Eric Holder Really Doesn't Want Fast and Furious Documents Released Eric Holder Really Doesn't Want Fast and Furious Documents Released

WATCH LIVE: First Benghazi Select Committee Hearing WATCH LIVE: First Benghazi Select Committee Hearing

New Poll Shows Ernst Surging in Iowa Senate RaceNew Poll Shows Ernst Surging in Iowa Senate Race

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: The Spread of Rocky Mountain Jihad

Something's fouling Colorado's crisp air -- and I'm not talking about the pot smoke.

Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt: Breaking Through The President's "Cocoon."

President Obama's decision to commit American forces to contain and defeat the Ebola virus before it breaks out to devastate an entire continent and perhaps others is a good and necessary decision and conservatives and Republicans ought to support it.

John Stossel John Stossel: Immigration Is American

Conservatives rightly point out that America is a nation of laws. No one should be exempt. That's why many oppose amnesty and other paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants who are here now.

Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams: Multiculturalism Is a Failure

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that in Germany, multiculturalism has "utterly failed."

Dr. Ben Carson Dr. Ben Carson: A Plea for Constitutional Literacy on this Constitution Day

Earlier this summer, I managed to perplex, perhaps even offend, a famous TV interviewer when I declared I want a federal government that follows the U.S. Constitution.

Brent Bozell Brent Bozell: Obama Is Carter, Not Reagan

The late Lloyd Bentsen is sorely needed when President Barack Obama tries to compare himself to Ronald Reagan.

Jonah Goldberg Jonah Goldberg: Obama is Rushing Into War Against Islamic State

By all means, let's destroy Islamic State, but let's talk about it first. We are in a very strange place right now. President Obama is rushing into a war he doesn't want to fight. He can barely bring himself to call it a war.

John Ransom John Ransom: Want to Buy a Company? Try Stealing One Instead

Bob Barr Bob Barr: In Defeating ISIS, We Must Not Defeat Ourselves

Terror is theater, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen wrote on Monday. Burning skyscrapers, severed heads: The terrorist takes movie images of unbearable lightness and gives them weight enough to embed themselves in the psyche. Over the weekend, ISIS, the newest terror kid on the block, posted another one of its beheading videos to the Internet, marking the third hostage to die in the organizations effort to send chills down the spine of the Western World.

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: School Orders Girl to Remove ‘Virginity Rocks’ Shirt

Virginity does not rock at Ramay Junior High School in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Thats the lesson 13-year-old Chloe Rubiano learned. Chloe is in the eighth grade. She is also a good church-going girl. So you can imagine her moms surprise when she got in trouble at school.

Todd   Gaziano Todd Gaziano: A Handy Guide to the Constitution is Reissued for Its Birthday

On September 17, Americans will celebrate the 227th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution by the delegates to the Constitutional Convention.

Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro: The Conversation We Won't Have About Raising Men

"This is behavior that is happening at the grassroots level that is born through years of our culture like raising men to want to not be like women and using language like 'sissy' and 'you throw like a girl' that demean women. ... [We need to focus on] really reprogramming how we raise men."

Terry Jeffrey Terry Jeffrey: Census: Real Household Income Peaked in 20th Century

So far, if measured by household income, the 21st century has not been a good one for the United States of America.

Austin Bay Austin Bay: Conditions Stalk Obama's Uncertain Coalition

President Barack Obama has declared, repeatedly, that U.S. ground troops will not have a combat mission in his war against the Islamic State. Last week, Obama ardently pledged that he would not be "dragged" into another Iraq ground war.

Donald Lambro Donald Lambro: Hillary Clinton: A Profile In Failure

WASHINGTON - The nightly news shows made it very clear this week that they've gotten behind Hillary Clinton's expected 2016 campaign for president.

Rachel Marsden Rachel Marsden: Has World War III Already Begun?

While recently commemorating the World War I centenary at an Italian military cemetery, Pope Francis declared: "Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction." The pope's observation begs the question: If World War III has already started, would we even know it? Or would it only be evident in the rearview mirror?

Jacob Sullum Jacob Sullum: Obama's Dumb, Rash and Unilateral War: Don't Buy the President's Lame Excuses for Attacking ISIS Without Congressional Approval

A few years ago, when President Obama unilaterally decided to get involved in Libya's civil war, he argued that he did not need approval from Congress because bombing military targets does not constitute "hostilities" under the War Powers Resolution. That argument was so laughable that even the war's supporters in Congress and the press, not to mention Obama's own Office of Legal Counsel, rejected it.

Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams: How the Current Criminal Justice System Hurts the ‘Least of These’

Imagine for a moment that you are on your way to work driving down Main Street. You only make $25,000 a year so you cant afford to replace your broken tail light that got smashed last week in a fender bender.

Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio: The Fed is Getting Ready to Toy with the Market Again

The market is pretty schizophrenic nowadays And, really, why wouldnt it be? The data says our economy is less than stellar; but the Fed seems to think everything is spectacular. Sooner or later the truth catches up to investors, but in the meantime do you fight the Fed?

Rick Berman Rick Berman: Innovate Labor Relations

Its practically a clich to note that government just cant keep up with innovation in the private sector. Taxi commissions fight services like Uber, zoning boards ban food trucks, and federal regulations keep experimental drugs out of the hands of patients desperate to try them rather than die. So you should not be surprised to find that Americas labor lawslast seriously overhauled in the dying days of British rule in Indiaare well past their sell-by date. Backed by and fearing the wrath of powerful union bosses, politicians are unwilling to bring employee representation out of the Studebaker factory and into the iPhone world.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Socialist Failure: French Government Faces Second No Confidence Vote in Six Months

In spite of the fact the Socialist party holds a majority of just 1 in the 577-seat lower house, French prime minister Manual Valls hopes to stabilize things with a Second No Confidence Vote in Six Months.

Ken Connor Ken Connor: The Importance of Choosing Life

Physician-assisted suicide, much like abortion and same-sex marriage, has become something of a cultural bellwether.

Night Watch Night Watch: Ukraine Offers Putin's Rebels a Deal

The government submitted a draft bill to the parliament that would bestow "special status" for the Donetsk and Luhansk regions until a new constitution is drafted, and grant partial amnesty for militants who would lay down arms voluntarily and who committed no serious crimes.

Charles Payne Charles Payne: Restoring the Pillars

Our industrial machine was the engine that allowed us to win wars and to win at innovation, and while it is still not equal, it feels like we have peaked.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Would Scottish Independence Be a Net Plus for Liberty?

This Thursday, Scottish voters decide whether they want to break away from the United Kingdom and reclaim their independence. Do advocates of economic liberty in America have a dog in this fight?

Michael Schaus Michael Schaus: In Defense of a Crony Capitalist

Elon Musk is a man I hate to applaud. He is a politically savvy business man that understands how to exploit the crony-capitalist mentality of state legislators, federal regulators, and well connected corporate giants. And yet

Akash Chougule Akash Chougule: Medicaid’s Health Outcomes Put a Damper on Falling Uninsured Rate

Despite the millions of families who have had their health plans cancelled, cant see their own doctor, and are paying more, but getting less, some people are still finding ways to celebrate Obamacare.

Bill Gunderson Bill Gunderson: The Birth of 3 New Bull Markets

The Emerging Markets around the world have sorely underperformed the U.S. markets over the last 3-5 years. Its not surprising. They did not have the performance enhancing stimulus in their system that our markets did.

Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell: Late-Talking Children

Anyone who knows what anxiety, and sometimes anguish, parents go through when they have a child who is still not talking at age two, three or even four, can appreciate what a blessing it can be to have someone who can tell them what to do -- and what not to do.

John Hawkins John Hawkins: The Real Sickness At The Heart Of American Culture

People don't like to talk about America's culture for the same reason that a man who just had a heart attack doesn't want to discuss the double bacon cheeseburger he's eating.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: Professors Must Defy Feds To Protect Victims

Rape has been declining in America since the early 1990s. But the campus statistics tell a different (and utterly false) story.

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