Sun, Apr 10, 2011

Steve Chapman | April 10, 2011

Today, we know Obama's idea of "meaningful consultation" with Congress on such matters: First, he goes to war, and then he makes a rude gesture in the direction of Capitol Hill. Consult this, Boehner!

Sat, Apr 09, 2011

Doug Giles | April 09, 2011

It’s just how Islam rolls when it comes to interfacing with other faiths; they kill them or oppress them.

Erika Johnsen | April 09, 2011

To reduce the national deficit and protect the environment, conservationists should take a look at federal management of public lands.

John Ransom | April 09, 2011

It was a great week of debate on TH Finance. Now that we're at the weekend that means another stellar edition of Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers. It's MY turn to sound off on issues. Again.

Kyle Olson | April 09, 2011

I believe there is a difference between rank-and-file teachers and the leadership of radical teachers’ unions. The trouble is, the rank-and-file sits idly by as the radicals embarrass them, time and time again.

Warren Throckmorton | April 09, 2011

For as long as I can recall, there has been a movement defending the notion of America as a Christian nation.

Fri, Apr 08, 2011

Diana West | April 08, 2011

Two more American soldiers were killed this week by a "lone" Afghan "ally." These latest murders took place inside a compound in the northern Afghan province of Faryab where the soldiers were providing security for a meeting between U.S. trainers and Afghan border police.

Larry Kudlow | April 08, 2011

Washington shutdown fears are sinking the U.S. dollar, according to some news reports. Surely there’s something to this.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | April 08, 2011

Mr. Boehner, keep up the fight. The American people do not fear an Obama veto, or the specter of a government shutdown, or the slanderous words of Progressives (and their allies in the lame-stream media) that are spending this country into bankruptcy.

Hugh Hewitt | April 08, 2011

I will speak tonight in Phoenix at the Arizona Right to Life dinner. The dinner raises money for pro-life activities in Arizona, and this year the honoree is Arizona's wonderful United States Senator Jon Kyl, long a champion of the rights of the unborn.

Michelle Malkin | April 08, 2011

Air traffic controllers have been catching a lot of grief for sleeping on the job lately. But do you know what Transportation Security Administration officials have been doing -- or rather, not doing -- lately?

Brent Bozell | April 08, 2011

Some Tinseltown pundits have already pegged it as "likely" that NBC will pick up a show for fall called "The Playboy Club."

Jonah Goldberg | April 08, 2011

This "end Medicare as we know it" line -- and many like it ("end Medicaid as we know it," "end carbon-based life as we know it," etc.) -- is the lead-off talking point for the entire Democratic Party in response to Rep. Paul Ryan's just-released budget proposal, "The Path to Prosperity."

David Limbaugh | April 08, 2011

My brother, Rush, said on his program Thursday that Donald Trump, in taking the fight directly to President Obama, has provided a winning blueprint for defeating him in 2012.

Mona Charen | April 08, 2011

His face adorns the $10 bill, but as Richard Brookhiser, host of "Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton," finds when conducting a quick street canvas -- many Americans cannot identify him.

Oliver North | April 08, 2011

According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, everything is hunky-dory on America's southern border.

Pat Buchanan | April 08, 2011

Is America's model of the ideal society -- the more diverse that it is religiously, ethnically, culturally and racially, the better it is -- more than a mildly risky experiment?

Suzanne Fields | April 08, 2011

One mother who lives in Manhattan sued her daughter's $19,000-a-year nursery school because it didn't prepare her for the Ivy League. So now the tot has a ready-made subject for her college essay in 2025: "Fighting Failure From the Age of 4 and Learning About Litigation."

John Ransom | April 08, 2011

I was disturbed when the White House cautioned yesterday that a family vacation planned by the Obamas to Williamsburg may be in jeopardy because of the looming government shut down. Nothing keeps you grounded in reality better than going to an replica of a town that existed 300 years ago, where people pretend to be living in bygone days.

Kyle Olson | April 08, 2011

If for no other reason, you have to admire the tenacity of some legislative leaders to look out for the interests of their teacher union sponsors.

Grace-Marie Turner | April 08, 2011

The agency that runs the Medicare program decided in late March that it will pay for patients to receive an advanced new treatment for prostate cancer called Provenge.

Thu, Apr 07, 2011

Donald Lambro | April 07, 2011

Americans are getting hit on all fronts nowadays. Wages are flat or falling. Income tax bills are due by April 18. Food prices are rising. And gas prices, which are soaring toward $4 a gallon, now threaten to reverse the nation's economic growth rate.

John Ransom | April 07, 2011

The budget problem that the country faces isn’t merely big. It isn’t even really, really big. Think of the biggest number you can. Yeah. It’s bigger than that.

Cliff May | April 07, 2011

The so-called International Community has justified military intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds: Col. Moammar Qaddafi was threatening mass murder in Benghazi.

Kelly Cobb | April 07, 2011

For the past decade, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has run the most unlikely of programs: handing out low-interest, taxpayer-backed loans to companies to build-out broadband Internet.

Michael Reagan | April 07, 2011

The current furor over the national budget is ample proof of the fact that federal budgets should be completed in time and based on reality, and not based on welfare-state politics.

Michael Barone | April 07, 2011

"My worst experience was the financial crisis of September 2008," responded House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to a reporter's question about Democrats' attacks on the budget he unveiled earlier in the day.

Victor Davis Hanson | April 07, 2011

President Obama has announced that America would stop attacking Col. Muammar Gadhafi's forces in Libya. He instead hopes that others can force out Gadhafi -- or that the dictator will leave through economic and diplomatic pressure.

Larry Elder | April 07, 2011

A Clinton challenge to Obama would inflict so much damage and intra-party angst that the Republicans could run Snooky in 2012 -- and win.

Mike Adams | April 07, 2011

Feminists on campuses across the nation are NOW rallying in protest over a recent email written by a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity at USC. In the email, the young man urges his fraternity to "take notes" about how to have sex with girls.

Cal Thomas | April 07, 2011

On the day of the NCAA men's basketball final, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that is likely to produce champions for generations to come.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | April 07, 2011

By failing to pass a 2011 budget last fall while still in charge of the House, Senate and presidency, the Democratic Party set up the potential for the Democrats to blame the Republicans for what they did not do last year when they controlled all three entities.

Emmett Tyrrell | April 07, 2011

I previously suggested that Obama get to work early on his presidential library and forgo the 2012 race, but he is insistent.

Steve Chapman | April 07, 2011

After Paul Ryan unveiled a plan to overhaul Medicare, Democrats announced that despite some imperfections, it was a brave and thoughtful attempt to grapple with a problem that has been ignored for too long. Just kidding.

Rich Tucker | April 07, 2011

When we hear the cliché “You get what you pay for,” we generally assume it means that the more you pay for something, the better quality product you’ll get.

Ed Feulner | April 07, 2011

When President Clinton signed landmark welfare-reform legislation in 1996, he said it would “end welfare as we know it.” Wrong verb. More accurately, it changed welfare as we know it.

Howard Rich | April 07, 2011

With American politicians still refusing to substantively address the looming consequences of their fiscal irresponsibility, it only makes sense that voters are feeling frustrated and powerless.

Matt Towery | April 07, 2011

If government can decide to bring chainsaws onto private property to cut down trees, including healthy trees, what's next?

Wed, Apr 06, 2011

Ann Coulter | April 06, 2011

When Wisconsin Democrats fled the state in order to avoid voting on splendiferous public sector union contracts, did they happen to notice that the rest of the country is in the midst of a massive recession?

Robert Knight | April 06, 2011

"We used to conform behavior to the military. Now we're conforming the military to behavior."

Jeff Jacoby | April 06, 2011

The Goldstone report did incalculable damage to Israel's good name. Breathlessly hyped in the media, it accelerated the already frenzied international campaign to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state.

Hugh Hewitt | April 06, 2011

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's fiscal blueprint for 2012 and beyond has rightly been hailed as an enormously important development in the budget wars.

Marybeth Hicks | April 06, 2011

First, Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua caused a national stir by accusing Western parents of being too lax in their approach to child-rearing, resulting in self-indulgent, spoiled kids who aren’t as successful as those with a traditional “Chinese” (read: maniacally hypercompetitive) upbringing.

Sam Graves | April 06, 2011

Small businesses are the cornerstone of the American economy. They employ over half of the country’s private sector workforce and create seven out of every ten new jobs.

Michelle Malkin | April 06, 2011

As the budget stalemate in Washington continues, Democrats are ratcheting up their class-warfare caterwauling. Time to bring out your earplugs and hypocrisy meters.

John Stossel | April 06, 2011

If you own a gun in Illinois, take precautions. The state attorney general, Lisa Madigan, wants to release the names of guns owners in response to an Associated Press request.

Walter E. Williams | April 06, 2011

There no evidence anywhere that but for discrimination, people would be divided according to their percentages in the population in any activity.

Kevin Glass | April 06, 2011

Rep. Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" spends $6.2 trillion less than the Obama budget and re-establishes the GOP as the party of fiscal responsibility.

Brent Bozell | April 06, 2011

The news leaked out Monday that Katie Couric is stepping down from her failed experiment as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News."

Jonah Goldberg | April 06, 2011

In truly unshocking news, Barack Obama e-mailed supporters Monday to let them know he was running for president again.

Tony Blankley | April 06, 2011

While the president's top advisers are currently most worried about the public judgment in November 2012 on his Libyan war actions, they might be better advised to worry about his actions in Iraq.

Terry Jeffrey | April 06, 2011

If you look at the historical tables attached to President Barack Obama's latest budget proposal, they say the federal government took in $2.165 trillion in revenues in fiscal 2010 and spent $3.720 trillion, leaving a federal deficit of approximately $1.555 trillion.

Ben Shapiro | April 06, 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she will not serve another term under President Obama. Who can blame her? To replace her, Obama is reportedly looking to tap another prominent female diplomat.

John Ransom | April 06, 2011

The GOP budget is a big improvement over the joke-shop novelty budget that Obama submitted earlier this year. That budget was so full of gas that congressional staffers used it as a whoopie cushion- a novelty not to be confused with the Whoopi cushion that currently stars on the View.

Austin Bay | April 06, 2011

Within the last 10 days, Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi's loyalist forces have modified their combat tactics. Gadhafi's henchmen are now using trucks instead of tanks for transport.

Rich Galen | April 06, 2011

Today, I am fully in the camp of the Tea Party when I say: "Shut 'er down." Shut down the government when the Continuing Resolution runs out on Friday.

Donald Lambro | April 06, 2011

In the last three months, the biggest battle here has been about carving a relatively tiny amount of money out of this year's $3.7 trillion budget.

Jacob Sullum | April 06, 2011

In 2003, Paul Ryan was one of 207 Republicans in the House to vote for the Medicare prescription drug benefit championed by President George W. Bush -- a reckless expansion of a huge program that was already heading for bankruptcy. This week, Ryan, who now chairs the House Budget Committee, did partial penance.

Larry Kudlow | April 06, 2011

Obsessing over the debt is not by itself a policy. Advancing the economy and setting the stage for more job creation is a policy. Mr. Ryan kept an important dose of Ronald Reagan in both the spirit and reality of his plan. Limited government, lower tax rates, and deregulation (of energy) will all promote the path to prosperity.

Robert Knight | April 06, 2011

President Obama needs to reinvent reality, so where does he go? A college campus.

Tue, Apr 05, 2011

Paul Kengor | April 05, 2011

The Libya situation is complicated. I envy no president stuck with the task. Among the complexities, the most daunting unknown is what's behind the opposition.

Cal Thomas | April 05, 2011

During the 2008 presidential campaign when candidate Barack Obama told "Joe the Plumber" that he wanted to "spread the wealth around," it sounded to a lot of conservatives like socialism: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need," in the words of Karl Marx.

Janice Shaw Crouse | April 05, 2011

The nation rightly worries about the fiscal crisis and its ramifications for domestic economic stability. Though less obvious, but nonetheless significant, is a sleeper issue: we haven’t come to terms with the crisis of modern male immaturity.

Rachel Alexander | April 05, 2011

The protests in Morocco are forcing real democratic changes in the government, a stark contrast to other "Arab Spring" uprisings taking place in Arabic countries throughout the Middle East.

Armstrong Williams | April 05, 2011

What is obvious is that our president is making all of this up as he goes along, and is clearly not listening to Secretary Gates.

Katie Gage | April 05, 2011

Yesterday, Big Labor bosses decided to use the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a means to promote collective bargaining.

John Hawkins | April 05, 2011

You can't reason someone out of something that he didn't get into by using reason in the first place. That's why it's so difficult to refute conspiracy theories with logic. Take the 9/11 Truthers conspiracy.

Thomas Sowell | April 05, 2011

When someone gives you a check and the bank informs you that there are insufficient funds, who do you get mad at? In your own life, you get mad at the guy who gave you a check that bounced, not at the bank. But, in politics, you get mad at whoever tells you that there is no money.

Byron York | April 05, 2011

There's no question that the rebels Americans are currently fighting for in Libya include in their ranks jihadis who in recent years traveled to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Americans. The only question is whether that worries you or not.

Chuck Norris | April 05, 2011

Since the very first days of this president's administration, the drug-fueled cartel violence in Mexico has provided a stalking horse for the gun control agenda.

John C. Goodman | April 05, 2011

I used to think the biggest obstacle to getting agreement about health care reform was ideology (socialism vs. capitalism). Then I decided it was sociology (engineers vs. economists). I now am inclined to believe it is psychology (bureaucrats vs. entrepreneurs).

David Limbaugh | April 05, 2011

Do you believe Rep. Paul Ryan when he says we only have a few years left to get our fiscal house in order, or we're going to face European-type austerity?

Mona Charen | April 05, 2011

Richard Goldstone, the formerly respected South African jurist who disgraced himself by lending his name to a sinister and libelous U.N. report condemning Israel for war crimes, has now issued a very public retraction.

Michael Medved | April 05, 2011

An indignant Democrat of my acquaintance accuses conservatives of hypocrisy when they criticize President Obama for acting with caution and restraint in response to crisis. He accurately points out that caution and restraint represent core conservative virtues, and that most leaders on the right ripped the president during his first two years for pushing too fast for transformational change.

Dennis Prager | April 05, 2011

God is not doing very well these days. Here are four reasons.

Pat Buchanan | April 05, 2011

On March 20, Pastor Terry Jones, who heads a congregation of 30 at his Dove World Outreach Center church in Gainesville, Fla., conducted a mock trial of the Quran "for crimes against humanity."

Debra J. Saunders | April 05, 2011

The New York Times reported last month that General Electric earned $14.2 billion in international profits, including, $5.1 billion in the United States. Yet GE did not pay a dime in federal income taxes last year.

John Ransom | April 05, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the confessed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks, will finally face a military tribunal under rules set up by the Bush administration. Holder, who has opposed using a military tribunal for the trial, made the announcement with the kind of wild partisanship that we’ve come to expect from the top justice official.

Phyllis Schlafly | April 05, 2011

A new study reports the dismal finding that 45 percent of college students show no significant improvement in the key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing by the end of their sophomore year.

Rebecca Hagelin | April 05, 2011

Karen's nine-year-old son came home from a birthday party at a locally owned "family fun" center with plenty to tell. The party was great, especially the laser tag and the pizza. But he didn't like the arcade games, one in particular. "It had, like, men hitting girls. Beating them up and killing them. I didn't like it."

Bill Murchison | April 05, 2011

One reason Democratic policies have made America such a worry-free land these last couple of years is the uniqueness of Democratic gifts and abilities. For instance, did you know Democratic spokesmen can see into the future?

Marvin Olasky | April 05, 2011

A doctor tells a patient that she has three months to live. She asks, "Is there anything I can do?" He replies, "Yes, marry a tax accountant." She is surprised: "How will that cure me?" The doctor says, "It won't, but it will make those three months seem like an eternity."

Larry Kudlow | April 05, 2011

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with James Grant, the founder of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. He called the bubble in the 2000s. Right now he’s worried about a big jump in inflation. He thinks interest rates are totally unprepared for it. His solution? Restore dollar and gold convertibility.

Hadley Heath | April 05, 2011

Members of both parties claim credit for popular reforms to the welfare system in the mid-1990’s. President Clinton often lists the 1996 law as among his tenure's crowning achievements; Republican Congressional leaders from the era remind the public that it was their party that pushed reform legislation, which the President reluctantly signed after several vetoes.

Mon, Apr 04, 2011

Michael Gerson | April 04, 2011

If there were any doubts about the political skills of the new White House team under Chief of Staff William Daley, they have now been satisfied.

Frank Gaffney | April 04, 2011

At the very least, the author of an oped published in the Washington Post last Friday - former South African Supreme Court Justice Richard Goldstone - sure looked foolish as he all but acknowledged being incredibly naïve and irresponsible when he authored a harshly critical report for the United Nations Human Rights Council after Israel's 2008-2009 war with Hamas in Gaza.

Caroline Glick | April 04, 2011

Richard Goldstone’s repudiation of the eponymous blood libel he authored last year provides a number of lessons about the nature of the political war against the Jewish state and how we must act if we are to defeat it. Learning these lessons is an urgent task as we approach the next phase of the war to delegitimize us.

Dan Lips | April 04, 2011

How much should a college education cost? According to the College Board, the average cost of earning a degree at a private, 4-year university is now more than $100,000. If tuition prices continue to rise as quickly as they did during the past decade, a college degree will cost more than $200,000 by the time today’s third-graders are applying.

Rich Galen | April 04, 2011

That preacher in Florida who burned a Koran is a ______ (Fill in the Blank). On that, I think we can all agree.

Carol Platt Liebau | April 04, 2011

News reports reveal that the GOP budget plan proposes more than $4 trillion in cuts over the next decade, along with spending caps and reforms to Medicare and Medicaid.

Joel Mowbray | April 04, 2011

J-Street suffered a humiliating defeat last week on Capitol Hill – which means Israel scored an important victory.

Mike Needham | April 04, 2011

Putting political gain ahead of our troops is pretty crass, but it seems some are prepared to do it.

Michael Barone | April 04, 2011

Are whites on the verge of becoming a minority of the American population? That's what some analysts of the 2010 Census results claim.

Mike Adams | April 04, 2011

I’m getting to be a crabby old man and I’m not even fifty. But working at a liberal university for eighteen years has taught me never to accept responsibility for my actions or my disposition.

Star Parker | April 04, 2011

As negotiations in Washington on this year’s budget (already halfway into the year that this budget is for) come to a head, the rumor mill points to a Washington-as-usual result. That is, split the differences down the middle.

Katie Kieffer | April 04, 2011

I’m tired of negative news and hearing people whine without offering solutions. So, I’m defying the world by being optimistic. What makes me happy? Oil.

Lurita Doan | April 04, 2011

Once again, on energy policy and action, President Obama talks the talk, but has no substance behind his teleprompted words.

Bruce Bialosky | April 04, 2011

It should be obvious to every American that our entitlement programs – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid – now represent the lion’s share of the Federal budget, and are growing at an unsustainable rate.

John Ransom | April 04, 2011

We have no great leaders who can fill the American canvas with a picture of a positive future and then lead us there. We are being told by the president that the future will be rationed, portioned off, each according to his needs with Big Birther watching over us.

Joel Mowbray | April 04, 2011

Considering how much direct and indirect support the U.S. provides to the Palestinians each year, Congress could take decisive action to at least ensure that U.S. taxpayers are not funding incitement against Israel.

Sun, Apr 03, 2011

Doug Giles | April 03, 2011

Here are my predictions for the Shore crowd

Paul Jacob | April 03, 2011

Energy independence. The belief that, when it comes the energy upon which our civization rests, the benefits of free trade and the very laws of reality mean nothing.

Salena Zito | April 03, 2011

On a frigid February morning, the Census Bureau delivered chilling news to the mayors of New York, Detroit and Chicago.

Austin Hill | April 03, 2011

President Barack Obama leads the way with this destructive and self-serving politics. He has made it a central theme of his presidency to speak often of the need for “shared sacifice,” noting that we all must be willing to “give a little” in order for our nation to fully recover from the “great recession.”

Debra J. Saunders | April 03, 2011

"No blood for oil" was a popular slogan chanted by the left in opposition to President George W. Bush's push to send U.S. forces into Iraq. Now that President Obama authorized Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, I have been waiting to hear chants of "no blood for oil." I am happy to report, I don't hear them.

Steve Chapman | April 03, 2011

Remember when a crusading president, acting on dubious intelligence, insufficient information and exaggerated fears, took the nation into a Middle Eastern war of choice? That was George W. Bush in 2003, invading Iraq. But it's also Barack Obama in 2011, attacking Libya.

Kevin McCullough | April 03, 2011

This past week President Barack Obama took additional steps towards the destruction of the very "Hope" and "Change" that he had promised in his campaign.

Ken Connor | April 03, 2011

As the Iowa caucuses loom, potential contenders for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination are jockeying for position, each eager to establish themselves as the person best-suited to take on Barack Obama.