John Ransom

President Obama has been going around the country reminding everyone that despite him seeming out of touch, he’s really not.  

He’s just a normal guy, with the same problems everyone else has. At least that’s the way he remembers it.  

While the federal government was packed up with mothballs this week, Obama was hanging with Rev. Al Sharpton who was hosting an annual gala on Wednesday night.

Obama talked about his best-selling book, describing it as his “college fund.” Because, the president just wants you to know that he’s NOT REALLY out of touch.

Thanks, Mr. President.

Now, I’m telling all my friends reprioritize.  

Instead of using the money from their best-selling books on things like groceries and gasoline to get to work, I’m letting them know that it’s OK to use that money for ”college funds.”

"I try to remind people when they say, 'well, you're president now, you're out of touch. I said, 'listen, it was only a few years ago I was still paying off my student loans,’" Obama says in a report of the event by USA Today.

“Speaking at the National Action Network Annual Gala, hosted by Al Sharpton, Obama added: ‘I don't pump gas now, but I remember what it was like pumping gas .... I remember the end of the month (paying bills). ... I remember that.’"  

See that PROVES he’s not out of touch.  

He still remembers paying bills? How quaint, even for a liberal. Gosh, what a down to earth guy, that Obama is.   

That’s why I’m recommending to my friends that they become president too, you know, in the interest of fairness. That way they can stop paying bills and remember the wistful days when they too had to pump their own gas and pay their own bills.  

So I was particularly disturbed when the White House cautioned yesterday that a family vacation planned by the Obamas to Williamsburg may be in jeopardy because of the looming government shut down.

That definitely proves he’s not out of touch. Nothing keeps you grounded in reality better than going to a replica of a town that existed 300 years ago, where people pretend to be living in another era.  

John Ransom

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