Anti-Gun Groups No Longer Fighting For Assault Weapons Bans Anti-Gun Groups No Longer Fighting For Assault Weapons Bans

Poll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in IowaPoll: Huckabee Clear Favorite in Iowa


"Diplomatic" Push Against ISIS Grows"Diplomatic" Push Against ISIS Grows

Derek Hunter Derek Hunter: How Far Away Can Skynet Be?

Remember the Terminator movies and the evil electronic overlords of Skynet the computer system that became self-aware and launched the war against humans? We arent thereyet. But we are fast approaching the point where people simply arent necessary to conduct a significant amount of business and life.

John Ransom John Ransom: Why Democrat Ideas Don't Work: Reality

Its hard to promise a chicken in every pot, when you dont have the chicken and the only pot you have is made for rolling.

Paul Dykewicz Paul Dykewicz: Push Back against Putin’s Preposterous Policies

Unable to convince Putin to stop meddling in the Ukraine so far, the leaders of the world need to recognize that he seems willing to weaken his country economically rather than agree to a permanent peace that respects neighboring Ukraines pre-March borders.

Doug Giles Doug Giles: Christian Website Yanks A Column Condemning Islam

Last week, Gary Cass, who drives, contacted me asking if would run his piece titled, Im Islamaphobic, Are You? I gave it a read and quickly said, Heck yeah.

Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders: San Francisco Feminism: Go Ahead, Abort Girls

Supervisor David Chiu wants San Francisco to become the first American city to oppose any ban on sex-selective abortions. It apparently has not occurred to him why no other city has chosen to do so.

Bruce Bialosky Bruce Bialosky: Goodell Has Got to Go

The violent beating that was delivered by Ray Rice, a Baltimore Raven running back, against his girlfriend-turned-wife Janay, was the worst example of male behavior that our society has seen. Rice deserves to go to jail for the assault. This episode is a perfect example of corporate mismanagement by the leadership of the NFL. It is inexcusable. The Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, needs to resign.

Autry J.  Pruitt Autry J. Pruitt: Profit or Prejudice? Race Sensitivity Creates New Marketing Risks

When Pepsi-Cola President Walter Mack recognized his company could sell more product to black Americans in the 1940s, he initiated a racially-targeted marketing effort to increase sales. It worked and the companys market share rose dramatically in just a few years. The strategy was so successful, some inside the company were concerned it might be off-putting to white consumers, prompting Mack to declare that Pepsi would not, become known as a n----r drink.

Paul Jacob Paul Jacob: President Obama's War . . . er, Speech

The words strategy and speech both begin with the letter s. Usually, thats where their similarities end.

Stephen Smoot Stephen Smoot: How ISIS' Perceived Strengths Could Also Be Their Undoing

The West and moderate Middle Eastern states fear ISIS and rightly so. It combines terror techniques with territorial ambitions more effectively than any group since the Bolsheviks. While many focus on the ISIS strengths, they neglect to point out that concerted effort could annihilate them.

Steve Chapman Steve Chapman: Obama's Unnecessary, Unpromising War

President Barack Obama said Wednesday night the United States is going to war "to degrade and ultimately destroy" the group known as the Islamic State.

Kevin McCullough Kevin McCullough: Obama's Forgotten "N" Word

President Obama is a Christian. When callers to my radio shows claim, "He is a Muslim." I remind them--quickly--that he has only ever said that he is a Christian.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Birth Control, Third-Party Payer, and the Politicization of Health Care

Lets go with federalism and get Washington out of the business of redistribution.

Nick Sorrentino Nick Sorrentino: Was the $1 TRILLION spent on the Dept. of Homeland Security a total waste or only a partial one?

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: China Industrial Growth Slows, Power Generation Negative 1st Time in 4 Years

Malinvestment is already rampant. Additional stimulus now to meet arbitrary growth targets will cause a crash later.

Jeff Crouere Jeff Crouere: America On The Edge

Terrorists are not stupid, they know we are vulnerable; however, due to politics the President and the Democrats will not enforce our current laws to protect this nation.

Political  Calculations Political Calculations: The State of U.S. New Home Market

Mark Calabria Mark Calabria: Fragile by Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit

The well-being of a banking sector depends on the ability of political institutions to limit rent-seeking by populist groups.

Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell: Mob Rule Economics

While we talk about democracy and equal rights, we seem increasingly to let both private and government decisions be determined by mob rule. There is nothing democratic about mob rule. It means that some people's votes are to be overruled by other people's disruptions, harassments and threats.

John Hawkins John Hawkins: Millennials, Hollywood Is Lying To You About Work And Success (Part 2)

I once knew a guy who wanted to be a singer. I didnt think he could sing very well, but in all fairness, that never stopped Justin Bieber. In any case, I inquired as to whether he was in a band. He said, no. I asked whether he had a demo tape. Nope, he didnt. I wondered if he was regularly performing anywhere or getting lessons. Uh-uh, he wasnt. Baffled, I asked him how he expected to become a singer without doing any of those things. He told me that he was hoping to be discovered by someone in the music industry.

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