WATCH: Peter Schweizer Talks About Findings in New Book Clinton Cash WATCH: Peter Schweizer Talks About Findings in New Book Clinton Cash

10 Things to Know for Today10 Things to Know for Today

Clinton Foundation Admits Missteps in donor disclosureClinton Foundation Admits Missteps in donor disclosure

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: Conservatives, Unleash the Awesome Power of “No”

We decent Americans are bombarded with lies, libeled, and subjected to petty (and, increasingly, not so petty) tyrannies by government flunkies.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: It’s Not Harassment If You Like It

Some conservatives fail to grasp the importance of the campus culture wars.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: Bill de Blasio, Streaking Buck Naked

I caught New York Mayor Bill de Blasio streaking along Manhattans waterfrontand it wasnt the first time.

Paul Dykewicz Paul Dykewicz: Economic Slowdown Confirmed by Gross Output and B2B Data

The U.S. economy is slowing but thus far is avoiding a recession, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: Privilege

Last week General David Petraeus, as the result of a plea agreement, was sentenced to two years probation and a $100,000 fine for the crime of, as reported by, "sharing classified information with his biographer and lover, Paula Broadwell."

Paul Driessen Paul Driessen: A Message For Pope Francis

Its not climate change but energy restrictions based on climate fears that threaten the poor.

Mark Nuckols Mark Nuckols: The Incredible Intolerance of Ultra-Liberals and Gays

Gay people in America are among the most self-righteous and intolerant people there are.

Shawn Mitchell Shawn Mitchell: Random Blasts at the Well Deserving

Obama's only guilty of allowing Iran to pursue its own fissile uranium. Hillary actually helped cement the sale of uranium to Russia. That might be worse.

Michael Brown Michael Brown: It's Not Hateful To Say That Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman

This past Friday night, I tweeted out, My heart goes out to Bruce Jenner, & when he says, I am a woman, I hear him saying, I am deeply confused & hurting. Let's pray for him! The responses to this tweet were as ugly and profane as anything I have ever seen.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : Maine’s Paul LePage: Conservative Kicking Butt

Today, conservatives frustrated with Washington bickering, pandering, and inaction should look to another governor, in an otherwise overlooked part of the country: Maines Paul LePage.

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