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AP News - 8 mins ago

In this photo by Dar Yasin, Muslims at Kashmir's Hazratbal shrine raise their hands in prayer as head priest Mohammad Ishaq Banday displays a relic of the Prophet Muhammad on the Friday following Mehraj-u-Alam, the day the prophet ascended to heaven. T ...more

AP News - 10 mins ago

HONG KONG (AP) — Chinese stocks hit a seven-year high as investors pinned their hopes on further economic stimulus while most other world markets were subdued Friday ahead of a speech by Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen.KEEPING SCORE: European ...more

AP News - 11 mins ago

BEIJING (AP) — Negotiators from 57 governments completed work Friday on a charter for a Chinese-led Asian regional bank that is to be signed in late June, the Chinese finance ministry said.Beijing's proposal for the Asian Infrastructure Investme ...more

AP News - 12 mins ago

BAGHDAD (AP) — Islamic State militants have seized another town in Iraq's western Anbar province less than a week after capturing the provincial capital, a tribal leader said Friday, while in neighboring Syria the group's fighters killed dozens of pro- ...more

AP News - 18 mins ago

PARIS (AP) — France's parliament has voted to forbid big supermarkets from destroying unsold food, encouraging them to donate to charities or farms instead, as part of a national campaign against food waste.The amendment approved by the National ...more

AP News - 20 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal had been blocked from working for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the State Department by wary White House officials. But that didn't cut his direct line to Clinton on one of the most sensitive m ...more

Reuters News - 21 mins ago

By Emma Batha CASABLANCA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At the age of 14 Usha Choudary was betrothed to a man she had never met. She refused to go through with the marriage. When her parents insisted, she threatened to kill herself. <p ...more

AP News - 21 mins ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The chairman of Temple University's physics department sought prestigious appointments in China in exchange for providing data on a device invented by a U.S. firm and offered to make the country a leader in the field of superconduct ...more

AP News - 24 mins ago

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Presidential candidate Andrzej Duda is a new face in Polish politics, but he may herald a return to an older era when his right-wing party held power.Duda, 43, is the surprise challenger to incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski in ...more

AP News - 43 mins ago

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — A Portuguese soccer fan who was beaten by a police officer in front of his two young sons outside a stadium has filed a complaint accusing the officer of aggravated physical assault, his lawyer said Friday.The man's 66-ye ...more