Trump, Cruz Join Forces to Protest Iran Agreement Trump, Cruz Join Forces to Protest Iran Agreement

Roll Call: GOP Spending Early To Defend Senate Majority Roll Call: GOP Spending Early To Defend Senate Majority

Bush Returns to New Orleans For 10th Anniversary of KatrinaBush Returns to New Orleans For 10th Anniversary of Katrina

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: Denver Corruptocrats' Chick-fil-A Smokescreen

Holier-than-thou liberals on the Denver city council are waging war on Chick-fil-A in the name of tolerance and diversity. Now, let me tell you what the squawking is really all about: It's a distraction, a feint, a mile-high smokescreen.

Erick Erickson Erick Erickson: RIP GOP

The Republican Party has most often come to power at times of crisis, starting with slavery. But in the great moral crisis now, the Republican Party finds itself infested with charlatans, conmen, louts and Donald Trump

Mark Davis Mark Davis: Lessons of the Virginia TV Murders

The aftermath of a tragedy is always a clash of agendas, as various sides rush into the spotlight to score some quick points while attention is high.

S. E. Cupp S. E. Cupp: Blame Liberals for the Rise of Trump

There are a few existential questions which man has struggled but failed to answer conclusively, despite Sisyphean efforts, such as: Why are we here? What happens when we die? And why do kids go ape for "Frozen"?

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: Call Me 'Ze,' not 'He': University Wants Everyone to Use 'Gender Inclusive' Pronouns

Educators in the Volunteer State are very concerned that students might be offended by the usage of traditional pronoauns like she, he, him and hers, according to a document from the University of Tennessee Knoxvilles Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Brent Bozell Brent Bozell: When Child Sex Abuse Gets Ignored

The double standard our media impose on child sexual abuse is garishly obvious. On Aug. 14, The Washington Post set the stage for the coming American visit of Pope Francis with another splashy front-page story on a man still berating the Catholic Church after being abused by a priest from 1969 to 1976.

Michael Barone Michael Barone: Two Impossible Things That Could Happen in 2016

A number of once unlikely scenarios for the 2016 election might now be moving into the realm of possibility. Republicans and Democrats alike may soon face the consequences.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: Get Out of My Class and Leave America

Welcome back to class, students! I am Mike Adams your criminology professor here at UNC-Wilmington. Before we get started with the course I need to address an issue that is causing problems here at UNCW and in higher education all across the country.

David Limbaugh David Limbaugh: It Depends on What the Meaning of 'Crazies' Is

Yeah, I get President Obama's point. He wants to disarm law-abiding Americans but entrust the Iranian Islamist theocracy to police itself on nuclear arms and subsidize its funding of global terrorism. But we're the "crazies."

Mona Charen Mona Charen: Caesarism Comes to the Republican Party

Among a very long list of harms inflicted upon the United States by Barack Obama and his party, perhaps the worst was Caesarism

Scott Rasmussen Scott Rasmussen: Presidential Nominating Process Highlights Gap Between D.C. and America

To many in Washington, there's little question that the 2016 presidential election should feature a dynasty rematch between the Clinton and Bush families. To most outside of Washington, that's the last match-up they want to see.

Michael Reagan Michael Reagan: Trump Is All Talk

Donald Trump is the first talk radio candidate.

Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan: Dis-Integrating America

The Wednesday morning murders of 24-year-old Roanoke TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were a racist atrocity, a hate crime. Were they not white, they would be alive today.

Suzanne Fields Suzanne Fields: Can Hillary Clinton, as First Grandmother, Light Partisan Fire?

When Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama in 2008, the idea of scoring a first for women was trumped by the appeal of electing the first black president. She was a senator then and didn't want to emphasize the differences in men and women in their approach to making policy

Scottie Hughes Scottie Hughes: You Won't Believe What the PC Police Want You to Be Called at One University in the South

The South is known for being polite, showing respect and only using real butter and sugar in recipes. However, if the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion has its way, the idea of saying "Yes, Maam" and "No, Sir" will be Gone with the Wind.

Linda Chavez Linda Chavez: All Lives Matter

The murder of two journalists near Roanoke, Va., this week is another horrifying chapter in what is becoming a story of rekindled racial animus in this nation.

Donald Lambro Donald Lambro: Hillary's Sinking in Polls, Voters Say She's a "Liar," And Biden Considers Run

Forget all the polls in the presidential sweepstakes and wipe the slate clean for a whole new set of numbers.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : Rand Not Withstanding: Why?

US Senator Rand Paul captivated concerned conservatives across the country when he filibustered the appointment of a new CIA Director.

Charlotte Hays Charlotte Hays: Celebrity Diplomats Don’t Help America’s Cause

Although a report by an Inspector General gives U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy a high score for her ethics, the celebrity ambassador appears to be appallingly at sea when it comes to running an actual embassy in a country that is important for the United States.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Why All the Gun Violence? The Answer Is Simple

There is a very simple explanation as to why the country seems to be experiencing the gun violence of recent years.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: Thinking Seriously About the Virginia Murders

On the morning of August 26, Vester Lee Flanagan, a former employee of WBDJ, shot and murdered WBDJ TVs Alison Parker and Adam Ward on live television. He shot a third person, Vicki Gardner, who Parker was interviewing. Fortunately, the latter will survive.

Mark Skousen Mark Skousen: Sen. Rubio Defends U.S. Sugar Subsidy amid Loss of American Jobs

Politicians often spout the benefits of free trade and free enterprise but make exceptions when it fits their own self-interest. Sen. Rubio is no different when it comes to the sugar subsidy.

Stephen  Kruiser Stephen Kruiser: Will Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep Be The Next Man To Publicly Embarrass Hillary Clinton?

It is very easy to assume that things cant be all that pleasant around Camp Hillary, even on the best of days.

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter: Small But Honest Columnist Again Forced to Correct Highest-Rated Show on Cable TV

To support his insane interpretation of the post-Civil War amendments as granting citizenship to the kids of illegal aliens, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is now taking job applications for the nonexistent -- but dearly hoped-for -- Jeb! administration, live, during his show.

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