Reminder: Green Cards For Millions of Illegal Immigrants Means Longer Wait Times For Legal Immigrants Reminder: Green Cards For Millions of Illegal Immigrants Means Longer Wait Times For Legal Immigrants

Ferguson Grand Jury Has Reached A DecisionFerguson Grand Jury Has Reached A Decision

Obama: Hagel 'No Ordinary' SecDefObama: Hagel 'No Ordinary' SecDef

Ron Paul Ron Paul: Defeat of NSA Bill a Victory for Freedom’

It will not shock readers to hear that quite often legislation on Capitol Hill is not as advertised. When Congress wants to do something particularly objectionable, they tend give it a fine-sounding name. The PATRIOT Act is perhaps the best-known example. The legislation had been drafted well before 9/11 but was going nowhere. Then the 9/11 attacks gave it a new lease on life. Politicians exploited the surge in patriotism following the attack to reintroduce the bill and call it the PATRIOT Act. To oppose it at that time was, by design, to seem unpatriotic.

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: America, You’ve Been Grubered!

Grubergate is just one of the score of scandals, frauds, and failures that have destroyed any trust in this collection of creeps by anyone except the most leftist and the most stupid, two sets which, if graphed in a Venn diagram, would be represented by a single circle.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: The Campus Crusade for Cash

It is understandable that you would wish to defend your organization, which I criticized rather bluntly in my article. However, your accusation that my article was un-Christ-like and was written in a spirit that undermines Christian unity requires a response. Since you chose to proffer your criticism in a public forum, Ill respond by using my weekly column.

Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby: The Jewish State's Newest Hero Wasn't Jewish

BY THE THOUSANDS they streamed to Yanuh-Jat, Israelis of every description making their way on Wednesday to the remote northern Galilee district, where a fallen hero was to be buried with full honors.

Star Parker Star Parker: Obamagration and our Disdainful President

The executive order, which President Obama has issued, granting amnesty to millions of individuals now residing illegally in our country, should make clear the profound disregard our president has for American voters, our constitution, and our two-party system.

John Ransom John Ransom: Cool the World By Firing Fake Scientists

The World Bank, which last time I checked was a BANK, not a scientist, says that global warming could significantly worsen intra- and intergenerational poverty in multiple regions across the globe."

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: Obama Flips Blacks on Backs

How does the first black president reward blacks for voting for their hero?

Andrew Gargano Andrew Gargano: It’s High Time the VA Stops Censoring Pot

While Americans across the nation on Veterans Day honored those who have served in the Armed Forces, the Department of Veterans Affairs has continued to dishonor the welfare of veterans by upholding a policy which suppresses the speech of its physicians.

Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg: Real Hope and Change

Barack Obama is back -- the one who electrified and united a nation a decade ago when he delivered the keynote address at a national convention. Remember? There was a time when he was still a young, idealistic senator, not a failing and flailing president who has taken many a wrong turn since, and started to sound more like ideologue than idealist.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: For What It's Worth

"Compromise," as others have said before, "is not a four-letter word."

Peter Morici Peter Morici: Obama’s Amnesty Further Fractures America

The constitution does not provide white Americans with a remedy when a president by-passes congress and abuses executive power to satisfy a constituency that puts its agenda above the rule of law.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: The Odious Corruption Enabled by Big Government

Consider the way a select handful of big companies use the Export-Import Bank to obtain undeserved profits.

George Mano George Mano: Why We Oppose Illegal Immigration

Our opposition stems from culture and the rule of law, not race.

Shawn Mitchell Shawn Mitchell: Make Obama Own the Shutdown.

Republicans need to show their base and all America they will oppose lawless overreach; they need to avoid sounding mean spirited toward Latinos and worsening that growing electoral gap; and GOP leaders appear terrified of being accused of shutting down the government.

Michael Schaus Michael Schaus: Leftists Promise "Street Theater" Protests on Black Friday

If prior years are any indication of the groups projected success this year, we can expect a handful of union thugs showing up at a handful of Walmart stores, with a few mass-printed signs. The rest of America, however, will be buying discounted flat screens.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Wrong Three Ways: Europe Not at Risk of Full-Blown Deflation Says ECB Vice President

One really has to wonder about what is in these central banker's heads

Doug Fabian Doug Fabian: China Offers Enticing International Investing Prospects

As I also mentioned in last weeks issue, Chinas equity markets are poised to never be the same again, as China just launched whats called the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program.

Tom Purcell Tom Purcell: Merci America!

Among the 25 freest countries in the world, America now ranks 21st - down from the ninth spot for calendar year 2009, Obama's first year as president.

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