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My Dear Wormwood,

My nephew, please listen to me. This is an important lesson for you to learn.

Let's set aside for a moment the questionable raid of Donald Trump's home, for we will address that criminal behavior later. 


It used to be said – somewhat in jest – the Republican Party was the Stupid party and the Democrats were the Evil party. The evil of the Democratic Party is no longer a joke. No greater case can exist than Roe. The Democrats are for the killing of unborn babies and most sane Republicans are against the murder of defenseless children. 

The Republicans are still the Stupid party; not intellectually, just tactically. Their street theater is awful, especially compared to the Democrats, who can turn out the crowds; they just can't control them. 

The awful sacking nationwide of pro-life centers is people's evidence number one. 

This appalling behavior will backfire in the fall, and Nancy Pelosi, the aged and deceptive woman that she is, has appallingly stayed silent on the carnage being meted out by her violent buddies. We can look forward with glee to another Summer of Hate, where billions are spent to recover and rebuild following the wanton destruction of cities, of churches that are sacked, not to mention the unnecessary deaths. 

There is little solace in a new poll. Forty percent of Democrat men think violence is acceptable if waged against their political opponents. 

Republican border-state governors understand street theater. Sending illegals by bus to Washington, Delaware, and New York has opened the eyes of those who so cavalierly welcome the onus that open borders present to your state, but certainly not mine. But Republicans will need to do more. 

When Cuba was exploding with fervor for freedom and anti-corruption, Republicans should have rented airplanes and dropped morale-raising gifts such as medicine packs and candy on the oppressed people of Havana. 


An opportunity was blown. 

As the border is leaking like a sieve, Republicans, while they can't stop this flood of illegals, should make it work for them. Why not meet them each with a $20 bill and a bus trip to Nancy Pelosi's exclusive, gated community? And teach them how to register Republican?

Lest we forget, this Democratic Party is the party of slavery, war and selling people into captivity. 

If I, Screwtape, was running the Republican Party, I'd sponsor billboards and big signs and skywriting saying "Bidenville" over every bivouac of bums and hobos but also over the decent, hard-working Americans who find themselves unable to meet the rising cost of food, fuel and housing; the growing depressed pockets of Biden's America. 

Recently, the Party of Death exposed its odium when it gathered around John Hinckley after his attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the shooting of three others just doing their jobs, and the killing of Jim Brady. The left was right there to provide legal support. Hinckley should have gone to prison for life, but the vengeful Democrats, including the ultra-leftist Judge Paul Freidman, simply opened doors for him. And now, they participate openly in his ghoulish so-called music tour in New York City. Freidman ought to have his head examined. Is he sane? 

This carnage accelerated after Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter: For which Sanders never admonished or apologized. 

Meanwhile, something else has overcome the liberal Democrats; a form of group psychosis. Their Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project antics in public schools are insane, leading many parents to pull their children out of public in favor of private schools. These are the same parents who liberals call "terrorists" for daring to challenge the NEA over the education of their own children. 


In California, they are actually debating a post-natal abortion bill! And by the way, if you want to kill yourself, well, you know the party to turn to. 

Of the 27 liberals who appallingly voted against protecting the Supreme Court, I'd put together a bill banning lifetime police protection for Democrats. They countenance violence in the streets, and if people die, well, c'est la vie. Just look at the attempted murder of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and the blasé attitude of Democrats. 

Alas, Dear Wormwood, if you are Reagan or Scalise, an unborn or newborn child, or a concerned parent, you don't stand a chance, the Party of Death has you in their sights. On the other hand, Republicans can, if only they will, fight back with the same fervency and street theater that liberals have perfected. 

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