Bombshell: So Far, Only Three People Have Been Fired After VA Scandal Bombshell: So Far, Only Three People Have Been Fired After VA Scandal

Militant Progressives Message to America: Even Gays Will Be Made To CareMilitant Progressives Message to America: Even Gays Will Be Made To Care

Mitt Romney: You Know, It Sure Looks Like Hillary Was Bribed at StateMitt Romney: You Know, It Sure Looks Like Hillary Was Bribed at State

John Hawkins John Hawkins: Scott Walker is Right About Reducing Legal Immigration

It doesnt matter if your ancestors came over on the Mayflower or if you became a citizen yesterday. An American citizen is an American citizen is an American citizen.

Humberto Fontova Humberto Fontova: On Earth Day—Kiss a Hunter

The shriek sounded like a cockroach was spotted in the bathtub or a spider in the sink. But the second shriek convinced me it was something worse.

Joy  Overbeck Joy Overbeck: Is God a Homophobe?

A God versus political correctness hoo-ha erupted when the Western Conservative Summit, which has been called the CPAC of the West, refused to allow the Log Cabin Republicans, a same-sex marriage advocacy group, a display table at their upcoming June 26-28 Summit in Denver.

Kathryn Lopez Kathryn Lopez: America Needs Room for Agreement

Dana Perino, former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush and co-host of the Fox News Channels "The Five," makes a plea for civility in her book "And the Good News Is ..."

Nick Sorrentino Nick Sorrentino: Kill the IRS, Kill the Income Tax, Reason interviews Grover Norquist (Video)

I have to admit that taxes annoy to me generally, though I pay them dutifully with a smile on my face.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: “Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism:” A Damning Report by the National Association of Scholars

Exposing and debunking the latest leftist academic fad

Jeff Crouere Jeff Crouere: Republican Leaders Ignore Conservatives Again

It happened again yesterday, a painful reminder that the GOP leadership in Congress is pathetic.

Lee  Culpepper Lee Culpepper: Equal but Inferior: Transforming America's Military

When the Obama administration finally strong arms the Marine Corps in to lowering its standards so that ordinary women can pass the Infantry Officer Course (IOC), maybe Americas enemies will volunteer to fight with one hand tied behind their backs to level the battlefield, too.

Larry Kudlow Larry Kudlow: Snarking Hillary Is Not the Way to the White House

A number of GOP candidates are engaging in Hillary-bashing over allegations that she used her office as secretary of state to help her husbands business dealings, prop up speech-making fees, and grease the path for foreign governments to donate massive amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Charles Payne Charles Payne: Elmo Tickled but Investors….not so much.

Thursdays session had the makings of the start of a classic pullback, but instead, it turned into the classic buy signal. Major equity indices were down early in the session on disappointing earnings news, only to reverse course and surge through huge resistance points and reach new all-time highs, at least for the Russell 2000, S&P 500, and NASDAQ.

Steve Deace Steve Deace: Marxism is the End Game of the Rainbow Jihad

The so-called LGBTQ movement isnt really about freedom and equality at all. If you look at its tactics, talking points, and teachings its really just Marxism camouflaged in a rainbow.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: ECB Buys Negative Yield Covered Bonds; Trade Guaranteed to Blow Up

In a move 100% guaranteed to blow up at a later date, the ECB Said to Start Buying Covered Bonds With Negative Yields.

Mark Skousen Mark Skousen: This ‘One Word’ Will Lead You to Success on Wall Street

Im not a great golfer, just more of a hacker and lucky to keep my score under 100 in a round of golf. But I enjoy watching the sport from time to time. I used to sit in the golf seats at the Orlando Magic games in the 1990s, and I met Tiger Woods once.

Sen. Roger Wicker Sen. Roger Wicker: Restoring the 10th Amendment

One of the basic responsibilities of the executive branch is to execute the law faithfully. The Obama Administration, however, has no problem ignoring this duty to create its own rules.

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