Christie: You Know, We Should Track Immigrants Like FedEx Tracks Packages Christie: You Know, We Should Track Immigrants Like FedEx Tracks Packages

The Latest: Suspect Arrested in Houston Shooting, Charged With MurderThe Latest: Suspect Arrested in Houston Shooting, Charged With Murder

Katrina's Wrath and Rebuilding Marked on 10th AnniversaryKatrina's Wrath and Rebuilding Marked on 10th Anniversary

Doug Giles Doug Giles: DEAR WHINERS: Read THIS Before You Kill A Reporter On Live TV

In the event that there are more Vester Lee Flanagans out there in the Untied States of The Overly Offended who're ready to snap because the world wont recognize them as Gods gift to humanity, and yet, youre not completely sold on the murder/suicide option: herewith are six surefire points to move you back into reality and officially remove you from being The Mayor of Mangina-town and into the rarefied air of a combobulated human.

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: The Clintons Continue To Clinton

What a mess. Every week, seemingly every other day, there is a new shady revelation about Bill and Hillary Clinton that manages to top the last one. For them there seems to be no bottom; for their supporters, there seems to be no self-respect.

Bruce Bialosky Bruce Bialosky: The Obama-Generated Hissy Fit

There are a few factors that have brought us to the point of having a presidential election that has both parties seriously considering candidates that are out of their depth running for the position, or just not close to what we need to lead the country going forward.

Paul Jacob Paul Jacob: Our Money, Good--Their Profits, Bad

Ah, when insiders let their hair down! The biases become apparent.

Steve Chapman Steve Chapman: Gun Myths and the Roanoke Shootings

In classic fashion, liberals are rolling out their anti-gun talking points following a horrifying public shooting. Here are the facts about guns in America they don't want you to see.

Kevin McCullough Kevin McCullough: Clown Show 2016: Progress To Date


Arthur  Schaper Arthur Schaper : John Kasich: Religious Con-Servative

Ohio Governor John Kasich achieved some remarkable accomplishments as a Republican in a swing state.

Michael Hausam Michael Hausam: Hey Conservatives, Who Gave Hillary the Secret Memos?

I am embarrassed and angry. Someone obviously leaked the secret memos to Hillary Clinton and some serious patch-up work needs to be done.

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