Arizona Governor Signs Abortion Drug Notification Mandate Arizona Governor Signs Abortion Drug Notification Mandate

Yemen Unrest Could Spark Regional WarYemen Unrest Could Spark Regional War

The Fact-Free Meltdown Over Indiana's New Religious Freedom LawThe Fact-Free Meltdown Over Indiana's New Religious Freedom Law

Ron Paul Ron Paul: Repeal, Don't Reform the IMF!

A responsible financial institution would not extend a new loan of between $17 and $40 billion to a borrower already struggling to pay back an existing multi-billion dollar loan.

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: The Bear and the Community Organizer

Vladimir Putin scheduled the war to retake the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for the first half of the last Final Four college basketball game. He anticipated, correctly, that the Presidents focus would be on his brackets instead of Russias plan to recapture its former glory.

Star Parker Star Parker: Ted, Monica, and Mickey

In 1979, the year before Republicans nominated Ronald Reagan as their presidential candidate, the Rev. Jerry Falwell and conservative activist Paul Weyrich founded the Moral Majority.

John Ransom John Ransom: Expert: Billions in Chicago Bonds Pay for Literally Nothing

A new piece by a state expert says bond proceeds provide little of actual value in Chicago.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: Harry Reid and the Chamber of Secrets

Deeply and deceptively interesting, is how New York Times Magazine described Sen. Harry Reid in January of 2010. Deceptive indeed. Five years later, Reids cache of secrets in the Senate chamber puts Harry Potters wizardry to shame

Rachel Alexander Rachel Alexander: Leftist Sharks Finally Circling Around Sheriff Arpaio

When progressives cant beat Republicans square and fair at the ballot box, they resort to dishonest Alinskyite tactics, such as character assassination and abusing the left-wing dominated legal system. eyve been after Americas popular Sheriff Joe Arpaio for years and are finally circling around him like sharks.

Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg: Who Is This Scott Walker?

Who is this Scott Walker, and why has he taken off like a house afire in the race for next year's Republican presidential nomination even before it's really begun?

Rich Galen Rich Galen: The Arab League Steps Up

The Arab League is a multi-national organization made up of 22 nations ranging from Mauritania on the West coast of Africa to Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

Matt Barber Matt Barber: A Bold Proposal for Conservative GOP Candidates

Admittedly, there is no easy answer. A major roadblock in unifying behind a singular candidate, observes CNN, is the deep, personal relationships that social conservative activists and leaders have developed with individual candidates over the years. As one activist noted, You bleed with them in battle. There are alliances, friendships people who worked hard for you. You dont want to burn them.

Brian Birdnow Brian Birdnow: Gimme That Old Time Religion? Bill De Balsio’s Politics and Piety in New York

Last week (March 21st) the New York Times ran a puff piece on New York City leader, Mayor Bill De Blasio, reaching out to faith based organizations and marveled that an avowed secularist has built strong alliances with certain religious groups.

Shawn Mitchell Shawn Mitchell: Obama Puts America’s Eggs in Iran’s Basket

Ponder the dire significance of the extraordinary story from MSNBC(!) last Friday, reporting on US incoherence in the Middle East, the exploding chaos there, and the shocking news Arab states like Egypt, the Saudis, and UAE are withholding intelligence and launching attacks without consulting the US.

Daniel Pipes Daniel Pipes: Why Yemen Matters

The Middle East witnessed something radically new two days ago, when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded to a plea by Yemen's president and led a 10-country coalition to intervene in the air and on the ground in the country.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: The Stooges Rule

Never in the history of our nation have we experienced such a frighteningly inept and incompetent presidential administration. One could make a good argument that this would apply in all areas, but its particularly applicable in the area of foreign policy and national security.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: Remembering the Politically Inconvenient Malcolm X

This year isnt just the golden anniversary of Selma. It also marks the 50th anniversary of the murder of Malcolm X.

Tom Purcell Tom Purcell: Reasoning With Iran

"America and the West have a historic opportunity to negotiate a nuclear agreement that will promote peace in the Middle East and the world. It will give your country, Iran, a brighter future. What do you say to that?"

Oh Dear: The Liberal Hysteria Over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Bill Has Begun
Not The Onion: 'The Gov't Employees Can't Watch Porn At Work' Legislation Passes Oversight Committee
Latest: Germanwings Co-Pilot Suffered From "Illness," Ripped Up "Sick Notes" Day of Crash
Pence: Effort To 'Clarify' Religious Objections Law Underway
Singapore Bids Farewell to Lee Kuan Yew
Obama Speaks at Dedication of 'Edward M. Kennedy Center' in Boston
What Did Jeb Bush Do To Fight Obamacare?
Hypocrisy Alert: That Time Sen. Clinton Said The Bush Administration Might Have ‘Something To Hide’ By Refusing To Turn Over Documents
Majority Leader and Armed Services Chair Visit Kiev: European Leaders Increasingly For U.S. Arms to Ukraine
Congressman’s STREAM Act Seeks to Reign in Anti-Coal Mining Agency
There’s A ’90 Percent’ Chance Carly Fiorina Will Run In 2016
Of Course: Iran Makes Another Last-Minute Demand, West Looking to Achieve 'Narrative'
Video: The Very Worst of Harry Reid
Obama To Visit Kenya
NBC Sued For Libel And Slander After Comparing Tannerite Target Company to Terrorists, Killing Americans
Latest: Reported Shooting at NSA Headquarters, Fort Meade
“Ferguson: The Play” Lets Audience Be the Jury
CBS: 'Email Scandal Taking A Toll On Hillary Clinton'
10 Things to Know for Today
AP Chief: Killing of Journalists Should Be a War Crime
Obama's Hypocritical Attack on Netanyahu
It Sounds Like Martin O’Malley Is Going To Run For President
Arab League Unveils Joint Military Force Amid Yemen Crisis
Miley Cyrus Called Indiana Governor Mike Pence An ‘A**hole’ For Signing Religious Freedom Bill
The Deal: Iran Nuclear Talks Approaching The March 31 Deadline
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