ATF Agent Stole $20,000 in Taxpayer Money After Submitting Fraudulent Work Hours ATF Agent Stole $20,000 in Taxpayer Money After Submitting Fraudulent Work Hours

'Humor:' Hillary Does SNL'Humor:' Hillary Does SNL

New Poll: Fiorina Gains on Trump, Soars to Second in New HampshireNew Poll: Fiorina Gains on Trump, Soars to Second in New Hampshire

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: Filibusted

Kill the filibuster. Kill it now.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: Sports and State: Time to Separate

All in favor of more separation between sports and state, raise your beer koozies and stop millions of dollars from being wasted on bad coaches and old stadiums.

Wayne Allyn Root Wayne Allyn Root: It's All About The Taxes, Stupid

Its all about the taxes, stupid.

Ken Blackwell Ken Blackwell: The U.S. Postal Service Continues To Burn Money

A repeat culprit of government wastethe United States Postal Service (USPS), which recorded a revenue loss of $5.5 billion dollars in 2014 aloneis considering a $6.3 billion purchase of mail delivery vehicles using an unnecessarily expensive, out-of-date approach it employed nearly 30 years ago.

Terry Paulson Terry Paulson: Complicit Silence Abounds about Biafraland

Pope Franciss speech to the UN called for a coordinated international response to the plight of Christians in the Middle East and Africa: Christians, together with other cultural or ethnic groups, have been forced to witness the destruction of their places of worship, their cultural and religious heritage, their houses and property, and have faced the alternative either of fleeing or of paying for their adhesion to good and to peace by their own lives, or by enslavement.

Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby: Free Your Eyes From The Shackles Of The Shutter

Taking a picture is not the same thing as experiencing a moment. It is one thing to see a famous person or view a great work with your own eyes. It is something different something less meaningful, less rich to see that person through a smartphone lens, or to regard that masterpiece through the viewfinder of a video camera.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: The Hungary Games Part I

One young man, Marc, came from Germany. He is 21 years old. He dropped out of college some time ago and has been on a personal walkabout trying to decide what to do with his life. He found a Twitter handle, #Zakany, that got his interest and decided to come to this small summer resort community and help with the migrants who come across the border into Hungary; there to board trains to take them on.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : California Conservatives: Doing Something About Illegal Immigration

Robin Hvidston taught me: The only reason no one hears our side is that we never show up. Dont get mad, get confrontational. Use the tools of the Left and leave them begging for mercy. Thats what We the People are doing, and we are getting results.

Rachel Alexander Rachel Alexander: Why Conservatives Elected to Congress Turn Into Moderates

A member of Congress estimated to me that out of 84-86 new GOP members who swept the House in the GOP takeover of 2010, there are only about only four to five left who remain conservative.

Dan Weber Dan Weber: Enough Irony: Protect America’s Seniors, Not Illegal Aliens

Sometimes life is almost too ironic for words. Average Americans look at the way the world is drifting, and just shake their heads.

George Mano George Mano: Syllogisms for the 21st Century

With some in the media pouring out their hearts for outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner and attacking his critics as far-right and extremists, it reminded me of something written by newspaper man HL Mencken many years back called Syllogisms a la mode.

Fletcher Armstrong Fletcher Armstrong: Planned Parenthood’s Defense: We Harvested Brain of a Different Baby

Planned Parenthood and its allies have offered a bizarre defense against Carly Fiorinas recent comments in which she describes a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says, We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.

Seton Motley Seton Motley: Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Are Confused by Economics. And Government. And Reality

Socialism is a failed ideology. It was the avant-garde approach to how to do government in the Twentieth Century. The Soviet Union was the flagship petri dish that conquered, infiltrated or ingratiated themselves with many other nations to establish them as additional petri dishes (Hello, Cuba).

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