Reuters: 57 More Hillary Emails Contained Material That Was Classified at the Time Reuters: 57 More Hillary Emails Contained Material That Was Classified at the Time

McConnell: Defunding Planned Parenthood is 'Another Issue' That Will Have To WaitMcConnell: Defunding Planned Parenthood is 'Another Issue' That Will Have To Wait

RNC Moving To Secure No Third Party Run Pledges From Candidates, Especially Donald Trump UPDATE: He's Signing It RNC Moving To Secure No Third Party Run Pledges From Candidates, Especially Donald Trump <font color=red>UPDATE</font>: He's Signing It

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter: How To Write A New York Times Op-Ed In Three Easy Steps

Today we'll talk about how to write a New York Times op-ed in 45 minutes or less. We all like labor-saving tips!

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: EXCLUSIVE: Kentucky Clerk: I Am Prepared to Go to Jail

Kim Davis could become the first Christian in America jailed as a result of the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.

Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson: The Exhausting Ms. Clinton

Hillary Clinton's second race for the presidency is only about a quarter through, but she already seems to be causing general fatigue.

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: Blood On The Hands Of #BlackLivesMatter And The Media

All lives matter. That saying this is in any way controversial is a testament to just how far weve fallen as a nation. But we didnt fall, per se; we were pushed.

Larry Elder Larry Elder: Jorge Ramos: Activist Masquerading As a Journalist

One can be excused if he thought he witnessed a heckler, not a reporter, being ejected from a recent Donald Trump press conference.

Jonah Goldberg Jonah Goldberg: Superheroes No More

Ridiculous stories about political correctness float around the Internet like so much ocean garbage. Occasionally, one washes up on "Good Morning America" with a larger story to tell.

Judge Andrew Napolitano Judge Andrew Napolitano: Immigration and Freedom

The tone of the debate over the nation's immigration laws has taken an ugly turn as some office-seekers offer solutions to problems that don't exist.

Michael Reagan Michael Reagan: School Days, School Days

When I first read that the San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to give 107 students high school diplomas, even though the students has not met the requirements for graduation, I naturally assumed it was a case of educrats bending the rules to boost graduation statistics.

Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas: Exchanging One Country For Another

Germany, alone, is expected to have received 800,000 migrants by the end of the year, four times last year's number.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Of Course They Are

If you believe your emails, texts, Facebook postings and Internet activity are secure, then you live in Never Never Land, a world where boys never grow up and fairies fly through the air. Should commercial Internet transactions be secure, as they promise to be when you sign up? Yes. But "should be" does not security make.

Mark Nuckols Mark Nuckols: Who Really Killed This Three Year Old Child?

There has been a fierce online debate for the last day or two over the publication of photos of a drowned little boy. His name was Aylan, he was 3 years old, and he drowned when a boat full of refugees from Syria capsized in the Mediterranean while destined for Greece and the EU.

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: Donald Trump's 'Fairness' Crusade

"All I ask is fairness," Donald Trump has told the media.

Matt Towery Matt Towery: Pundits Get It Wrong About Trump and General Election

What would likely win the Republicans the presidency in 2016 would be a surge of voters who view the current ruling class -- be that a Republican Congress or the Obama presidency -- as out of touch and ineffective.

Michael Brown Michael Brown: To Gay Journalist Michelangelo Signorile: Let's Have A Civil Debate

You write columns for liberal websites and I write columns for conservative websites. What is there to lose by challenging each others views publicly while we defend our own? What is there to lose by seeing whose positions best cohere morally and socially?

Rich Galen Rich Galen: Possible Pyrrhic Victories

Two recent developments might lead to the dreaded unintended consequences: Pyrrhic victories.

Ed Feulner Ed Feulner: The ACLU, ESAs and the Future of School Choice

Unless the American Civil Liberties Union gets its way. They recently filed a lawsuit to stop Nevadas ESAs from taking effect.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : Kentucky's Kim Davis, Standing Against Unjust Tyranny

Like many people of faith (and faith is a recognition of an accomplished fact, not a belief in something fantastic), I was not pleased with the Supreme Courts ruling to impose homosexual marriage on this country.

Steve Chapman Steve Chapman: Republicans and Racial Fears

After the 2008 presidential election, it was obvious that American politics was entering a new era in which race would figure less than it had before. For the first time in our history, we had a president who was not white, and it was bound to have a profound, positive impact.

Laura Hollis Laura Hollis: Reducing Our 'Outrage Footprint'

Since the horrific shooting, each time I see pictures of Vester Flanagan (aka Bryce Williams), my heart is broken. For his victims. For his family. And yes, for him.

Marvin Olasky Marvin Olasky: E = R3WCG

A good education equation needs elements that are often left out

Jerry Newcombe Jerry Newcombe: Is Work a Curse or a Gift?

As another Labor Day approaches, how are we doing when it comes to work?

John Kass John Kass: Police Lives Matter Too

The killing of Fox Lake, Illinois, police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz had nothing to do with our hashtag politics about which lives matter.

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: Eric Cantor: Poster Boy of the Beltway GOP Crapweasels

Ooouuuch. My sides are still aching after last week's comical announcement by GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush that he had snagged the coveted endorsement of notorious electoral reject Eric Cantor, the former House majority leader kicked to the curb by disgusted voters in Virginia's 2014 primary election.

Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams: Why Home Schooling?

Many public primary and secondary schools are dangerous places. The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics show that in 2012, there were about 749,200 violent assaults on students.

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