Robert Holland

Robert  Holland
Yes, Miss Virginia, We Are Very Thankful for You
By Robert Holland
Many years ago, a crusty city editor admonished me, a lowly cub reporter, never to use “I” in any of ...
November 28, 2019
Shame on School Choice for Helping Kids in Too Many Ways!
By Robert Holland
Now that summer has ended and classrooms have opened across the country, a spotlight shines on the latest research showing ...
October 14, 2019
To the Left, Dodgeball Has Become a 'Tool of Oppression'
By Robert Holland
Wouldn’t you think if someone had a problem with dodgeball being too rough for some kids, they would just say ...
June 26, 2019
Ed-Schools and Multiculturalists Exhibit Burnin’ Love for Leftist Indoctrination
By Robert Holland
One of the criticisms teachers unions and other government-schooling factotums level against private schools that accept voucher students is that ...
April 12, 2019
Many Teachers Love the Choice That Union Leaders Loathe
By Robert Holland
As legislative debate builds in states such as Arizona and Tennessee over the possible expansion of education savings accounts (ESAs), ...
January 30, 2019
Crumbling Cookies Don’t Dilute the Value of Rewards in Education
By Robert Holland
Magazines and other media have fun mocking research studies that are worthy of a big duh! Why the scorn? Because ...
June 27, 2018
What If Children Could Move from Unsafe to Secure Schools?
By Robert Holland
You know we are now living in a Bizarro World when Obama-era Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is championing parental ...
May 30, 2018
Where Oh Where Has the Presidential Fitness Council Gone?
By Robert Holland
The Inside-the-Beltway bureaucracy is filled with entities that burn tax dollars and emit little more than hot air. Although I ...
March 26, 2018
Action Civics Advances Collective Groupthink, Not Civic Knowledge
By Robert Holland
In our grab-and-go culture, who does not love action? Action movies. Action comics. Action videos. Action sports. Action figures. We ...
February 19, 2018
‘Baby PISA’ Is in the Nursery—But Hold Off on Sending the Cigars and Flowers
By Robert Holland
Baby PISA has arrived. Are you ready, folks in the neighborhood? Do you have any earthly idea what this newborn ...
January 20, 2018
Choice: Better Than a Simple Thank-You for Military Families
By Robert Holland
Another Veterans Day has come and gone. As nice as all the free doughnuts, meals, and haircuts were, even nicer ...
November 20, 2017
Good News About Vouchers the PDK Pollsters Failed to Disclose
By Robert Holland
Recent polling results show school choice gaining traction. The latest, released September 13 by Chicago-based GenForward, revealed robust support from ...
September 26, 2017
Will Ed Tech Control the Masses or Liberate Individuals?
By Robert Holland
What does high technology hold in store for the education of American children? The possibilities are simultaneously exciting and frightening. ...
August 10, 2017
Families Unplugged: Screen Time vs. Face Time
By Robert Holland
On August 6, will you and your folks be observing American Family Day around a dinner table, at a neighborhood ...
August 02, 2017
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