Hillary Clinton Rallies NC Democrats for Sen Hagan Hillary Clinton Rallies NC Democrats for Sen Hagan

Few Details Offered on Quarantines Over EbolaFew Details Offered on Quarantines Over Ebola

10-Year-Old Girl Proves Kids With Guns Does Not Always End In Tragedy 10-Year-Old Girl Proves Kids With Guns Does Not Always End In Tragedy

John Hawkins John Hawkins: Everything Millennials Need To Know About Politics And Economics in 25 Quotes

1) No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind. Thomas Sowell

John Ransom John Ransom: Through Obama’s Eyes: Gun Wielding Man Murders Religious Figure

A man in Canada shot and killed a religious figure who was demonstrating his profound commitment to the religion of peace by waging war on people not as dedicated to peaceful coexistence as Islamists are, namely those intolerant Canadians.

Ken Blackwell Ken Blackwell: Naive Immigration Policy is a Existential Threat

With planes being grounded in my home state of Ohio and hospital workers in Texas contracting Ebola, Americans now have stark examples of the danger of President Barack Obama's policies.

Jared Meyer Jared Meyer: 'Anti-Tesla Bill' Means Economic Loss for Michigan

Against the interests of Michiganders, Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill banning Tesla Motors direct-to-consumer automobile sales in the state.

Paul Driessen Paul Driessen: It’s Rarely About the Environment Anymore

Its about slashing our energy use, free enterprise, job creation, living standards and freedoms

Steve Deace Steve Deace: Diversity Dialogues: Live with the Rainbow Jihad

What happens when a simple Midwesterner gets the chance to engage America's new tyranny on their own turf.

Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio: Charlie Rangel: ISIS No Threat to US

Charlie Rangel believes ISIS is not a threat to the United States Well, I guess we all have our delusions. D.W. Wilber joined the show to talk about the ongoing threat of the Islamic State.

John Nantz John Nantz: Lone Wolf Terrorism

Militant Islamists don't just hate George Bush, baseball, and apple pie, they hate Canadians too. Islamists hate as a fundamental characteristic, and that hate is driven by the orthodox doctrines of their bestial death-cult. They even hate Barack Obama. Despite his world-wide apology tour and his dutiful obeisance to all things Islam, the violent jihadists continue to wage war against the Great Satan. It matters not if his face is white or black, the American Devil refuses to bow the knee to sharia law and the prophet of Islamthis is all the reason they need for hate.

Night Watch Night Watch: Libyan Army Retakes Benghazi From Islamic Militants

On 23 October Libyan army troops returned to Benghazi, the first time in two months. The city has been under the control of Islamist militias.

Charles Payne Charles Payne: The Ultimate Ebola Test

I will say, if there is no spread of the disease, it will not be because the authorities did everything right protocols still need to evolve just from mistakes made in the first few hours of the New York patient. New Yorkers are tough but not dumb, and when obvious mistakes are made, they get upset, not afraid.

Chris Versace Chris Versace: How the Federal Reserve Reacted to Disappointing Earnings and Other Market Events

So what did sway the market mentality? The notion the Federal Reserve may hold off finishing its quantitative easing (QE) tapering efforts.

Larry Kudlow Larry Kudlow: The Optimistic GOP Story Everyone Is Missing

The idea that nothing much will change if the GOP captures the whole Congress is just plain wrong. The politics and policies in Washington are about to change in a major way.

Ilya Shapiro Ilya Shapiro: Now More Than Ever, Courts Should Police Administrative Agencies

Under the Bush administration, the Labor Department interpreted a piece of the Fair Labor Standards Act as exempting mortgage-loan officers from eligibility for overtime pay. The Obama Labor Department didnt see the law the same way, however, and issued a re-interpretation.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Japanese Style Deflation Headed to Europe and America?

Japan piled on debt, built bridges to nowhere, and engaged in other wasteful spending, all of which made matters worse. Taking on debt to fight deflation is insane. Yet that is exactly what France and Italy want now!

Lee  Culpepper Lee Culpepper: School Choice: Arm Responsible Teachers with Guns, Not Feelings

Last week in Virginia, a mentally ill Marine Corps veteran armed with a hatchet walked in to a high school not long before students arrived. Fortunately, a cafeteria worker spotted him and called the police.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Canada Shows How to Eliminate the Tax Bias against Saving

Since all economic theories even Marxism and socialism recognize that capital formation is a key to long-run growth, higher wages, and improved living standards, it obviously doesnt make sense to penalize saving and investment.

Gary Bauer Gary Bauer: From Bias to Bigotry

On the New York Times coverage of social conservatives

Nick Sorrentino Nick Sorrentino: American Princeling: Joe Biden’s son and his life of crony privilege

Lets face it. The progeny of Washingtons political class have a lot of advantages. Hunter Biden seems to have made the most of his.

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: Where Was President Obama?

President Obama says he's "shaken" by this week's violent attacks on three soldiers in Ottawa by an Islamic jihadist. He immediately phoned Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer support and "solidarity." He vowed to "remain vigilant."

Mike Adams Mike Adams: Kyle’s Extra Credit Assignment

Put simply, Kyle, there are two types of men in this world. There are those who spend their lives begging for things they dont deserve. And then there are the rest of us who spend our lives working to subsidize their dependency. You simply need to decide what kind of man you are going to be.

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