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AP News - 4 mins ago

Key facts about Nepal, where an earthquake magnitude-7.9 hit Saturday:___GEOGRAPHY:Straddles the Himalayas between northern India and China and is home to Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain. It rises steeply from the Ganges ...more

Reuters News - 24 mins ago

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Islamist insurgents including al-Qaeda's wing in Syria Nusra Front on Saturday captured large parts of the northwestern Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughour for the first time in the four year conflict. Syrian activists and a vi ...more

AP News - 25 mins ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Seventy years after the end of World War II, Japan wants to look to the future but can't shake off its past. When Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the U.S. next week, he will be promoting a regional free trade pact and stronger defens ...more

AP News - 38 mins ago

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) — Gunmen on a motorcycle killed a prominent women's rights activist in Pakistan just hours after she held a forum on the country's restive Baluchistan region, home to a long-running insurgency, police said Saturday.While i ...more

AP News - 1 hour ago

SEATTLE (AP) — A computer outage hit thousands of Starbucks stores Friday, and some gave away free drinks before many closed early to the dismay of caffeine-craving patrons.The company said the outage was resolved Friday night after several hour ...more

AP News - 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The accidental killing of two hostages in a U.S. operation against al-Qaida has put a new spotlight on the Obama administration's reliance on drones in the battle against terrorism — and has also raised pressure on the White House to ...more

AP News - 1 hour ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health officials say ice cream is still safe to eat — even amid recalls by two ice cream companies after the discovery of listeria bacteria in their frozen confections.The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers fo ...more

AP News - 2 hours ago

LONDON (AP) — Once, election campaigning meant knocking on doors, organizing meetings and licking stamps. Now it also includes honing hashtags, rallying retweets and clicking "like."In Britain's close-fought races for Parliament, the battle onli ...more

AP News - 2 hours ago

"For all intents and purposes, I am a woman." — Former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner about his gender identity in interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer.___"We all bleed when we lose an American life." — President Barack Obama in a speech at t ...more

Reuters News - 2 hours ago

TOKYO (Reuters) - Surfing, buoyed by the International Olympic Committee's Agenda 2020 reforms, is targeting a spot at the Tokyo Olympics in five years time. The new reforms, approved in December, are aimed at making the Olympics more attract ...more