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AP News - 15 mins ago

LAKE WALES, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say a 59-year-old man who called 911 asking for help shot at police officers as they arrived at his central Florida home.Lake Wales police Chief Chris Velasquez says officers John Schwarze and Benjamin Metz we ...more

AP News - 20 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Justice Department report says blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, are disproportionately subject to excessive police force, baseless traffic stops and citations for infractions as petty as walking down the middle of street.City of ...more

AP News - 21 mins ago

"A Kim Jong-Il Production" (Flatiron Books/Macmillan), by Paul FischerHere's an easy one: North Korea's Kim Jong Il orders a famous South Korean film director and his actress wife kidnapped and brought into the country to remake a tepid film ind ...more

AP News - 32 mins ago

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union is rethinking its foreign policy to better adapt to crises like the ones it faces in Ukraine, Russia and Syria without having to be overly dependent on allies like the United States.EU enlargement chief Johanne ...more

Reuters News - 38 mins ago

PARIS(Reuters) - A French magistrate has issued international arrest warrants for three men living in Oslo, Ramallah and Jordan, suspected of carrying out an attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris in 1982 that killed six people, a judicial source said. ...more

Reuters News - 38 mins ago

By Ratnajyoti Dutta NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India expects higher rainfall from the monsoon this year after patchy rains affected farm output last season, weather office sources told Reuters. If the outlook turns out correct, it will b ...more

AP News - 46 mins ago

MONTREUX, Switzerland (AP) — Fresh from the latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is heading to Saudi Arabia to ease Gulf Arab concerns about an emerging deal and discuss ways to calm instability in troubled Yeme ...more

AP News - 49 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The computer server that transmitted and received Hillary Clinton's emails — on a private account she used exclusively for official business when she was secretary of state — traced back to an Internet service registered to her family ...more

AP News - 54 mins ago

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A person believed responsible for shootings along highways over the last two weeks in the Baltimore-Washington area, including shots that damaged a National Security Agency building, is in custody, the FBI said early Wednesday.</ ...more

Reuters News - 56 mins ago

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States and its allies staged 12 air strikes on Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria in a 24-hour period, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement on Wednesday. Three strikes near Kobani, Syria, hi ...more