WATCH: Mary Katharine Ham Questions Candidates at GOP Debate WATCH: Mary Katharine Ham Questions Candidates at GOP Debate

North Korean Satellite Flew Over Super BowlNorth Korean Satellite Flew Over Super Bowl

10 Things to Know for Today10 Things to Know for Today

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: The Case for Donald Trump

Its easy to make the conservative case against Donald Trump hes a Hillary-donating human troll doll who displays the interpersonal skills of Damien from The Omen while practicing the same deep, abiding commitment to conservative ideology as Charlie Sheen does to sobriety.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: Ben Carson: Now He’s a Politician

Politics is a full-contact sport, but its not OK to hit below the belt. Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio spent last week blaming frontrunner Sen. Ted Cruz for a problem that originated from Team Carsons own disorganizationeven after media records and Iowa exit poll data cleared Cruz. Before you vote in your primary, you deserve the truth.

Terry Paulson Terry Paulson: A Marco Rubio Presidency Keeps Hope Alive

As I watched the craziness and passion of the Iowa caucuses and the excitement around this years first primary racesCruzs victory, Trumps disappointing show, and the Hillary/Sanders tiethe surprise of the night was Marco Rubios unexpected success!

Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby: For Americans, Global Freedom Is A Mission That Crosses Party Lines

Freedom House, the esteemed human rights and democracy organization, is out with the latest edition of its flagship publication, "Freedom in the World," an annual survey of political rights and civil liberties in every country on earth.

John P. Warren John P. Warren: Having A Pair

Yesterday, in New Hampshire, Madeline K. Albright told a rallywith Hillary standing there, laughingtheres a special place in hell for women who dont help women. I say theres a special place in hell for voters in a free country who insist on being stupid.

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