Sat, Apr 16, 2011

Doug Giles | April 16, 2011

I was at my favorite cigar bar in Miami this past week when one of my good conservative Cuban aficionados asked me if I could really vote for Trump

John C. Goodman | April 16, 2011

Hospitals are dangerous places to be. At least if you are a patient.

John Ransom | April 16, 2011

Obama’s speech was inept and lame, but was it really more inept and lamer than his attempt to cut our dependence on foreign oil by giving a speech? Was it more inept than the speech he gave where he claimed we were not at war in Libya and which was billed as an explanation for the “war in Libya?”

Kathryn Lopez | April 16, 2011

"(T)his is a loving, caring Jesus," is how the New York Times recently profiled a leading man in a play about abortion written by a Notre Dame grad.

Paul Driessen | April 16, 2011

President Obama and environmentalists often say America should follow Europe’s lead on energy, climate and economic matters.

Jon Sanders | April 16, 2011

They were happier times. Headier times. President Barack Obama and his Democrats held strong majorities in both the House and Senate. Dreams of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America" were at hand.

Jason Fodeman | April 16, 2011

While much has been said about the recently passed health care overhaul law and a multitude of cogent arguments have been made as to why the legislation must be repealed, lengthy debates have failed to adequately address how the 2,800 pages will prevent patients from receiving the medical care that they need and want.

Janet M. LaRue | April 16, 2011

Hollywood and Washington are rife with elites opposed to the right to bear arms for folks in flyover country “who cling to guns or religion,” as their champion in the White House described us.

Fri, Apr 15, 2011

Caroline Glick | April 15, 2011

Ever since Turkey’s Islamist Justice and Development AKP party under Recip Tayip Erdogan won the November 2002 elections, Western officials have upheld the AKP, Erdogan and his colleagues as proof that political Islam is consonant with democratic values.

Paul Kengor | April 15, 2011

“[W]e could well take example from Russia,” advised Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, “where birth control instruction is part of the regular welfare service of the government.”

Michelle Malkin | April 15, 2011

So much for the new era of fiscal responsibility. The federal government's dependency drones have been spared the chopping block.

Brent Bozell | April 15, 2011

Delay and indecision are beginning to define the Obama administration. One matter the Obama Justice Department cannot decide is whether to file an appeal to the Supreme Court in the "fleeting profanity" case called Fox vs. FCC.

Jonah Goldberg | April 15, 2011

I cannot remember a more depressing week in Washington. The Republicans boasted a heroic accomplishment: slashing $38.5 billion from the budget, purportedly the largest cuts in history. But the cake was made from sawdust.

David Limbaugh | April 15, 2011

In my book "Crimes Against Liberty," I described President Obama as dishonest, hyper-partisan, a bully, a narcissist and a hard-core left-wing ideologue. Anyone who thinks my description is exaggerated or too harsh didn't hear his Wednesday speech on the budget.

Oliver North | April 15, 2011

We finally know how President Barack Obama wants us to handle our nation's crippling national debt. If we can believe his words, the president intends to ignore the monster under the bed.

Pat Buchanan | April 15, 2011

"Rather than building bridges, he's poisoning wells," said Rep. Paul Ryan, after listening to Barack Obama. Ryan is right.

Suzanne Fields | April 15, 2011

Nancy Pelosi was howlin' mad, eager to lead the charge on behalf of women everywhere (whether they want her to or not) against the Republican congressional regiments "at war with women." She sees a battlefield littered with bloody female bodies.

Linda Chavez | April 15, 2011

President Obama offered few concrete suggestions for spending cuts this week in his much-anticipated speech on reducing the federal debt, but he had lots to say about raising taxes.

John Ransom | April 15, 2011

We can no longer afford to treat the presidency as if it were a reality show starring Barack Obama as the chief contestant. In order to turn the country around, we have to elevate the presidency above the level of American Idol, and turn it back into the American ideal.

Donald Lambro | April 15, 2011

There he goes again. President Obama says that what America needs right now are higher taxes to pay the government's mounting bills and curb its $14 trillion debt.

Mona Charen | April 15, 2011

I've never felt so simpatico with Joe Biden as I did after President Obama's Great Deficit Speech. Ol' lunch bucket Joe seemed to doze off during the president's oration.

Thu, Apr 14, 2011

Diana West | April 14, 2011

Reading about another catastrophically maimed casualty of the counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) in Afghanistan, I was struck by a biographical note. This young American, now a triple amputee after stepping on an IED while on foot patrol, an integral feature of COIN's hearts-and-minds efforts, was only 11 years old when the war in Afghanistan began.

Kevin Glass | April 14, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan made a forceful case for his Path to Prosperity budget this morning and blasted the argument that President Obama outlined in a speech in downtown Washington, DC. He highlighted the irreconcilable differences between his plan and the President's, while admitting he'd been tricked into thinking that Democrats were ready to have a serious conversation about America's entitlement crisis and fiscal future.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | April 14, 2011

Obama is a born again deficit cutter. He wants, according to his speech at George Washington University this week, to slim down nation's deficit by a whopping four trillion dollars in the next twelve years. To achieve this miraculous goal he has a top secret weapon. It is called the "tax expenditure."

Cal Thomas | April 14, 2011

Twenty-nine years after her death, novelist Ayn Rand is coming to a theater near you. After many failed attempts, her 1957 novel "Atlas Shrugged" has been made into a film.

Ed Feulner | April 14, 2011

Should a president have to wait … and wait … and wait for the Senate to approve the people he nominates to serve in high office? Of course not. Yes, the Senate has an important role to fill, but interminable and pointless delays have become the norm.

Larry Kudlow | April 14, 2011

President Obama unveiled a much different tax-reform vision in his much-anticipated debt speech on Wednesday. He would raise tax rates on upper-income earners and small businesses. He also would eliminate deductions and credits, or so called “tax expenditures.”

Cliff May | April 14, 2011

Oil is selling for close to $110 a barrel and gasoline for around $4 a gallon. Bad news for motorists. Marvelous news for jihadis.

Hugh Hewitt | April 14, 2011

Whatever the merits, the budget deal negotiated by the president with Harry Reid and John Boehner last week has been branded a giant exercise in Beltway subterfuge, accomplishing next to nothing in terms of spending control.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 14, 2011

Barack Obama just gave a belated but stern warning about escalating debt -- a few weeks after he presented a 2011 budget with a $1.6 trillion annual deficit, the largest shortfall in American history.

Michael Barone | April 14, 2011

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank attracted some attention when he promised not to mention Sarah Palin for a month. He kept his promise. The republic and the Post survived. I've got a similar proposal for political columnists and reporters.

Larry Elder | April 14, 2011

Suppose President John McCain, as with President Barack Obama, justified military force in Libya to avert "a humanitarian crisis." But then gave no thought of using the military to stop the human slaughter in places like the Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and the Congo.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 14, 2011

The Civil War started 150 years ago this week, threatening to tear our country apart. In the end the Union prevailed. In today's turbulent times, the lessons from the Civil War are still applicable.

Debra J. Saunders | April 14, 2011

Mitt Romney is too much like Barack Obama. I don't see how he'd win the 2012 GOP nod because he's got too much in common with the guy he wants to replace.

John Ransom | April 14, 2011

The same university system that brought us Ward Churchill, brings us the 12th Annual White Privilege Conference. White Privilege, the conference says, is the concept “that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people.”

Kyle Olson | April 14, 2011

Several months ago, Education Action Group published a scathing exposé on the Wisconsin Education Association Council-affiliated WEA Trust, a union-contrived insurance entity that is forced upon the majority of Wisconsin schools during collective bargaining negotiations.

Steve Chapman | April 14, 2011

If you don't mind sweat, dirt or the smell of manure, this is a great time to be a farmer. Incomes are up, land values are high, and global demand is growing. Oh, and if you're one of the lucky farmers, there's a bonus: a tap on the federal treasury.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 14, 2011

Last week was the culmination of a process begun years ago. A bill was introduced to Congress that could end American dependence on foreign oil.

Helen Whalen Cohen | April 14, 2011

It took a few tries, but Ayn Rand’s magnum opus is finally coming to the big screen. On Tax Day (appropriately), Atlas Shrugged will show in over three hundred theaters.

Brad O'Leary | April 14, 2011

President Barack Obama, the confiscator-in-chief of your constitutional rights is at it again. As we’ve come to expect, when President Obama tramples on the Constitution it’s usually under the guise of some noble cause.

Howard Rich | April 14, 2011

For years, America’s left-leaning mainstream media outlets have belittled and rebuked members of the new media — questioning their credibility, impugning their integrity and assigning all manner of self-serving motivations to their contributions to the marketplace of ideas.

Wed, Apr 13, 2011

Ann Coulter | April 13, 2011

The only members of their base the Democrats will never, ever cross are government workers and abortion-crazed feminists.

Jeff Jacoby | April 13, 2011

To convey their disdain for the ongoing Republican pressure to reduce federal spending -- pressure that led to the recent agreement with President Obama for $38 billion in cuts in the current fiscal year -- critics have been reaching back eight decades for what they seem to regard as the ultimate in fiscal put-downs.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 13, 2011

As part of its annual Easter outreach, the Compass Bible Church created a video advertisement that it planned to run in several Orange County movie theaters.

Matt Barber | April 13, 2011

In the age of gratuitous Hollywood sex and violence it’s not surprising that people are starved for family-friendly entertainment. This is not just a matter of opinion. Movieguide, the world’s premier pro-family movie magazine, has established over and again with its annual Report to the Entertainment Industry that wholesome entertainment sells… big time.

Michael Reagan | April 13, 2011

Republicans acted on the message voters sent in the 2010 congressional elections when they elected more than enough members of the House to control that body; they tackled the scandal of out-of-control spending and the voters responded.

Thomas Sowell | April 13, 2011

Someone once said that taxes are the price we pay for civilization. That may have been true when he said it, but today taxes are mostly the price we pay so that politicians can play Santa Claus and get reelected.

Michelle Malkin | April 13, 2011

It's time for a 21st-century retirement age. If 40 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 30, why shouldn't 70 be the new 65?

John Stossel | April 13, 2011

Finally. A serious budget plan. House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan's proposal has the head-in-the-sand crowd horrified.

Walter E. Williams | April 13, 2011

I've often said that I wish there were some humane way to get rid of the rich. If you asked why, I'd answer that getting rid of the rich would save us from distraction by leftist hustlers promoting the politics of envy. Not having the rich to fret over might enable us to better focus our energies on what's in the best interest of the 99.99 percent of the rest of us.

Brent Bozell | April 13, 2011

The ominous threat of a government shutdown dominated the news last week. The media weren't wrong to cover it as a dramatic debate, but all of the hype and horror looked a little bizarre by the weekend.

Jonah Goldberg | April 13, 2011

"Since American liberals don't have the guts to say it, allow me: The Rev. Terry Jones hasn't done anything wrong. Nothing." So writes my friend and conservative radio host Michael Graham in the Boston Herald. And on this, I think Michael's nuts.

Tony Blankley | April 13, 2011

he great American engine of democracy is beginning to build up a head of steam, and it remains the finest device created by man to organize collective human action.

Ben Shapiro | April 13, 2011

For well over a year, I, along with the rest of the conservative base in America, have lamented the lack of decent possible Republican presidential candidates.

Terry Jeffrey | April 13, 2011

The bottom line: Boehner agreed to a deal to fund the government for the rest of fiscal 2011 that will permit continued federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

David Harsanyi | April 13, 2011

All of you yahoos who support Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plans aren't just misguided anymore; you're nihilists.

John Ransom | April 13, 2011

While Cain is not a candidate for president yet- he’s still in the exploratory stage- Cain already has a program that he thinks can put Americans back to work while getting rid of the reckless and wasteful spending in Washington. In doing so, Cain hopes to start a revival of American business that will create real, high-paying jobs.

Austin Bay | April 13, 2011

The American Civil War had complex economic, political and social origins, but taking seriously the Declaration of Independence's premise that "all men are created equal" was definitely one of those complexities.

Rich Galen | April 13, 2011

I am not going to Nigeria because I believed a spam e-mail telling me I'd won a lottery conducted by the National Bank of Nigeria.

Donald Lambro | April 13, 2011

Speaker John Boehner extracted more budget concessions from President Obama and the Democrats than was at first evident when the deal was announced last week.

Kyle Olson | April 13, 2011

We continue to hear from teachers unions and the rest of the education establishment that if public schools aren’t up to par, it’s because they’re “underfunded.”

Jacob Sullum | April 13, 2011

The federal tax code, which in 1913 could be published as a single 400-page book, today occupies some 72,000 pages.

Marybeth Hicks | April 13, 2011

Chicago Public Schools permits its principals to use their discretion to decide whether their student population needs stringent rules about food choices.

Ashley McGuire | April 13, 2011

To every pro-life woman out there who pines for that little blue Tiffany & Co. box one day, think twice.

Tue, Apr 12, 2011

Frank Gaffney | April 12, 2011

President Obama's recent trip to three Latin American nations was absolutely surreal. For one thing, he launched a war against Libya from there. For another, he lauded and pledged support for offshore drilling in Brazilian waters that he has shut down in our own.

Paul Greenberg | April 12, 2011

Let's see if I've got this right. According to NPR's official line, the greatest hope for objective news reporting on the American airwaves will be lost if its federal subsidy is eliminated.

Michael Medved | April 12, 2011

Those who insist that Planned Parenthood deserves its sacred claim on federal support ought to consult Chinese demographers about the long-term impact of governmental policies that officially discourage procreation.

Rachel Alexander | April 12, 2011

Some conservatives and Tea Parties are criticizing the budget deal Republicans agreed to with Democrats and the Obama administration on Friday. Should they be?

Robert Knight | April 12, 2011

It seems like only yesterday that progressives were warning us about "politicizing the judiciary."

Armstrong Williams | April 12, 2011

As we enter the Lenten season, many of us are considering the spiritual consequences of our consumption habits.

Bob Burney | April 12, 2011

In the year 1890 a German scientist named Friederich Golz performed an experiment on a number of dogs that involved the surgical removal of the neocortex of the animals brains. He was surprised that when the temporal lobe was removed, the animals were more tame and calmer than before the operation.

John Hawkins | April 12, 2011

Does it seem too strong to call the way America deals with its debt "madness?" If not madness, then what? Denial? An addiction? However you phrase it, we're a country that's in deep trouble, but so many of us seem unable to deal with it.

Thomas Sowell | April 12, 2011

Since everybody else seems to be coming up with plans on how to cope with the skyrocketing national debt, let me try my hand at it too.

Byron York | April 12, 2011

Nearly lost amid reporting on the early days of the Libyan war was a revealing look at the deteriorating military strength of Britain, the United States' oldest and most important ally.

Chuck Norris | April 12, 2011

This week, the picture is finally complete. First, the Obama White House decided to leap headfirst into the gun control debate. Then came the response from Congress, which is far more interested in investigating the "Fast and Furious" scandal, in which federal agents allowed thousands of guns to be "walked" into Mexico and furnished to drug cartels.

David Limbaugh | April 12, 2011

The Republicans did not win this budget fight, but the cuts they were able to extract illustrate, ironically, that Democrats are finally on the defensive. Scorekeeping aside, we must build on this non-victory because it was also a Democratic retreat.

Mona Charen | April 12, 2011

For those of you who shout "Freedom! Freedom!" -- like the demonstrators in Syria -- we deeply hope that you mean what we mean by freedom -- a pluralistic, Western-style society.

Cal Thomas | April 12, 2011

Here in Middle America, where farmland extends to the horizon, I pass an inspirational yard sign: "Self-Control: Having a Life Purpose Bigger Than Self."

Dennis Prager | April 12, 2011

Given the preoccupation of the American media with the possible closing down of the American government, and the preoccupation of American and world media with Japan's travails and the revolts in the Arab world, many Americans may have missed the news about the April 1 massacre of United Nations employees in Afghanistan.

Pat Buchanan | April 12, 2011

Was Obama stampeded into this war by the panic and hysteria of his advisers? Because, quite clearly, he did not think this thing through.

Debra J. Saunders | April 12, 2011

If you think that academia is not the exclusive playground of the academic left, consider the fate of UCLA epidemiologist James Enstrom.

John Ransom | April 12, 2011

Rep. Schakowsky isn’t just Orwellian, either. She is a real honest to goodness socialist- not the closet variety like Obama. Schakowsky gave the keynote speech at a 2004 dinner held by the Democrat Socialists of America (DSA). Prior to that, in 2000 she received the Eugene Debs award from the DSA, honoring the memory of Debs in “her dedication to the fight for a just society.”

Phyllis Schlafly | April 12, 2011

Barack Obama's deal with the president of Mexico to allow Mexican trucks to carry their loads onto U.S. highways and roads is new evidence of his high-handed solo behavior that has become Standard Operating Procedure in the administration.

Kyle Olson | April 12, 2011

No wonder Chicago Public Schools have a dropout rate near 50%: now the government school system is telling kids what to eat.

Bill Murchison | April 12, 2011

So why (you ask, reasonably enough) does he bother? Doesn't President Obama know that the Republicans who wrung substantive budget cuts out of him last week aren't going to applaud this week when he calls for tax increases on "the rich" to help pay down the federal deficit?

Larry Kudlow | April 12, 2011

The problem with the rising debt burden is too much spending and too little growth. A spending-limitation of 20 percent to GDP would go a long way toward fixing the debt-bomb problem.

Tom Purcell | April 12, 2011

The American accountant suffers "a poor work/life balance, botched sleep schedules, poor eating habits, and problems in personal relationships." One survey found 64 percent complain that their clients, far more confused by the tax code than they, are careless or unprepared. I hope our accountants can forgive us.

Mon, Apr 11, 2011

Michael Gerson | April 11, 2011

Intentional or not, it sizzled with symbolism that President Obama announced his re-election campaign the same day his administration threw in the towel on the closing of Guantanamo Bay. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four others would be tried by a military tribunal at the prison Obama once described as a violation of "core constitutional values." A central pledge of one campaign was abandoned to kick off the next.

Julie Gunlock | April 11, 2011

Parents have many responsibilities. Getting the kids up and ready for school, making sure they do their homework and practice proper manners.

Paul Greenberg | April 11, 2011

The good doctor could have stepped out of a Louis Auchincloss short story. A fashionable but conscientious professional on the Upper West Side, his ideas, like his Brooks Brothers suits, were tailored to fit in.

Rich Galen | April 11, 2011

The deal to head off a government shutdown Friday night got done because a guy named Barry Jackson said it was done. Not one second before.

Jeff Jacoby | April 11, 2011

I take it for granted that no one in America thinks the law ought to interfere with Angelina's freedom to say no. Whether she agrees to date Brad or not is a matter of complete indifference to the government.

Humberto Fontova | April 11, 2011

Well, it’s about time somebody had the guts to say it! It’s high time to quit coddling a mostly foreign-born ethnic group that brazenly supports-- and even harbors-- terrorists!

Mike Needham | April 11, 2011

Late Friday night, Congress agreed to a framework to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. They quickly passed a stopgap measure to keep the government open while they turn the framework into legislative text, which is expected to pass both chambers of Congress.

Paul Driessen | April 11, 2011

Fukushima’s lessons for America’s already-safe nuclear plants.

Kyle Olson | April 11, 2011

The public has a right to know who or what is influencing its government. Open Records and Freedom of Information laws are critical to ensuring a transparent and accountable government.

Star Parker | April 11, 2011

Traveling back and forth from the nation’s capital provides good perspective on the bold contrast between the realities there and the rest of America.

Mike Adams | April 11, 2011

Some told us we should just give up. Others told us we should simply accept the federal judge’s decision and resign ourselves to the fact that the First Amendment is now dead on our college campuses.

Katie Kieffer | April 11, 2011

Six female plaintiffs, led by Betty Dukes, are current and former Wal-Mart employees with sexual discrimination charges against Wal-Mart.

Ken Blackwell | April 11, 2011

Richard Goldstone is a retired justice of South Africa's Constitutional Court . He's Jewish and a Zionist, so his recent UN report was quite surprising.

Lurita Doan | April 11, 2011

Government shutdowns, while dramatic, are not sufficient to bring about a return to fiscal sanity in the federal government.

Terry Paulson | April 11, 2011

In 2006, Senator Obama wisely said, “Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’"

Bruce Bialosky | April 11, 2011

Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, was recently appointed by President Obama to chair the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

John Ransom | April 11, 2011

While some folks decry the 2010 budget deal as too little, too late, don’t count me as one of them. Substantive spending reform can only happen if conservatives win the Senate or the White House in 2012. That’s the way our system was designed; for gradual change, not revolution.

Michael Barone | April 11, 2011

One of the things that fascinate me about American politics is how the voices of the voters as registered in elections and polls are transformed into changes in public policy.

Sun, Apr 10, 2011

Salena Zito | April 10, 2011

It will be interesting to see if he compares himself to Lincoln as he hits the invitation-only, pre-screened town hall meetings, or if he continues drawing parallels between himself and Lincoln.

Austin Hill | April 10, 2011

President Donald Trump. Doesn't something sound strange about those words?

David Stokes | April 10, 2011

Unceremoniously cancelled earlier this year by The History Channel as not a good “fit” for “the History brand,” the project was controversial almost from its inception. This had to do completely with the hypersensitivity of a vast array of myth-guardians who stand perpetual watch over the Kennedy family, as well as the career and legacy of America’s 35th President.

Debra J. Saunders | April 10, 2011

President Obama has dedicated his time in office to soaking up applause and shifting blame.

Ken Connor | April 10, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011 marked the 43rd anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s tragic death. Cut down in his prime by an assassin's bullet, Dr. King's legacy is one of perseverance, bravery, and sacrifice.

Paul Jacob | April 10, 2011

You can lead a government to culture, but you can't make it think.

Steve Chapman | April 10, 2011

Today, we know Obama's idea of "meaningful consultation" with Congress on such matters: First, he goes to war, and then he makes a rude gesture in the direction of Capitol Hill. Consult this, Boehner!