Fritz Pfister

President Obama is batting oh for two on his last two trips to the budget plate. So bad was his performance, not even mustering one vote of support in the senate, he went down swinging at air. Who can blame him for being over two months late to the game? Legal deadlines to submit a budget must not apply if you’re a star?

In reality it takes time to find things to tax to fund all things progressive. You must seek out every product and service produced by free people and businesses. Those where government is not able to take credit must be punished.

Besides, don’t you think these White House concerts consume time attending? This was a Soul Train concert, you can’t simply walk away from them like they are an Israeli prime minister, or agents under attack in Benghazi. This was important.

Nothing really new in the Obama budget, just like the Senate budget. Tax the rich, punish success, reward crony green companies with taxpayer money to produce a non-viable market product, cut defense, buy votes, and pay off special interests.

The house budget is a weak sister too but definitely a step in the right direction. The debt is fast approaching seventeen trillion, unfunded liabilities one hundred trillion, so Obama and congress figure what’s a few trillion more?

America’s choices are between weak sister and big brother. More taxing and spending. More deficits and debt. More takers than makers. No leadership.

So much for a robust recovery that would follow tax reform, regulatory reform, and a sensible energy policy. How can you control the people by providing them the freedom to choose for themselves how best to spend what they earn?

Over three hundred million people voluntarily choosing by themselves the product or services they want and from whom is a scary proposition to the progressive. It is the progressive’s role to pick winners and losers out of ‘fairness’.

When the House and Senate wed weak sister with big brother what offspring will be produced? Another government baby that needs nurturing from the governed draining their resources?

Following last week’s disastrous jobs report you would think that someone, anyone, would notice what government is doing isn’t working.

President Obama insisting on doing more of the same will change results how? Draining the private sector of another trillion dollars will create jobs how?

The only hope for a modest recovery would be for House Republicans to block further attacks on the private sector following the fiscal cliff taxes and now facing the implementation of Obamacare. Both yet to take their ultimate toll on job creation.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.