John Ransom

The United States has the resources today to solve its own energy crisis.

It’s not energy we’re in short supply of, it’s vision in which we have a deficit.

We have no great leaders who can fill the American canvas with a picture of a positive future and then lead us there. Instead, we have the leadership of failure and diminished expectations, as if by design.

We are being told by the president that the future will be rationed, portioned off, each according to his needs with Big Birther watching over every aspect of production from healthcare to energy, from retirement to immigration enforcement- defining for us who gets to stay here and who does not, instead of letting the law decide.  


We have a government of men, now, not laws.  

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In energy, the country enjoys reserves that could supply our needs for at least the next fifty years conservatively speaking, not counting shale oil and new deployment of nuclear energy. Domestic sources of energy in the US are super-abundant.  In practically every energy technology, the US leads the way.  

The rest of us want to use those energy resources; but one party, led by Obama, does not. They offer us only the leadership of failure and diminished expectations.

Since the 1970s, the far-left extremists of the party of “O” have waged a terror war on American energy that has led us to decreasing production of some types of domestic energy. As a result we are committed to a dangerous involvement in the Middle East and now North Africa to secure supplies for the West.

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The party of “O” has prevented domestic oil production, coal mining, nuclear development and natural gas production, each of which combined, accounts for virtually all of our current energy supply.   

John Ransom

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