Satanist Destroys Ten Commandments Monument Satanist Destroys Ten Commandments Monument

Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder's Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder's Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress

Hagan Can't Say If Obama Is A Strong LeaderHagan Can't Say If Obama Is A Strong Leader

Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin: Where Was President Obama?

President Obama says he's "shaken" by this week's violent attacks on three soldiers in Ottawa by an Islamic jihadist. He immediately phoned Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer support and "solidarity." He vowed to "remain vigilant."

Mark Davis Mark Davis: Dear Mitt and Jeb: No, Thanks

I should begin by offering praise to two gentlemen I am asking to stay out of the 2016 Republican presidential race.

Erick Erickson Erick Erickson: Is It As Close As That?

For most of 2012, I maintained that Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama. Only after President Obama's first debate did there seem to be a glimmer of hope. After that debate, polling moved in Romney's direction. Conservatives had hope.

Joanne  Moudy Joanne Moudy: Ebola: Protect Yourself (Since The Government Won’t)

While theres been a lot of sex, lies, and videotape about the highly contagious and fatal disease known as Ebola, not much accurate advice has been offered to folks at home on how to avoid it.

Brent Bozell Brent Bozell: The Terrorist-Sympathizing Opera

The Metropolitan Opera in New York City is hardly a site for hundreds of angry protesters. But they have erupted over their current selection, an opera called "The Death of Klinghoffer." Leon Klinghoffer was the 69-year-old paralyzed New Yorker who in 1985 was aboard the hijacked cruise ship Achille Lauro, then executed by Islamic terrorists because he was a Jew.

Michael Barone Michael Barone: Why the House Will Stay Republican

You probably haven't read much commentary about this year's elections to the House of Representatives. There's a good reason for that: The majority in the Senate is up for grabs, but it's clear to everyone who follows these things that Republicans will continue to control the House.

Mike Adams Mike Adams: Kyle’s Extra Credit Assignment

Put simply, Kyle, there are two types of men in this world. There are those who spend their lives begging for things they dont deserve. And then there are the rest of us who spend our lives working to subsidize their dependency. You simply need to decide what kind of man you are going to be.

David Limbaugh David Limbaugh: Obama Can't Help Throwing His Party Under His Bus

Politically speaking, President Barack Obama is almost as toxic as the ominous viruses he continues to mismanage. Every Democratic candidate fears the contagion and seeks to quarantine himself from his presence and policies.

John Ransom John Ransom: Nazi's Living on U.S. Government Dole

Nazi war criminals including SS guards have been collecting Social Security benefits according to an agreement worked out with the Justice Department.

Mona Charen Mona Charen: Michael Brown and Race Hoaxes

The autopsy (first released in September) shows that Brown was not shot in the back. He was hit in the chest, arm and forehead. The entry wounds show that his hands were not raised when he was hit, and blood-spatter evidence suggests he was advancing on Officer Darren Wilson.

John Ransom John Ransom: Charlie Rangel: ISIS No Threat to US

Michael Reagan Michael Reagan: Profile, or Die

We all know what an act of Islamic terrorism is - except for our lame duck-in-chief, that is.

Pat Buchanan Pat Buchanan: Things Fall Apart

When this writer was 3 years old, the Empire of Japan devastated Battleship Row of the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

Suzanne Fields Suzanne Fields: Troubled Times for Angela Merkel With the Leading Men in Her Life

BERLIN. Angela Merkel tops the Forbes magazine list of the hundred most powerful women in the world for the fourth consecutive year, but these are difficult days for the German chancellor. The leading men in her life are making that life complicated.

Diana West Diana West: Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West

I was near Washington, D.C. interviewing the visiting Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands' Party for Freedom, when the news flashed that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Canadian convert to Islam who terrorized Ottawa on Wednesday, had previously had his passport lifted by the Canadian government as an officially designated "high-risk traveler."

Linda Chavez Linda Chavez: The Nonissue in This Campaign

One of the surprising and welcome shifts in the political landscape this election cycle is that high-profile Republican candidates, by and large, have not made opposition to immigration reform a major focus of their campaigns.

Donald Lambro Donald Lambro: Obama: Government is the Solution; Reagan: Government is the Problem

The liberal news media, who embraced Obama as the political savior of the nation, are now beginning to voice their disappointment, along with some in his own Cabinet.

Political  Calculations Political Calculations: The Impact of a Foreign Terror Incident on the U.S. Stock Market

The unfortunate news of yesterday's Parliament Hill terrorist incident in Ottawa provides the background for a quick study of the impact that such events can have on the U.S. stock market.

Ransom Notes Radio Ransom Notes Radio: The Lost Leadership of America

Do you remember what real American leadership looks like?

Charles Payne Charles Payne: Spending Boom...Or Just a Love of Motorcycles?

The question is, where is all this cash coming from? Well, people are going to have to dip into their savings; however, we could be on the cusp of another refinancing boom?

Nicholas Vardy Nicholas Vardy: Why I Expect the Stock Market to Rally in Q4

For all the handwringing about the recent stock market gyrations, the U.S. market hasnt budged much at all in 2014.

Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock: Socialism: French Private Sector Output Falls at Sharpest Rate in Eight Months

For now, it's still a tale of two Europes. Germany (and some smaller Northern European countries) vs. everyone else. Such divergences will not last forever.

Night Watch Night Watch: Turkey Reluctantly Allows Kurds to Defend Other Kurds

Iraqi Kurdish leaders have agreed to send fighters to help defend Kobani, now that Turkey said it would allow them to cross Turkish territory.

Nick Sorrentino Nick Sorrentino: Political entrepreneurs vs the real entrepreneurs

We are regulating our economy to death. One of the main reasons why there is an increasing disparity in wealth in this country is that the crony class is wrapping the middle class and the merchant class the entrepreneurial class in red tape.

Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell: Wasting Money Is Washington’s Favorite Activity

Its unfortunate that Senator Tom Coburn is retiring. He hasnt been perfect, but nobody can question is commitment to limited government. Hes been a rare voice in Washington against wasteful spending.

Mark Skousen Mark Skousen: Paul Krugman Claims His Political Bias Does Not Influence His Economics

I met up with Krugman. He assured me that he tries not to let his political biases affect his economic analysis.

Michael Schaus Michael Schaus: Today’s Miracle: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Goes Speechless (Temporarily)

The real trouble came when she claimed that our Campaigner in Chief was actively campaigning in competitive districts. One of the Bloomberg News hosts asked the obvious question: "Seriously?"

Doug Fabian Doug Fabian: How Vanguard Takes on Developed Markets

While investing in emerging markets has been in vogue of late, developed markets in Europe and Asia have been lagging.

Charlotte Hays Charlotte Hays: A Glimmer of Hope for American Academia?

When twenty-eight current and former Harvard Law School professors issued a public statement decrying the universitys new procedures regarding the handling of sexual assault accusations on campus, it may have been a game changer.

Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick: Republicans and the Language of the Left

As the mid-term elections approach, its high time for Republican commentators to walk the walk. Just the other morning, Mark Steyn, busily promoting his new book, made an appearance on Bill Bennetts radio program. The latter agreed enthusiastically with the former that in order for conservatives to prevail culturally, it is imperative for them to prevent the left from assuming control of the language.

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