Divisive President Laments On How Much He Sucked At Easing Partisan Rhetoric Divisive President Laments On How Much He Sucked At Easing Partisan Rhetoric

Bernie Sanders Raised a Ton of Money Last NightBernie Sanders Raised a Ton of Money Last Night

Oh, Canada: Cost Of Liberal Party’s Proposals Projected To Soar Into The BillionsOh, Canada: Cost Of Liberal Party’s Proposals Projected To Soar Into The Billions

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter: New Jersey Man Slays Child

There were a lot of long faces at Fox News Tuesday night, but there's a silver lining for Marco Rubio. Now he can go be a bartender like his dad! (Have you heard him tell the story about his father being a bartender? Rubio was his pop's best customer after the debate.)

Kevin Glass Kevin Glass: Obama EPA "Clean Power" Rule Dealt Devastating Blow At SCOTUS

The Environmental Protection Agency's "Clean Power Plan," an enormous regulatory monster unilaterally cooked up by federal bureaucrats and attempted to be foisted on states, utility companies and consumers, was dealt a huge blow at the Supreme Court this week when the regulations were put on hold pending the numerous legal challenges that have been percolating through the court system.

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: San Diego Declares War on our Founding Fathers and Men, Too

It appears San Diego City Hall has been overrun by a wild pack of militant, man-hating feminists who are hell-bent on neutering the Kings English.

Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson: In Search of Fixes for a Fossilized Economy

The U.S. economy grew at an anemic rate of less than 1 percent in the last quarter of 2015. While the unemployment rate has dipped below 5 percent, the all-important labor force participation rate is at a historic low of just 62.7 percent.

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: Feeling the Bern

Well, that was interesting.

Larry Elder Larry Elder: Saudi Singer on Egyptian TV Criticizes Radical Islam, Defends the West

Mona Charen Mona Charen: Day of the Demagogues

As the results of New Hampshire's primary were coming in Tuesday night, some commentators on Twitter were jubilant about the "disruption": that is, the victories of an inane socialist demagogue and a foul-mouthed nationalist demagogue and what they represented to the "establishment." Yes, mobs are disruptive. Madame Defarge enjoyed a good shakeup herself.

Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas: That 'Controversial' Doritos Commercial

In a day when the most innocuous thing can quickly become political, a Doritos Super Bowl commercial has upset some people who want abortion to be an unrestricted right.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman Jackie Gingrich Cushman: The Middle Sprint

The long-awaited, first-in-the-nation caucus (Iowa) and primary (New Hampshire) are over. There have been a few surprises -- Donald Trump did not win Iowa, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by more than 20 points in New Hampshire, and outperformed her with women voters by 11 points.

Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby: New Hampshire Republicans Stain Their Credibility

New Hampshire primary voters have long taken pride in subjecting presidential wannabes to a long and thoroughgoing scrutiny vetting the candidates on their political stands, grilling them at innumerable town hall meetings, assessing their demeanor on the campaign trail.

Michael Brown Michael Brown: Shame on the Pastors Who Anointed Hillary Clinton as President

Hillary Clinton is white. The pastors who declared her to be the next president of the United States, surrounded by the favor of the Lord, were black.

Terry Jeffrey Terry Jeffrey: Liberalism's Legacy: Debt and Dependency

How will history remember the presidency of Barack Obama?

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: Gov. Kasich Extols the Tortoise Lane

"There are too many people in America who don't feel connected. They've got victories that no one celebrates with them. And they've got defeats, and pain sometimes, that they have to absorb themselves," Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in a speech that celebrated his second-place showing in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.

Matt Towery Matt Towery: 14 Months and Counting, I'm Still Right About Trump

I know, I should quit saying, "I told you so." But I was right in December 2014 in this column and I'm still right more than a year later, after the New Hampshire primary.

Rich Galen Rich Galen: New Hampshire 2016

So. Everyone who tried to make themselves believe that Donald Trump's second place finish in Iowa signaled the beginning of the end of the Trump campaign was wrong.

Cliff May Cliff May: Winning an Unconventional War

Disadvantage goes to the side that abides by the Geneva Conventions.

Peter Morici Peter Morici: How Trump Could Become President Inbox x

Convincing victories by political outsiders in New Hampshire demonstrate without doubt most voters are disgusted with both political parties. The electorate will probably make one of themmore likely Donald Trumpthe next Commander in Chief.

Zachary Gappa Zachary Gappa: Why the Rising Cost of Health Insurance Might Lead to a Good Thing

It's getting tough to pay for healthcare. CBS Moneywatch reports that deductibles are rising rapidly as the insurance markets adapt to the new world of the Affordable Care Act.

Michael Hammond Michael Hammond: Conservatives Need the Filibuster

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) did not invent his invective about "stealth filibusters" when, earlier this week, he bloviated in the Wall Street Journal in opposition to the Senate's protections for minority members.

Laura Hollis Laura Hollis: Dominant Culture Matters

Within the past couple of weeks, a news item has been circulating describing the decision of Scott Masini, principal of Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesota, to cancel the celebrations of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day during the school year.

Jerry Newcombe Jerry Newcombe: The Irony of Banning God from the Public Square

Last week I wrote a column noting that the Bible is being unconstitutionally banned in the public schools far too often---and even being treated like asbestos, to borrow a line from Christian attorney Jordan Lorence.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: Reasons Against Trump

For identifying the hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and, at times, opportunism of Donald Trumps critics, both readers and acquaintances have concluded that I have endorsed Trump. The truth is that Ive as yet endorsed no one.

Lee  Culpepper Lee Culpepper: Ted Cruz’s Integrity Trumps “Dirty Ticks”

While Donald Trump, the GOP Establishment, and the media scramble to undermine Ted Cruzs march to the White House, Cruzs super-fantastic-third-place finish in New Hampshire suggests undecided voters are recognizing that dignity, integrity, and fearlessness are at the core of Ted Cruzs principles and leadership.

Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : Citizen Carly

Carly Fiorina, the fiery start-up Presidential candidate who went from secretary to CEO has dropped out of the Presidential race.

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: TSA: Total Security Abyss

While a TSA agent pawed my hair bun this weekend, presumably on high alert for improvised explosive bobby pins, I pondered the latest news on the Somalia airplane terror attack.

Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams: Sloppy Language and Thinking

George Orwell said, "But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought." Gore Vidal elaborated on that insight, saying, "As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate." And John Milton predicted, "When language in common use in any country becomes irregular and depraved, it is followed by their ruin and degradation." These observations bear heeding about how sloppy language is corrupting our society.

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