Long Wars Aren't Working Long Wars Aren't Working


Pro-lifers No Longer Fooled by Mary LandrieuPro-lifers No Longer Fooled by Mary Landrieu


AP Sources: Obama Broadens Mission in AfghanistanAP Sources: Obama Broadens Mission in Afghanistan

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: A Magic Pen And An Empty Suit

President Obama is a genius, or so we are told. We have nothing on which to base that except the word of people who would find a way to praise him if he held a press conference while throwing live puppies into a wood chipper. So forgive me if I dont swallow the hook on that line.

John Ransom John Ransom: GOP Cowards

Conservatives who are looking for a champion will not be able to find one in McConnell or Boehner or the establishment candidates running for President, such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Florida Governor Geb Bush, or heaven forbid, Mitt Romney.

John Ransom John Ransom: Yankee Go Home

While its true that the American military kills Muslims, maybe the lesson here was for Muslims to stop killing everyone else including their own people. If you declare holy war on the rest of us for the propagation of your religion, were gonna kill you. And then we'll go home.

Robert Jeffress Robert Jeffress: The Cure for What’s Ailing Americans: Thanksgiving

The on-line retailer Amazon recently revealed the most popular verse in the Bible for Americans. No, its not the ubiquitous John 3:16 displayed on posters at sporting events everywhere.

Doug Giles Doug Giles: Liberal Chick Sings: "Illegals Are Goin’ Off The Rails On A Death Train"

Yep, Liberal Chick is back and this time she's singing, yes singing, a song about evil conservatives and Fox News forcing illegal aliens to "ride death trains to the US."

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: Tuition Hikes at the University of Compensation

University of California Regent Richard Blum confessed that he was "apoplectic" at the Board of Regents meeting Wednesday

Bruce Bialosky Bruce Bialosky: How to Get a Job Today

The job market is a source of serious frustration for millions of people. Parents whose children have just graduated from college are as impacted as anyone.

Paul Jacob Paul Jacob: Taking the Crony Out of Capitalism

What too few in Washington appreciate and what the new Republican Congress must if we hope to succeed is that the American peoples current distrust of their public institutions is totally justified.

Kathryn Lopez Kathryn Lopez: Nuns and Rabbis Showing the Way

A Catholic nun was talking with me about her gratitude for her calling in life. It's not every day, perhaps, that you see a nun walking down the street.

Steve Chapman Steve Chapman: Obama's Immigration Order Dispels Fear

If you're a foreigner in this country without authorization, you may be a hardworking, upright and taxpaying person, but you live in daily terror of making a fatal misstep. Overlooking a broken taillight, being a witness to a crime, getting hit by a car while crossing the street -- minor misfortunes that attract the attention of police can bring exile, family breakup and misery.

Matt Barber Matt Barber: ‘Gay’ DNC Bundler, Founder of HRC Charged with Raping Boy

Here we go again. Yet another high-profile gay activist has been arrested for homosexual assault on a child.

Michael Brown Michael Brown: Was Al Moher Right About Sexual Orientation and Secular Counseling?

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is one of the preeminent Christian leaders of our day. He is as clear-headed as he is courageous, always a source of truth and sanity in the midst of a deeply confused culture.

Nick Adams Nick Adams: American? Then You Won The Lottery…

If a country could sue for libel, America would have quite a case.

Mark Skousen Mark Skousen: You Blew It! The Case for Higher Tax Rates?

A popular myth, perpetuated by Lou Dobbs, is that the best period of economic growth was during the 1950s when the top rate was more than 90%.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: UKIP Picks Up Second Seat Following Tory Defection, Two More Coming Up?

Randall DeSoto Randall DeSoto: The American Spirit – An Attitude of Gratitude

From our nations inception, one of the defining characteristics of the American spirit has been an attitude of gratitude. Leaders throughout our country's history have encouraged and inculcated it.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Obama’s Failed Approach to Corporate Inversions

It galls me to hear demagogic politicians like Obama make absurd statements about unpatriotic corporations that re-domicile overseas when the problem is entirely the result of bad policy that penalizes U.S.-domiciled firms trying to compete in global markets.

Michael Youssef Michael Youssef: Why Do Leftist Liberals Love to Mislead

Whether its church liberals or political liberals, they have at least one thing in commonthey often speak one way, but walk in the opposite direction.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Missouri, the ‘Show Me’ (Leadership) State

Apparently Nixon was so concerned with satisfying a Democrat voting bloc in St. Louis that he failed to mention that the investigation into the shooting had barely begun, and certainly no evidence had yet been developed that might merit a vigorous prosecution of the officer.

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