Kevin McCullough

This past week President Barack Obama took additional steps towards the destruction of the very "Hope" and "Change" that he had promised in his campaign.

With the economy, as it relates to America's national security and the global struggle against terrorism, as it relates to the moral values that are distinctly American, and in his accountability to "We The People"--in each of these areas--President Obama has furthered himself from greatness, innovation, but most importantly--from finding solutions.

As the first pundit to predict that President Obama would rise to the office, I've seen it coming for more than four years. And now the challenges sit firmly before him. What will he do? Which direction will he lean? And will he finally begin to show some evidence of leadership?

Let's suspend partisan affiliation and political structures for the moment. Let's merely focus on a handful of ideas that could begin to move America in the right direction with.

Economically speaking: President Obama has to pass a budget. He must halt the rate of spending. And he must reduce the amount of burden placed upon the average small business in America.

The inability for Congress to get a budget passed his first two years in office, on many levels reflects his own ability to lead (or not), and the efforts by those that held power to conduct naked grabs at greater shares of it. Passing a budget is something that simply holds everyone to a measure of seriousness about the conduct of the government and whether or not goals will be met and fiscal priorities will reign in the inclination to go beyond that accountability.

In passing the budget the rate of what has already been promised through the over-reach of the Pelosi era has to not just be halted, but substantively reversed. Defunding Obamacare does help. (Especially this week after it was revealed that yet another $2 billion in set asides were uncovered in the bill.) But it doesn't get America all the way home economically. Deep cuts, significant reinvention, and looking to the private sector for services that can be provided competitively are going to have to be considered.

Most importantly President Obama must do those things that reverse the oppression that his administration has leveled against small businesses in the first two years. The fact that he was unwilling to reconsider his pledge to raise their taxes by default until the 59th minute of the 11th hour was an all too-telling sign of his general demeanor towards the sector of American business that is responsible for the growth in capital, production, and employment for the American future.