Report: Active Shooter Near Planned Parenthood Location in Colorado UPDATE: "No Connection to Planned Parenthood" Says PD Report: Active Shooter Near Planned Parenthood Location in Colorado UPDATE: "No Connection to Planned Parenthood" Says PD

China Bars Miss World Canada From Entering Country for PageantChina Bars Miss World Canada From Entering Country for Pageant

The Latest: Protesters March in Chicago Shopping DistrictThe Latest: Protesters March in Chicago Shopping District

Erick Erickson Erick Erickson: Narratives Over Facts

Much of the media and Democratic Party obsess about narratives.

Michael Barone Michael Barone: Here's Something You Should Be Thankful For: Work

Sure, that sounds counterintuitive. Thanksgiving Thursday is the first day of a (for most of us) four-day weekend, a time devoted to gorging on comfort food and nonstop viewing of college and professional football games.

Brent Bozell Brent Bozell: Hollywood's Twin Takes on Abortion Propaganda

Some pro-abortion feminists recently denounced Hollywood for not producing TV and movie plots wherein the unborn baby is dispatched with zero remorse. It doesn't get more extremist than this.

Mona Charen Mona Charen: Things I'm Grateful For

"Who is happy?" asks a sage in the great Jewish wisdom compendium "Sayings of the Fathers." Answer: "He who is contented with his lot."

Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan: Stumbling to War With Russia?

Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian warplane was a provocative and portentous act.

Suzanne Fields Suzanne Fields: Finding More Than Faults on the All-American Holiday

Has anybody seen Norman Rockwell? We gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday and a few days of family togetherness.

Humberto Fontova Humberto Fontova: How the FBI Cracked a Chilling Black Friday Terror Plot

On the morning of November 17th, 1962, FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. took on all the trappings of a military command post, according to historian William Breuer.

John P. Warren John P. Warren: Driving With The Crazies-Part II

On Wednesday, when most of the 47 million Thanksgiving travelers were driving somewhere to commit Thursdays sin of gluttony with those they profess to love, it sometimes seemed as if a tense million of them were in front of me on the interstates from Western Pennsylvania down to Cincinnati.

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