GAO Report Confirms Obamacare Subsidizes Abortion GAO Report Confirms Obamacare Subsidizes Abortion

10 Things to Know for Today10 Things to Know for Today

DOJ Extremism Fight Could Take Cue From MinnesotaDOJ Extremism Fight Could Take Cue From Minnesota

Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell: Late-Talking Children

Anyone who knows what anxiety, and sometimes anguish, parents go through when they have a child who is still not talking at age two, three or even four, can appreciate what a blessing it can be to have someone who can tell them what to do -- and what not to do.

Ron Paul Ron Paul: Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?

On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the ballot is a measure to prohibit the Swiss National Bank (SNB) from further gold sales, to repatriate Swiss-owned gold to Switzerland, and to mandate that gold make up at least 20 percent of the SNB's assets. Arising from popular sentiment similar to movements in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, this referendum is an attempt to bring more oversight and accountability to the SNB, Switzerland's central bank.

Chuck Norris Chuck Norris: America at the Tipping Point (Part 3)

The CIA reported this past Thursday that the number of Islamic State fighters is actually three times what previous government estimates were, according to Fox News. A spokesperson for the intelligence agency explained that the radical Islamic group boasts between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria.

John Hawkins John Hawkins: The Real Sickness At The Heart Of American Culture

People don't like to talk about America's culture for the same reason that a man who just had a heart attack doesn't want to discuss the double bacon cheeseburger he's eating.

Michael Barone Michael Barone: Obama Forced by Events to Reverse Course --- and Disillusion Base

Iraq, immigration, inversion. On all three of the issues referred to, President Obama finds himself forced by events to do something he dislikes -- and he's in trouble with much of his Democratic Party base for doing so.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: Professors Must Defy Feds To Protect Victims

Rape has been declining in America since the early 1990s. But the campus statistics tell a different (and utterly false) story.

Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby: Don't Count On An Election-Day Tsunami

Democrat Seth Moulton's defeat of US Representative John Tierney in the 6th Congressional District primary last week came right on schedule.

John Ransom John Ransom: Record Ice Coverage More Proof that Weather Still Exists Despite Obama's Attempt to Ban It

The next great threat scientists will tell us about will beglobal cooling as a result of global a result of the genius of Barack Obama combined with the power of his superhuman Nobel prize.

Mona Charen Mona Charen: Prickly Narcissist

"Oh, it's a shame when you have a wan, diffident, professorial president with no foreign policy other than 'don't do stupid things.'" So griped President Obama to a select (and loose-lipped) group of dinner guests the other night.

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: Attorney: University Broke Law By Banning Crosses on Football Helmets

Arkansas State University violated the law when they ordered football players to either remove or modify crosses they had affixed to their helmets, a prominent religious liberty law firm alleges.

Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas: Hillary's "Steak" is Not Well Done

Prior to his annual steak fry, retiring Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said this about Hillary Clinton to Dan Balz of The Washington Post: "...she is much more progressive in her thoughts and her inclination than most people may think."

Dennis Prager Dennis Prager: Ted Cruz's Speech to Arab Christians

Last week at the inaugural summit of the organization, In Defense of Christians, founded to help the most persecuted religious communities in the world today, Christians in the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim world, Senator Ted Cruz was heckled and booed, and decided to walk off the stage.

Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan: What Would Braveheart Do?

No matter how the vote turns out on Thursday in Scotland, either for independence or continued union with Britain, the disintegration of the Old Continent appears almost inevitable.

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: In Scotland, 'Aye' Means No to England

"Should Scotland be an independent country?" reads the referendum on which Scotland will vote Thursday. Voters have two choices -- yes or no.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: Net Neutrality

I know there is a lot going on in the world, but I want to spend today on the concept known as Net Neutrality.

Phyllis Schlafly Phyllis Schlafly: Immigration Chicanery

The strategists who base their political advice on public opinion polls have just had a surprise. A new poll reports that the American people are now more likely to trust Republicans to handle immigration and less likely to trust Democratic plans to offer illegals a path to citizenship (aka amnesty).

Kerri Toloczko Kerri Toloczko: A Time for Choosing “Local Choice” Has Arrived

The Senates bipartisan Local Choice reform proposal is a critical first step in returning fairness and competition to providers while lowering costs for TV viewers.

Michael Schaus Michael Schaus: New Campaign Tactic: Democrats Pretend to Be Republicans

Alright. So, Democrat Alison Grimes is no fan of team Obama. Got it. Of course, this kinda raises a few questions, doesnt it? For example: If you dont like Obamas policies, why are you a Democrat?

Charles Payne Charles Payne: Perpetual Motion Machine

Outside of creating human beings from scratch, I think the greatest achievement from science would be a perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, I would have to say that the closest thing we have to a perpetual motion machine right now is our welfare system

Crystal Wright Crystal Wright: Women and NFL Stand by Wife Beater Ray Rice

I dont know whats worse, Ravens football player Ray Rice knocking his then fiance, now wife, unconscious in an elevator, the NFL protecting him, or women defending Rice for punching an unarmed woman. All of the above are equally repugnant. But a woman, saying Rices wife Janay Palmer deserved it, is disturbing.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Chinese Billionaires Can't Wait to Get Away from Communism

A Barclays' survey of over 2,000 individuals with a net worth over $1.5 billion contains some pretty interesting results.

Bill Tatro Bill Tatro: Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Dont Book Your Super Bowl Tickets Quite Yet! Being stunned by the fact that my two favorite professional football teams are undefeated, I decided to bring myself back to reality and analyze what exactly makes up our economy.

Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio: Let’s Just Hope Obama’s Golf Game is Improving

Serious question: With all the time Obama has spent on the golf course, is his handicap getting any better? Does anyone know how well he actually does on 18 holes? Also, The nightmare of Obamacare just never stops Open enrollment (round two) is about to begin, and its not expected to be much better than last years fiasco.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Embarrassment Alert: America’s Tax System Ranks Below Italy, Greece, and Mexico

Ive complained over and over again that Americas tax code is a nightmare that undermines competitiveness and retards growth. Our aggregate fiscal burden may not be as high as it is for some of our foreign competitors, but high tax rates and poor design mean the system is very punitive on a per-dollar-raised basis.

Robert Knight Robert Knight: When Corporations Flee

Socialism in its many guises depends on the use of force.

Ralph Benko Ralph Benko: A Money Revolt is needed: Fix The Dollar With Gold

The Tax Revolt has run its course. A Money Revolt is needed.

John Kass John Kass: Obama Needs to Clarify Murky Middle East Mission

Can President Barack Obama lead a coalition to degrade or destroy the terrorists of the Islamic State?

Political  Calculations Political Calculations: Decelerating Growth for New Home Sale Prices

Tom Purcell Tom Purcell: Obama Learns of Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7, 1941: An aide enters the Oval Office with grim news for President Barack Obama.

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