Here We Go: Voting Underway New Hampshire, Trump and Sanders Are Frontrunners <font color=red>Here We Go</font>: Voting Underway New Hampshire, Trump and Sanders Are Frontrunners

Is It Time For Ben Carson To Call It A Day?Is It Time For Ben Carson To Call It A Day?

Testimony: ISIS Likely To Strike in U.S. Within The Year Testimony: ISIS Likely To Strike in U.S. Within The Year

John Hawkins John Hawkins: Making Women Sign Up for the Draft Would be the Height of Stupidity

Conservatives didnt understand why George Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney questions about birth control during one of the debates back in 2012. It seemed like a bizarre question since it was a non-issue at the time, but it turned out to be foreshadowing of the Democrat strategy to make birth control a central part of the election.

Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell: Toxic Words

During this election year, we are destined to hear many words that are toxic in the way they misrepresent reality and substitute fantasies that can win votes.

Allen West Allen West: A Call for Support to Provide for the Common Defense

The preeminent responsibility of the federal government is to provide for the common defense, to protect the American people and our interests.

Michael Barone Michael Barone: How History Shapes the New Hampshire Primary

Benning Wentworth is not a name you'll run across in New Hampshire primary coverage. But he arguably did as much as anyone else to establish the political culture -- or cultures -- of America's first-in-the-nation primary state

Stephen Moore Stephen Moore: GOP's Platoon of Accomplished Governors Falls Flat With Voters

The Iowa caucuses may have only muddied the waters in the race for the White House, but they did almost definitively decide one thing: The next president will not be a governor. That's an amazing revelation because, just one year ago, the smart money was betting that the next president would be a Republican governor.

David Limbaugh David Limbaugh: Fear Not, My Secular Friends

It amuses me that certain people are convinced that Christians are angry scolds but totally miss the humorlessness and angst of certain Christophobic secularists.

Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas: Bernie and Hillary's America

Watching last Thursday's debate between Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, one might have thought a Republican had been in the White House for nearly eight years.

Dennis Prager Dennis Prager: You Don't Know What Obama Said at the Mosque

If you seek to understand Barack Obama and his views, the best place to go is his speeches. But you have to read them in their entirety, not rely on hearing them or on the media's summary of them. When you do, you realize how often what Obama says is morally and intellectually confused and even untrue.

Congressman Mark Walker Congressman Mark Walker: Sharing Social Values in a Secular World

This past week, I was honored to be asked to speak at Heritage Actions Conservative Policy Summit in Washington, DC. As the only House Member besides Speaker Paul Ryan, I was humbled to help cast a vision for decision-makers and thought-leaders on finding solutions for some of our nations greatest social problems.

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: Vote for Sanders, Then Rot in Hell?

"There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other," said former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in a message to young women voters at a weekend campaign event for Hillary Clinton. Clinton punctuated Albright's comment with her loud, phony laugh. Team Clinton later pointed out that Albright has used that line for years. Clinton herself described the line as "lighthearted," but pointed. Pointed? As in: Vote for Sanders, rot in hell.

Bryan Crabtree Bryan Crabtree: MARCOBOT: We Don’t Need Another ‘Siri’ for President!

Marco Rubio during the New Hampshire primary debate on Saturday night had a President Obama moment. It sent chills up my spine.

Ryan Bomberger Ryan Bomberger: Famed Voting Rights/Anti-Poverty Activist Fannie Lou Hamer Called Abortion "Genocide"

Black History Month should be a time of celebration of achievements and honest reflection on the impediments to freedom for all. Civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer is one of many who broke through the generational shackles of poverty to live a life devoted to helping free others from the same bondage.

Phyllis Schlafly Phyllis Schlafly: Republicans Debate: Should Women Be Drafted?

Toward the end of the eighth Republican presidential debate, the moderators introduced a new subject which has been absent from stump speeches and ignored in the seven previous debates. ABCs Martha Raddatz, who covered the war in Iraq, asked the candidates whether young women should be required to sign up for Selective Service if the military draft is reinstated, just as young men are required to do.

Bill Murchison Bill Murchison: Notes on Cultural Collapse

That Donald Trump, in his quest to lead us back to national greatness, feels free to brag, distort, lampoon, defame and empty his personal trash on every political doorstep is one sign -- but hardly the only one -- of a few changes in America's moral makeup over the past half century.

Susan Stamper Brown Susan Stamper Brown: Bernie and Hillary's Miserable World

The Democrat Party presidential debates have been so snooze-worthy, it's enough to make you wonder if maybe the Democrat National Committee should schedule future debates sometime between Bernie Sanders' and Hillary Clinton's afternoon naps and the senior citizen early bird hour over at Golden Corral.

Robert Knight Robert Knight: Keeping the Young Ignorant About Socialism

In a recent column about the Sanders phenomenon, Peggy Noonan observed that, Socialism is an old idea to you if youre over 50 but a nice new idea if youre 25.

Devon Herrick Devon Herrick: Obamacare’s Robin Hood Scheme and the Socioeconomics of Health

Robin Hood was a mythical figure from 12th Century England whose legend became famous for stealing from the rich to help the pool. His legend wasnt lost on Obamacare proponents, who incorporated the idea into health plan regulations.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Madeline, That “Special Place in Hell” is Already Reserved

During a recent New Hampshire campaign appearance for candidate Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State under Bill Clintons administration Madeleine Albright loudly proclaimed that theres a special place in hell for women who dont support Hillary, the current front runner of the Democrat Party.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: Losers and Winners in New Hampshire

Marco Rubio has no shortage of admirers in the conservative media who have stopped at nothing to spin thingslike his third place finish in Iowain his favor.

Tim  Benson Tim Benson: What Passes for Anti-School Choice Rhetoric is Frightening

The Washington Posts Valerie Strauss has inadvertently done the country an invaluable service by allowing the rest of us to travel through the looking-glass into a universe where things are the opposite of real life: the world of far-left thought on education.

Tom Purcell Tom Purcell: The Keys to Health and Happiness

Get this: Wealth, fame and success don't make us happy, but strong relationships do.

Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams: Microcosm, Macro-Aggression and the Offended Generation

Scores of dead white men glared back at them from the walls of the college dorm. The thought that some of those esteemed alumni could have actually owned their ancestors apparently haunted the dreams of some of the privileged, elite students at Yale so much that they took to the yard in protest.

Peter Morici Peter Morici: Why So Many Americans find Trump and Sanders Appealing

America is witnessing a political Supernovavoter flirtation with Donald Trump and Bernie Sandersbecause both political parties have failed ordinary folks.

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