Wealthy Democratic Fundraisers Are Ready For Biden Wealthy Democratic Fundraisers Are Ready For Biden

The US Economy's Second Quarter Went From Solid to StellarThe US Economy's Second Quarter Went From Solid to Stellar

Wal-Mart Takes AR-15s Off The Shelves Wal-Mart Takes AR-15s Off The Shelves

S. E. Cupp S. E. Cupp: Blame Liberals for the Rise of Trump

There are a few existential questions which man has struggled but failed to answer conclusively, despite Sisyphean efforts, such as: Why are we here? What happens when we die? And why do kids go ape for "Frozen"?

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: Call Me 'Ze,' not 'He': University Wants Everyone to Use 'Gender Inclusive' Pronouns

Educators in the Volunteer State are very concerned that students might be offended by the usage of traditional pronoauns like she, he, him and hers, according to a document from the University of Tennessee Knoxvilles Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson: The Modern Malleability of Gender and Race

In the present postmodern world, we are told that there is no such thing as a biologically distinct gender.

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: His Own Worst Enemy

On paper, Donald Trump offers a lot as a candidate. Hes able to command a room, he is decisive, confident, unapologetic for what he believes, doesnt need to kiss rings and make promises to raise money, and he stands up to an activist media.

Larry Elder Larry Elder: Letter to a Friend: 'Harsh Immigration' Is Not Why Latinos Hate Republicans

Dear Larry: Geez, I cannot fathom the polls that have Donald Trump leading. Either a lot of Republicans are just frustrated or stupid, or both -- and they want a bomb-thrower. Or it is pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats voting in those polls. Trump is ruining the race for the serious Republican candidates and thereby helping Hillary immensely.

Judge Andrew Napolitano Judge Andrew Napolitano: What If Hillary Clinton Doesn't Care?

What if former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been pulling the wool over our eyes for years?

Michael Reagan Michael Reagan: Trump Is All Talk

Donald Trump is the first talk radio candidate.

Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas: U.S. and UK Politics Are Mirror Images

It's remarkable how often British and American politics resemble each other; often only the accents differ.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman Jackie Gingrich Cushman: Trump Says What He Means and Means What He Says

Pollster Frank Luntz conducted a 29-person focus group of Trump supporters this past Monday.

Matt Towery Matt Towery: Do You Think They Really Understand the Mess We Are In?

It's not just the stock market that is having trouble these days. In reality, everywhere you look there are just plain wacky things going on that somehow much of the media and political "intelligentsia" have failed to report or acknowledge.

Mytheos Holt Mytheos Holt: The Contentless “Conservative” Opposition to Patent Reform

What do you call someone who supports Federal bureaucrats granting rights out of thin air, judges legislating from the bench about how those rights work, and spreads terror about technological progress (along with derogatory comparisons to Uber)?

Michael Brown Michael Brown: An Open Letter To Donald Trump

Like millions of Americans, I am intrigued with your meteoric rise to the top of the polls. You have truly captured the imagination of this nation. Because I would love to see you succeed, Ive got some unsolicited advice for you. And youre going to love this. Its free!

Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg: The Know-Nothing Candidate

Donald Trump's strange -- and alarming -- campaign for president is not without precedent, but not since Pat Buchanan in 1990 has there been a political figure who managed to combine and exploit so many hateful aspects of our politics.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: The Iran Deal

When the Congress comes back to work after Labor Day there will be a number of items on their to-do list. One that will generate a great deal of smoke and heat will be Congressional approval of the Iran deal.

Emmett Tyrrell Emmett Tyrrell: Donald Trump vs. the Party of Septuagenarians

I shall pose the question once again that I posed months ago: Why is the Democratic presidential field the field of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), and where is the party's diversity?

Steve Chapman Steve Chapman: Outlawing Prostitution Is a Crime

Banning things you don't like has a long history, though not a happy one. Americans have tried banning alcohol, marijuana, pornography and homosexuality. All of them persisted anyway.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : Rand Not Withstanding: Why?

US Senator Rand Paul captivated concerned conservatives across the country when he filibustered the appointment of a new CIA Director.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Smartest Woman in the World?

For many years now weve been told by the Democrat Party and its allies in the so-called mainstream news media that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. The most competent and qualified to be President of the United States. Far and above any of her competitors for the highest office in the land.

Laura Hollis Laura Hollis: Defund Progressivism

National Review magazine had Carly Fiorina on its cover recently, with the headline "Carly the Communicator."

Travis Weber Travis Weber: Texas Supreme Court to Houston Mayor: Let your People Vote!

Last week, the Texas Supreme Court again had to hold Houston Mayor Annise Parker and her City Council in check for attempting to interfere with their own residents ability to get a fair shake at the polls and vote on the citys divisive Equal Rights Ordinance. Hopefully, this judicial intervention will be the last that is needed in this saga.

Justin  Haskins Justin Haskins : Why Conservatives Must Re-frame Health Care Debate for Young Americans

Since 2014, when most health insurance requirements established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were fully implemented, the cost of health insurance has increased for every significant demographic.

Jerry Newcombe Jerry Newcombe: A Hymn for Our Time

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, wrote Yeats in The Second Coming. He penned those words in 1919, but as David Lehman observes, those words provide a summary of the present age (WSJ, 7/25-26/15).

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter: Small But Honest Columnist Again Forced to Correct Highest-Rated Show on Cable TV

To support his insane interpretation of the post-Civil War amendments as granting citizenship to the kids of illegal aliens, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly is now taking job applications for the nonexistent -- but dearly hoped-for -- Jeb! administration, live, during his show.

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: What Is Obama's Top Population-Control Freak Hiding?

The most transparent administration in American history is at it again -- dodging sunlight and evading public disclosure.

Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams: The Struggle for Economic Liberty

Here's my taxi question. If a person is law-abiding, has a driver's license, has a car or van that has passed safety inspection, and has adequate liability insurance, is there any consumer-oriented reason he should not be able to become a taxicab owner/operator?

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