GOP House Chairman Calls on Obama to Remove IRS Commissioner GOP House Chairman Calls on Obama to Remove IRS Commissioner

WaPo: Americans See More Guns As The SolutionWaPo: Americans See More Guns As The Solution

Poll: Democrats Viewed Way More Trustworthy, Compassionate Than RepublicansPoll: Democrats Viewed Way More Trustworthy, Compassionate Than Republicans

Ron Paul Ron Paul: Do We Really Need to Bring Back Internment Camps?

Last week, Retired General Wesley Clark, who was NATO commander during the U.S. bombing of Serbia, proposed that "disloyal Americans" be sent to internment camps for the "duration of the conflict."

Kevin Glass Kevin Glass: Conservatives Are Going After Law Enforcement Agencies In the Name of Property Rights

Joseph Rivers, an aspiring artist from Michigan, had his dreams shattered by federal agents. On a train to California, where he was going to start a video production business, he had his $16,000 in life savings seized by the Drug Enforcement Agency under the mere claimed suspicion that it was going to be used as drug money.

Todd Starnes Todd Starnes: Starnes: Emasculated Republicans Block Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senate Republicans had a chance to stop Planned Parenthood from butchering unborn children and selling their body parts to the highest bidder. Instead, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to put up a vote -- thumbing his nose at Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, along with every pro-lifer in the nation.

Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter: The Coming (And Hilarious) Democrat Implosion

Republicans fear a repeat of 1992, with a squishy Bush at the head of the ticket watching helplessly as some populist businessman/novelty act hands the election to a Clinton. But Democrats should fear the far more likely repeat of 1968.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: What Gun Should I Get?

Dr. Seuss new book, What Pet Should I Get? inspired me to write a Seuss-style poem from the perspective of a mother who wants a gun to defend her family.

Ken Blackwell Ken Blackwell: President Obama to Abortionists: “Thank You, Planned Parenthood. God Bless You.”

Planned Parenthood pays no taxes. Under President Obama, theyve made more than $500 million in profits, but they claim to be a non-profit organization.

Lisa De Pasquale Lisa De Pasquale: De Pasquale’s Dozen with Red Eye Host Tom Shillue

Tom has a lengthy career in comedy, including stand-up, as a correspondent for The Daily Show, 12 comedy albums in 12 months, and as a member of the Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Just prior to joining Fox News full-time as host, he toured with the Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan brood and cohosted a hilarious podcast with them.

Terry Paulson Terry Paulson: Can Trump Save America Alone?

Truth telling can be attractive, but loose-cannon leaders who cant work with others are not.

Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg: The Casualness of It

There she is, the chief medical officer of Planned Parenthood having lunch at a nice restaurant and, between sips of wine, setting the going rate for various fetal body parts. She's a real pro, this Deborah Nucatola, so competent, so relaxed, so chatty. She betrays about as much emotion as someone putting together the next Neiman Marcus catalogue.

Susan Stamper Brown Susan Stamper Brown: Gun Control: Eating Steak with Teaspoons

President Obama told the BBC he's "stymied" because he's not gotten his way regarding gun control --yet. So, apparently we should just relinquish our guns during a Second Amendment burning ceremony on the National Lawn.

Matt Barber Matt Barber: The Meaning of Life

I suppose its a bit more of an anecdote than a commentary. Twenty-two years ago and it seems like last week.

Rachel Alexander Rachel Alexander: Taking Down Left-Leaning Judges

Who has the most power in the country over political issues? Everyone focuses on the president and Congress when they talk about reforming the system and taking control back from the left, but they overlook the real power broker.

John P. Warren John P. Warren: It’s a Kafka Kind of World

Franz Kafka would not have been surprised at the news this past week: Government entities will investigate those who exposed a fetal body part scandal, the Obama Administration negotiated a devils bargain with Iran, and equally incredible, some still believe Donald Trump is a Republican.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: War Weary America? Iran’s Counting on It!

One hundred sixteen years is a long time to fight a war. But England and France did it from 1337 until 1453, misnamed in history as the Hundred Years War. Its a pretty good bet that the citizens of those two countries were awfully tired of fighting by the time there was a cessation of hostilities and peace was eventually declared.

Joe  Rigney Joe Rigney: Slaying the Abortion Giant

Were entering the third week of the Planned Parenthood video marathon. Two videos are out with more to come.

Kendyll  Ferrall Kendyll Ferrall: Hillary Pushes “Buffett Rule” Tax Hike Plan

As Hillary Clinton lays out her economic policy vision one vague speech at a time, the Democratic presidential frontrunner has leaned heavily on rhetoric and shied away from hard details. But shes made one thing very clear: she really wants to raise taxes.

Alan Korwin Alan Korwin: Should America Subarm its Citizens?

subarmed, n. a point between disarmed and fully armed.

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