Craig Shirley

Craig Shirley
Dirty Student Loan Financer Navient Finally Facing Its Just Desserts
By Craig Shirley
The road to justice can sometimes be long, winding, and tedious, but we can take comfort knowing that sometimes bad ...
August 05, 2021
My Best 25 Works of History
By Craig Shirley
Writing and reading history is one of the greatest joys of life. Writing about Ronald Reagan and WWII has been ...
July 05, 2021
Americans Fight to Control Their Destiny as Governments Fail Again
By Craig Shirley
There’s an old saying about insanity being the repetition of something while expecting different results, so it’s no wonder people ...
June 18, 2021
Communist China Is Committing Genocide. It’s Time the U.S. Did Something About It.
By Craig Shirley
When one evil empire falls, another will inevitably rise to fill its place.I have worked in the American conservative movement ...
June 08, 2021
Prince Harry, Please for the Love of God Shut Up
By Craig Shirley
There comes a time in every bad comedy when, just as you think the dreadful humor is over with, an ...
May 19, 2021
Biden is the New Jimmy Carter, But He’s Even Worse
By Craig Shirley
If there’s one guarantee in this life, aside from death and taxes, it’s that history really does have a fondness ...
May 16, 2021
Liz Cheney Is a Victim of Silliness, and Silliness Is Not Conservatism
By Craig Shirley
I’ve never been someone to mince words, especially when it comes to defending what I love.I love the American conservative ...
May 08, 2021
For Our Children’s Sake, It’s High Time To Put Arrogant Public Employees In Their Place
By Craig Shirley
Throughout history it’s been the doom of the young to suffer for the folly of the old. There are such ...
April 16, 2021
The Wild West Must Remain Wild….and Free
By Craig Shirley
When Teddy Roosevelt ascended to the presidency after the assassination of William McKinley, a big business GOP political opponent exclaimed ...
September 20, 2020
Foreign Exploitation of America’s Largest Forest Is This Campaign Season’s Sleeper-issue
By Craig Shirley
In many political campaigns, there are the obvious issues candidates run on and then there are the so-called “sleeper” issues ...
August 21, 2020
What Christmas Meant to the Presidents and How They Communicated it
By Craig Shirley
Christmas often seemed to be a bleak affair for George Washington. The misery started when the future president spent his ...
December 24, 2019
The Eponymous Reagan
By Craig Shirley
I was honored several weeks ago to participate in a one-day conference on Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II ...
October 20, 2018
Beautiful Women For a Beautiful Ideology
By Craig Shirley
In mid-June, the Young Women’s Leadership Summit, an annual event of young conservative women will commence in Dallas, the heart ...
June 12, 2018
They're Coming for You, Mark Zuckerberg
By Craig Shirley
This column was co-authored by Scott Mauer.“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I ...
April 24, 2018
The Entitled Kennedys
By Craig Shirley
This column was co-authored by Scott Mauer.By early 1969, Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy had huge shoes to fill. He was ...
April 10, 2018
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