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Reuters News - 8 mins ago

WINSTON-SALEM N.C. (Reuters) - One person was in custody after a shooting on Tuesday at a high school in Albemarle, North Carolina, according to police and local media reports. One person had been shot at Albemarle High School, and the school ...more

AP News - 13 mins ago

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A falcon in New Hampshire has undergone eye surgery to remove cataracts and has received new, synthetic lenses.Banner, a 4-year-old falcon, lost its sight and hasn't been able to fly or hunt for the past two years. On Monday ...more

AP News - 18 mins ago

HONOLULU (AP) — A group is claiming a world record for a popular Hawaii dish, after putting together a massive bowl of rice, hamburger, eggs and gravy.Chef Hideaki Miyoshi of Tokkuri Tei restaurant and volunteers at Sunday's Fifth Annual Rice Fe ...more

AP News - 19 mins ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is holding its first exhibit in the space that will become Hollywood's premier museum devoted to the movies."Hollywood Costume" opens Thursday inside the historic May Co. buildin ...more

AP News - 24 mins ago

On packed subways and crowded highways, billions of people participate in a short-distance population shift twice a day: the rhythmic ritual of the daily commute to and from work.More than 300 million people use the United States' transport syst ...more

AP News - 26 mins ago

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The mobile payment service PayPal is splitting from eBay and will become a separate and publicly traded company next year.Almost a year after billionaire Carl Icahn opened a proxy fight and pressured eBay for a spinoff of ...more

AP News - 30 mins ago

LONDON (AP) — Inflation across the 18 euro countries dipped further toward zero in September, piling pressure on the European Central Bank to pull the trigger on its biggest stimulus weapon — a large-scale program to create new money.Expectation ...more

AP News - 34 mins ago

BRUSSELS (AP) — Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal tax rebates that may have to be recouped, the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday as it pressed on with an inquiry into the iPhone maker's overseas tax practices.If the ...more

Reuters News - 1 hour ago

TOKYO (Reuters) - North Korea has told Japan it would not pass on findings from an investigation into the fate of Japanese people abducted by North Koran agents and proposed that Japan sends representatives for talks, Japan's prime minister said on Tue ...more

AP News - 1 hour ago

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (AP) — Ernest Satterwhite was a laid-back former mechanic with some habits, including ignoring police officers who tried to pull him over.The last time he did that, the 68-year-old black great-grandfather got killed — shot to ...more