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AP News - 12 mins ago

BALTIMORE (AP) — A protest over the death of a man who was injured while in the custody of Baltimore police Gray started peacefully with thousands marching through downtown streets. Then, things turned violent and volatile.The chaotic scene Satu ...more

AP News - 14 mins ago

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — For what seemed a small eternity, Shalga Hightower epitomized the picture of parental grief in the aftermath of Newark's 2007 schoolyard killings, when a group of men and boys, including one who turned 15 that day, lined up her coll ...more

AP News - 20 mins ago

BEIRUT (AP) — Syrian government aircraft pounded opposition-held areas in the country's northwest on Sunday, killing at least 34 in one strike on a town near the Turkish border, activists said.The air raid on Darkoush was the deadliest of dozens ...more

AP News - 21 mins ago

NEW YORK (AP) — First came a hotly-debated decision by Cooper Union to start charging its students after being tuition-free for generations.Then came an investigation by the state attorney general into the school's management of its finances.</p ...more

AP News - 23 mins ago

LONDON (AP) — There is still time to save lives — that's why governments and aid agencies Sunday rushed doctors, volunteers and equipment to Nepal without waiting for the dust to settle.Substantial logistical hurdles remain, but there were hopef ...more

AP News - 31 mins ago

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Northern New England's annual amphibian migration is always perilous, but critters that cross roads to breed are facing an additional challenge this year: a delayed start after the long winter.Every spring, several species o ...more

AP News - 33 mins ago

Santa Cruz, Calif. (AP) — Surfers catching waves and mountain bikers pedaling through forests are used to the occasional low-flying pelican or diving hawk, but these days outdoor recreationalists can find what's up in the air isn't a bird at all, it's ...more

AP News - 33 mins ago

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — For years after Col. William O. Darby was killed in World War II, fellow soldiers would make a pilgrimage to his family's home just to talk to his mother about the fallen hero credited with forming the U.S. Army Rangers.Curre ...more

Reuters News - 37 mins ago

By Serajul Quadir DHAKA (Reuters) - The leader of Bangladesh's main opposition party threatened retaliation if local elections being held this week are not conducted fairly. Bangladesh has been marred by months of violence, much of ...more

AP News - 39 mins ago

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — Officials say former FBI director Louis Freeh was near death in the wake of a car crash near his vacation home in Vermont last August.Current FBI director James Comey and Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy offered insight for the ...more