baucus, senior senator from Montana and Democratic stalwart on the Senate Finance Committee.

Todd Starnes | April 25, 2013

The U.S. Military has blocked access to the Southern Baptist Convention’s website on an unknown number of military bases because it contains “hostile content” -- just weeks after an Army briefing labeled Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics as examples of religious extremism, Fox News has learned.

Cliff May | April 25, 2013

Defense policies are not created in a vacuum. They are designed to meet threats. Over time, threats change in ways that are difficult to predict. In the past, America’s enemies generally wore uniforms and confronted American soldiers on a foreign field of battle. Today, America’s enemies may wear backwards-facing baseball caps and attack marathon runners along with the men, women, and children cheering for them on a sunny April afternoon in New England.

Hugh Hewitt | April 25, 2013

If you have read Marco Rubio's An American Son, you will know that the Florida senator is nothing if not tenacious.

Michael Reagan | April 25, 2013

The beautiful Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs in Simi Valley, Calif., was the last place I expected to be reminded of the violence that paralyzed the city of Boston last week and turned it into a mini-Baghdad.

Thomas Sowell | April 25, 2013

Whose interests are immigration laws supposed to serve -- and whose interests do current immigration reform proposals actually serve?

Michael Barone | April 25, 2013

Tomorrow, the George W. Bush Presidential Center will be dedicated at Southern Methodist University in Texas. It's a good time to look back on the performance of the 43rd president, who has been almost entirely missing from the public stage these past four years.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 25, 2013

Deportation has become a near-taboo word. Yet the recent Boston bombings inevitably rekindle old questions about the way the U.S. admits, or at times deports, foreign nationals.

Larry Elder | April 25, 2013

That the older Boston bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, became a terrorist strikes one as disturbing. That younger brother Dzhokhar also became a terrorist strikes one as frightening.

Cal Thomas | April 25, 2013

One of the consequences of abandoning a standard by which right and wrong can be judged is our increasing inability to mete out punishment that fits the crime. In fact, too often we weigh extenuating circumstances rather than guilty actions.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 25, 2013

I heard the news of the Boston Marathon bombings just a few minutes after I had undergone a biopsy. An annual OB exam had revealed an enlarged uterus. The scan that followed a few hours later showed a polyp, and a biopsy was performed the same day.

Debra J. Saunders | April 25, 2013

This week, the Obama administration furloughed 14,500 air traffic controllers -- staffers will lose two days of work per month -- ostensibly to comply with the 2011 Budget Control Act's $85 billion in sequester cuts this year. The Federal Aviation Administration's share is $637 million. So expect delays at the airport. That's the idea, but it didn't have to be.

John Ransom | April 25, 2013

Fisker actually did build some cars, but most of them flooded before some spontaneously caught fire, just like the Chevy Volt.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 25, 2013

It has come to my attention that there is a new derogatory term in American politics. It is "Angry White Male." Moreover, I am apparently a member of this low-down grouping of Americanos.

Kyle Olson | April 25, 2013

Activists with the Chicago group “Teachers for Social Justice” have produced a two-week lesson plan to teach students about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to close 54 schools in the city.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 25, 2013

Illegal immigration is about more than a border fence, or voter identification. Derrick Morgan, with the Heritage Foundation, joined the program to talk about some of the economic drawbacks – and benefits – of an expansive immigration reform bill.

Daniel Pipes | April 25, 2013

What will be the long-term impact of the Apr. 15-19 Boston Marathon attack and the ensuing action-movie-style chase, killing a total of four and wounding 265?

Crystal Wright | April 25, 2013

I can’t decide if the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) minority outreach effort is more like watching a sitcom or a soap opera dubbed “The Young and the Foolish.”

Michael Schaus | April 25, 2013

Worried about inflation? Shut up, and learn to love quantitative easing.

Morgan Brittany | April 25, 2013

We paid for a family of non-citizens to live in our country for years, go to our schools and have all the advantages of a wonderful free society so that they could become radicalized and kill us?

Night Watch | April 25, 2013

China is arousing Japanese nationalism. With neither side backing down, clashes and tests of political and military resolve are unavoidable.

Steve Chapman | April 25, 2013

According to a 19th-century composer named Francis Scott Key, the United States is the "land of the free and the home of the brave." If he were writing those lyrics today, he might add an asterisk with the notation: "Void in the aftermath of terrorism."

Wed, Apr 24, 2013

Ann Coulter | April 24, 2013

The people of Boston are no longer being terrorized by the Marathon bombers, but amnesty supporters sure are.

David Harsanyi | April 24, 2013

So, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes that the public's interpretation of the Constitution must evolve in the face of terror attacks such as the one in Boston. "You're going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days," the man explained, "and our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.

Jeff Jacoby | April 24, 2013

If truth-in-labeling rules applied to Congress, the proposed law giving states the power to collect sales tax from out-of-state online retailers would be named the Marketplace Unfairness Act.

Todd Starnes | April 24, 2013

The Jewish Federation of Nashville and a group of outraged parents are calling for a school district to pull a high school textbook they believe promotes bias against Israel.

Hugh Hewitt | April 24, 2013

Political and policy fiasco alert: The GOP Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee is gearing up to waste the House Republican Majority's energy, time and political goodwill on a doomed-to-failure scheme that conservative realists know cannot emerge from the Congress.

Rich Galen | April 24, 2013

The Mullings Director of Standards & Practices and I are heading to Dallas for the opening of the Presidential library of George W. Bush on Thursday.

Marybeth Hicks | April 24, 2013

My daughter’s smartphone buzzed when she was out of the room. I picked it up to see who was texting her and was puzzled by the message that previewed on the screen, so I read the entire exchange. What I discovered concerned me. When I talked to her about it, she turned the tables on me and said I’d invaded her privacy. The issue I discovered is important and I don’t want to lose the chance to guide her behavior, but now we’re arguing only about privacy and whether I trust her. How much privacy should I allow my daughter?

Bob Barr | April 24, 2013

The terror attack at the Boston Marathon on April 15 is seared into our national conscience. Not since the tragic morning of September 11, 2001 has America experienced such a state of panic, confusion, and uncertainty about its domestic security. And while the casualties of the Boston terror attack fortunately were limited compared to what could have been, the repercussions of the bombing will have a profound affect on public policy in the United States, particularly as it regards law enforcement and national security policies.

Thomas Sowell | April 24, 2013

Britain's late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said it all when she wrote that the world has "never ceased to be dangerous," but the West has "ceased to be vigilant."

Michelle Malkin | April 24, 2013

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon killing spree by foreign-born jihadists, see-no-evil bureaucrats in Washington are stubbornly defending America's lax asylum policies. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano told the Senate Tuesday that the screening process is rigorous, effective and extensive.

John Stossel | April 24, 2013

I wrote recently how teachers unions, parent-teacher associations and school bureaucrats form an education "Blob" that makes it hard to improve schools. They also take revenge on those who work around the Blob.

Walter E. Williams | April 24, 2013

What we see on college campuses represents a dereliction of duty by boards of trustees, which bear the ultimate responsibility. Wealthy donors who care about the fraud of higher education should recognize that there's nothing like the sound of pocketbooks snapping shut to open the closed minds of college administrators.

Brent Bozell | April 24, 2013

Howard ("Howie") Phillips was unique. The year was 1987 and the Reagan administration had announced the INF Treaty to limit short-range nukes. Many conservatives were opposed. I elected to host a press conference to make that point publicly.

Jonah Goldberg | April 24, 2013

Over the last few years, the invariably unjustified rush to pin violence on the "right wing" -- particularly the Tea Partiers -- has reached the point of parody. Remember when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speculated that the foiled Times Square bomber might just be angry about Obamacare?

Ben Shapiro | April 24, 2013

The American public now knows the identity of the Boston marathon bombing suspects. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was a former boxer and Chechnyan immigrant, radicalized in the United States by an Islamist mentor. He turned against the West in liberal Cambridge, Mass. His younger brother, Dzhokhar, 19, was a pot-loving college student at the University of Massachusetts.

Terry Jeffrey | April 24, 2013

I have a challenge for members of Congress now vowing that the federal government will enforce the immigration laws in the future if we just let them take the illegal aliens in the United States today and put them on a "pathway to citizenship."

John Ransom | April 24, 2013

About 40 percent of the revenue generated by new tax increases will come out of the pockets of middle or lower income families, while at the same time federal spending will grow $2.1 trillion over 10 years, including getting rid of sequester cuts recently forced on the government by an outraged citizenry.

Austin Bay | April 24, 2013

On March 28, the U.N. Security Council approved the creation of a war-making-peacekeeping unit, a "specialized intervention brigade" designed to destroy the vicious rogue militias that plague the Democratic Republic of Congo's chaotic eastern provinces.

Paul Greenberg | April 24, 2013

The president of the United States, being a gentleman and a man, paid a compliment to California's attorney general -- Kamala Harris -- when both of them appeared at a Democratic fundraiser in that state. Indeed, he paid her several compliments when he addressed the crowd.

Donald Lambro | April 24, 2013

The deadly bombing in Boston and the wave of terror plots in the United States since 9/11 lead inexorably to three conclusions: The terrorist threat is growing; al-Qaida has not been decimated, as President Obama told us in his 2012 campaign; and there are gaps in our security system that need to be repaired.

Susan Stamper Brown | April 24, 2013

It is reasonably simple to find your way here in America: Follow the rules. Integrate. Drop labels. Assimilate. Be productive. Repeat. Before long, you begin to experience the freedom that comes with being an American.

Jacob Sullum | April 24, 2013

Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, captured last Friday evening, was not informed of his right to remain silent and his right to a lawyer until Monday morning, nearly three days after his arrest.

Ralph Benko | April 24, 2013

Marco Rubio came under intense fire from the Heritage Foundation last week for his stance in favor of a comprehensive immigration reform. Reform, as it must, includes a path to earn citizenship for illegal aliens who can prove themselves otherwise of good character.

Night Watch | April 24, 2013

General Fang's comments are the first time that China has provided even vague information about its judgment of future North Korean behavior.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | April 24, 2013

The White House announced Monday that Tsarnaev will be tried in civilian court on two counts: use of a weapon of mass destruction, and malicious destruction of property resulting in death. A few observations are in order.

Ken Connor | April 24, 2013

Ideas do have consequences, as the recent events in Boston so vividly demonstrate. We in the West need to recognize these truths and acknowledge their implications on our way of life and our ideals. Unless we confront and debunk the very bad ideas that are being advanced against our way of life, we will not continue to stand. Some ideas are not just bad, they are evil, and we must be willing to say so.

Tue, Apr 23, 2013

Bob Beauprez | April 23, 2013

It's a signature terror tactic that has been familiar in Israel, much of the Middle East and Afghanistan for a long time; a likely link to major terror networks, but executed by one or two individuals.

Todd Starnes | April 23, 2013

The U.S. Army is directing troops to remove a Bible inscription that a vendor etched into the serial numbers of weapon scopes, Fox News has learned.

Crystal Wright | April 23, 2013

Enough with Republicans invoking analogies to slavery and plantations to make their case for conservative policies or attract minority voters. News flash: it doesn’t work!

Rachel Marsden | April 23, 2013

The details revealed so far in the Boston Marathon bombing case are strikingly similar to those of a high-profile case in France last year. Both exemplify the modus operandi of today's young jihadist.

Todd Starnes | April 23, 2013

Bob and Sarah Fisher were checking their daughter’s homework last week when a social studies assignment caught their attention – it criticized the United States for dropping the atomic bomb during World War Two.

John Hawkins | April 23, 2013

"(Palin) did a disservice to every woman in America. She knew from the first month of pregnancy that kid was going to be Down’s Syndrome.

Thomas Sowell | April 23, 2013

During decades of watching both collegiate and professional football, I have seen hundreds of touchdowns scored by black players -- but not one extra point kicked by a black player.

Rick Santorum | April 23, 2013

Since Sept. 11, Americans have been largely immune from attacks by terrorists. But for many of us, the days of color-coded terror warnings and armed guards in airports seem like relics of another era.

Chuck Norris | April 23, 2013

As with others across the nation, my wife, Gena, and I are so proud of the first responders and host of rescuers, medical personnel, law enforcement personnel, firemen, military members, crisis counselors and good Samaritans who immediately were called into action and undoubtedly saved lives, limbs and souls because of their heroic efforts. Truly, America's best shine brightest during our country's most difficult and darkest moments.

David Stokes | April 23, 2013

The obviously sarcastic title of this column comes from the days of World War II. Noel Coward, then a famous playwright and popular British entertainer, wrote a song in 1943 titled, “Don’t Let’s Be Beastly to the Germans.”

David Limbaugh | April 23, 2013

When I read that President Obama refused to comment on the murder trial of abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell "because it's an active trial," I knew immediately he wasn't being truthful.

Mona Charen | April 23, 2013

If there was one thing the left was certain about in 2008 it was this: George W. Bush had catastrophically undermined America's world reputation with his unprovoked aggression and use of torture. The advent of Obama would reverse the damage.

Cal Thomas | April 23, 2013

The last time there was a terrorist attack on America, we got the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration. Each entity has spent billions to keep us safe, but neither could stop two brothers, Tamerlan, a permanent resident, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a newly minted U.S. citizen, who lived in America and, reportedly, became radicalized jihadists, from killing and maiming innocent people at the Boston Marathon last week.

Dennis Prager | April 23, 2013

We cannot bring back the stolen lives. We cannot bring back the lost limbs or the lost hearing. And we cannot mitigate the infinite grief of the victims' loved ones.

Pat Buchanan | April 23, 2013

"Whatever they thought they could ultimately achieve, they've already failed," says President Obama of the Boston Marathon bombers.

John Ransom | April 23, 2013

Don’t expect the government to keep you safe kiddies. I have no doubt that the people who work for the FBI and the Boston police very much want to keep us safe. I doubt very much that the political masters in charge have even half a mind to do it, however, if Newtown, CT or Aurora, CO are guides.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | April 23, 2013

Did you know that there was a time in our country, after the Civil War, when white unemployment was higher than black unemployment? It seems almost unfathomable now, but that was the case in the early decades of the 20th Century.

Kyle Olson | April 23, 2013

There must be something in the mountain streams that inspires a love of freedom in Douglas County, Colorado.

Marita Noon | April 23, 2013

When asked about the way government spends taxes, responders were likely thinking of the green-energy crony-corruption spending on flawed ventures like Solyndra and the fifty-plus other green-energy embarrassments that received taxpayer dollars as a result of President Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Bill.

Ransom Notes Radio | April 23, 2013

It’s earth day. . . And Ransom has many ideas on how you can expand your carbon footprint in an effort to keep the planet nice a warm. Amy Ridenour, Chairman of the National Center for Public Policy Research, joined John to talk about the nature of the climate change debate.

Jerry Bowyer | April 23, 2013

Anticipating the future is very difficult, and investors are always guessing and always updating their guesses, but almost never getting their forecasts of the future exactly right. Investors tend to anticipate future changes in GDP growth, but inexactly.

Crista Huff | April 23, 2013

Rapidly growing sports apparel company Under Armour Incorporated reported first quarter sales up 23%, slightly above Wall Street expectations. Net income decreased 47% due to planned marketing expenditures.

Night Watch | April 23, 2013

The report did not specify the location of the newly detected missiles, but the context suggests it is near the two intermediate range missiles between the cities of Wonsan and Hamhung on the east coast.

Bill Tatro | April 23, 2013

Apple’s most significant positive attribute is that all of their real value resides in their non-taxable overseas cash accounts. If they relocate this money back to the U.S., they will be taxed — making this a very foolish idea.

Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Bill Murchison | April 22, 2013

While presiding over a war someone else started, George W. Bush received abuse and vilification unprecedented for a U. S. president. He still does, as a matter of fact, if you troll news sites featuring stories on the Boston atrocity of last week.

Humberto Fontova | April 22, 2013

On April 22nd, 2000 the U.S. Dept. of Justice violated the U.S. constitution at the whim and behest of a Stalinist dictator that the very U.S. Dept. of State officially condemns as a “State Sponsor of Terror.”

Crystal Wright | April 22, 2013

Remember when Republican Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, held hearings in 2011 and 2012 on the radicalization of Muslims here at home?

Michael Brown | April 22, 2013

What would motivate two young Muslims to blow up innocent men, women, and children? What did America do to deserve such an outpouring of irrational, blind hatred? In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, it is clear that most Americans still do not understand the ideology of radical Islam.

Armstrong Williams | April 22, 2013

On September 11, 2001 we watched in horror as terrorists toppled the Twin Towers in New York City. They recently struck again with twin bombings in the heart of Boston.

Rich Tucker | April 22, 2013

Every religion needs a creed. A set of beliefs that its followers can adhere to. A flag they can rally around in good times and bad.

Kathryn Lopez | April 22, 2013

Martin Richard's life ended as he waited at the Boston Marathon finish line on a local holiday. He was there to celebrate his dad's victory with his family. Instead, he is dead and his family's life is changed forever.

Matt Barber | April 22, 2013

Be they theist or be they atheist, on this most scientists agree: In the beginning there was nothing. There was no time, space or matter. There wasn’t even emptiness, only nothingness. Well, nothing natural anyway.

Kurt Schlichter | April 22, 2013

The smoke and flame had not even dissipated before it was crystal clear that the terrorists had lost again. There was the flash, the boom, then a few brief moments to get their bearings before, almost as one, Americans began running toward the fire.

Michael Barone | April 22, 2013

Chaos. Things seemed to be spinning out of control on many fronts this week.

Mike Adams | April 22, 2013

Some say the third time is a charm. So I've tried to be a little more charming in my third book than I was in my first two. Make no mistake about it, though: I'm glad to have written two hard-hitting books on life in the academy. The first was needed to expose the intellectual shallowness of the campus diversity movement. Another book was needed to chronicle the absurdity of campus feminism. But my latest book is written from the heart.

Star Parker | April 22, 2013

Kirsten Powers has done a national service, by virtue of her now famous USA Today column, of getting the news of the trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell on the national radar screen.

Katie Kieffer | April 22, 2013

President Obama would make a terrible stand-up comedian. He would need a teleprompter to deliver his jokes. And he would need a traveling caravan of smiling children to serve as live props.

Ken Blackwell | April 22, 2013

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood's governing majority, is not actually crucifying the nation’s Christians. But they are nonetheless actively persecuting Coptic Christians who are said to be one-tenth of the population of the largest Arab country.

Lisa De Pasquale | April 22, 2013

If you’re a regular Townhall reader, you’re familiar with Mike Adams’ columns. If you’re any other Townhall columnist (and competitive like me), always seeing him scattered among the “Top 10” most-read most-commented columns makes you want to finally give in and do a column on Mike Adams with the hopes of cracking the top 10.

Terry Paulson | April 22, 2013

The movie "42" captures Jackie Robinson's courageous and tumultuous rise from the negro leagues to the minors and, eventually, the Brooklyn Dodgers. The painful slurs and on-the-field attacks Robinson endured brings the viewer face-to-face with pre-civil rights America. For just a few moments, a new generation gets to feel the bigotry and resulting pain, see the whites only toilets, and experience being turned away from hotels because of the color of their skin.

Bruce Bialosky | April 22, 2013

Thomas Friedman of the New York Times has received many accolades for his column following the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Under the category of “a stopped clock is right twice a day,” Friedman nailed the situation on the head.

John Ransom | April 22, 2013

Remember these are the folks who told you that abortifacients have to be made available, over-the-counter, to every girl old enough to plop down the money for it, whether her head reaches the counter top or not. So what’s a little mathematics when "Alienation Studies" have gone a wasting for so long?

Rich Galen | April 22, 2013

Suddenly, every cable news anchor, every pundit, every Sunday show guest, and every waiter in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia has become an expert on whether or not Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be informed of his Miranda rights.

Dan Holler | April 22, 2013

As Politico analyzed President Barack Obama’s political predicament, they offered several suggestions on how to proceed, with the third being, “Take the long view.”

Tad DeHaven | April 22, 2013

As I often point out, waste always comes with government the same way a Happy Meal always comes with a toy and drink. There is duplication and waste in the federal government because it has become massive and there are virtually no limits on what politicians can spend money on.

Michael F. Cannon | April 22, 2013

United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers International President Kinsey M. Robinson issued the following statement calling for a repeal or complete reform of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA):

Kristan Hawkins | April 22, 2013

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, has set their sights on college-aged women – preying on them in their moments of crisis and panic.

Rachel Alexander | April 22, 2013

Has society really become quite thin-skinned, or is acting “offended” a new tactic that is being used to shut down legitimate political debate? Progressives are increasingly claiming to be offended whenever those on the right disagree with their left-wing positions.

Shawn Mitchell | April 22, 2013

Perhaps in 30 years the murderer will be invited to teach at our elite universities, to explain his/her ideas for the betterment of humanity, like the chic radicals now laundered and ensconced in academia.

Chris Edwards | April 22, 2013

Taxpayers are paying for billions of dollars of junk food, which seems like a huge waste of money to most people.

Sun, Apr 21, 2013

Jeff Jacoby | April 21, 2013

IF KIM JONG UN thinks he can shake down Washington by threatening nuclear apocalypse, President Obama says, the belligerent North Korean dictator has another think coming.

Doug Giles | April 21, 2013

I’m not really in the mood to write a column. The reason why I’m in a foul disposition is I just saw the picture, taken a few minutes before the Boston blast, of the Muslim POS, better known as “Suspect #2”, dropping off his backpack filled with a pressure cooker bomb right behind eight-year-old Martin Richard, his little sister Jane, his mom Denise and scores of others. This image made me both sick and pissed off.

Derek Hunter | April 21, 2013

Progressives can’t help themselves. When a normal person hears of a tragedy, they feel the natural range of emotions – fear, anger, sympathy, etc. But progressives are not normal humans.

Austin Hill | April 21, 2013

Breaking news: some of America’s largest corporations have begun to report declining profits. For those that are offended by highly profitable corporations, this should be really great news.

Debra J. Saunders | April 21, 2013

There is no problem too flimsy for California's nanny lawmakers, as witnessed by the many laws that state solons have proposed to keep constituents from getting free plastic bags at the grocery. Those teensy plastic bags are cheap.

John Ransom | April 21, 2013

Look, you can take the Space Shuttle to work and you’d save even more gasoline than you can with the Volt. But the cost would be way higher. Isn’t the point about saving money? I mean besides charging the cost to the taxpayers?

Steve Chapman | April 21, 2013

The autopsy gave a spare account of how the 52-year-old man died. He suffered blunt force injuries on his torso and legs, and abrasions on his left wrist indicated he had been tied or shackled down. One of his neck bones was fractured.

George Friedman | April 21, 2013

North Korea serves as a buffer state for China's northeast, and though Pyongyang can exploit that need, the North Korean leadership harbors no illusion that China is truly interested in the survival of any particular North Korean regime so long as Beijing can keep its buffer.

Michael Youssef | April 21, 2013

Having just returned from a three-country Middle Eastern speaking tour, I cannot help but reflect on how much more complex the situation in the Middle East has become.

Mark Baisley | April 21, 2013

Amendments Three through Eight in the United States Constitution address a variety of legal matters that seek to protect citizens in their commonplace interactions with government.