Kevin McCullough

Posted January 31, 2016

I hear the words of the establishment coming out of Donald Trump supporters, just like I heard them from Mitt Romney supporters, and just like I heard them from John McCain supporters.

Posted January 17, 2016

These past two weeks a most disingenuous campaign was waged by Donald Trump.

Posted December 27, 2015

It is grotesquely ironic that the White House, the administration, the media complex, the leading candidate for the Democratsnot to mention leftist progressives generally speakingare so uptight about a candidate for the other party who has little to no filter.

Posted December 14, 2015

In the days since the deadly attacks in Paris, one thing has been made clear: the political and cultural left in America desire the average American to live with maximum vulnerability towards future terror attacks.

Posted November 29, 2015

Never mind the fact that she had a scraggly beard and carried herself as a sort of haggard version of the Uni-bomber, the woman who shot up Planned Parenthood is a very progressiveprogressive.

Posted November 15, 2015

In reaction to the still developing terror attacks being carried out in the name of Islam, in Paris, on Friday night, New York Congressman Peter King told my radio audience, "Kevin (not only is this) an ISIS attack, but its coordinated at a level to take a large loss of life.

Posted October 04, 2015

Would the President like to attempt some fifth grade level research?

Posted September 13, 2015

This primary season has been full of blunders. Some from being less than knowledgable about areas of expertise that they are still getting up to speed on. Others from pretending to be something they are not.

Posted August 30, 2015


Posted August 09, 2015

This past week Donald Trump passed his first big test of a debate with fellow GOP candidates.

Posted August 02, 2015

This week the future of Planned Parenthood careened into near elimination for the first real time since its creation.

Posted July 19, 2015

What everybody already knows: Iran wants a nuclear weapon. Whether its to utilize for themselves, or to monetize to the open market of global bad actors Iran is heavily invested in getting the bomb.

Posted June 28, 2015

Supreme Court cases, former cover boys for Wheaties cereal boxes, faux ethnic originshave you noticed?

Posted June 14, 2015

When the creations of God begin to defy the order of which He crafted things, bad things happen.

Posted May 31, 2015

The political left in America is blind to the agenda, desires, and reality of Sharia law.

Posted May 17, 2015

The last Clinton-era personality to be verbed had her last name associated with private acts deemed inappropriate when done with those one is not married to.

Posted May 10, 2015

Should you provoke someone just because you can?

Posted April 05, 2015

For the better part of these last two years there has been coming a head on collision.

Posted March 22, 2015

This past week the political left (disguised poorly as religious leaders) unleashed an all out assault on one of the few leading Christian leaders that has the audacity to take his faith beyond the pulpit and into the global marketplace, hoping in every way, to make a difference.

Posted February 22, 2015

This past week at a private event in which many members of the GOP were in attendance former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said something that a vast majority of Americans have felt for several months.