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This column was co-authored by Scott Mauer.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist; Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

This cryptic prose by German pastor Martin Niemoller in the face of Hitler’s National Socialism is poignantly relevant. Switch around the subjects and you’ll get modern America, liberal style.

The United States was founded by intellectuals and enlightened thinkers, following in the footsteps of the likes of John Locke in England, who helped forge the philosophy of the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and so many others, exploding with ideas there in Philadelphia in 1776 and 1787, a veritable sunburst of intellectualism. Through the centuries, there have been highs and lows of intellectual thinkers of both the left and the right. Some predominate, like William F. Buckley, H. L. Mencken, Victor Davis Hanson, Thorstein Veblen and Frank Meyer, but they are relatively few and far between.

Today, America is in deep trouble, for the intellectualism that helped move the country forward is now nearly barred from the public square. Critical thinking is barred from most public discourse. In its wake is a left wing bloated and corrupt education system, a left wing and monopolistic entertainment industry, and a left wing, celebrity-fixated media oligarchy.

And it all starts with the American left. As instructed in Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, the left either destroys or takes over institutions in order to gain control; power. Public education, while providing free schooling to America’s children, is now under the thumb of the left and their labor unions, and our children are not learning, except to mouth leftist bromides. I am reminded of our children's grade school principal, years ago, an unthinking useful idiot, yelling at the Telescreen during the Five Minute Hate, as in the novel, 1984.

The University of California, Berkeley was once a bastion of the Free Speech movement. In 1964, students in support of the Civil Rights movement and against JFK’s Vietnam War marched on campus, holding signs and banners reading “FREE SPEECH” and “STAND FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.” Fifty years later, any prominent conservatives – Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, even firebrand and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos – are met with leftist-inspired fire, riots, and destruction. Graffiti litters the buildings with profanity and death-threats, with a clear intent to shut them down and ban them from speaking. 

The news made headlines across America, but it is hardly an isolated case. All education systems and all colleges have been infiltrated – and we use that word deliberately – by leftists who wish to silence the other half of America. One college in western Maryland, faculty included, was in the midst of civil war, all because the College Republican Club posted conservative quotes on a campus bulletin board. A couple of the quotes maybe crossed lines in tone but not belief, yet both students and staff rallied in an attempt to ban the club, citing hate speech. College students are taught that Republicans should be banned from campus.

From California to Maryland, it’s not a simple prominence of leftist teachers; that is not the problem. It’s a prominence of leftist teachers who believe and teach that only leftist beliefs are valid and acceptable. Allowing and mandating kids to skip school for protest marches crosses a line from education to indoctrination. Will you speak out?

In the American Revolution, Boston was the epicenter of independent thought. Boston is now Ground Zero for left wing anti-intellectualism. Case in point: Elizabeth Warren. Hollywood, too, is ripe with hypocritical beliefs. Now, perhaps we should include California as an epicenter of Orwellian thought. Hollywood is made up of those who applaud pervert Roman Polanski, with a standing ovation, then turn and preach to us about left wing morality. They are the ones with only a handful of prominent older female stars – Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, for example - and then turn and preach to us about equality. They are the ones who have personal, armed bodyguards, yet support restriction on Second Amendment rights for everyone else. Will you speak out?

We barely even have to scratch the media; that story is evident. Turn on CNN or MSNBC, mindless hours criticising President Trump but no news. Lest we forget that CNN unironically and seriously ran articles and headlines saying that he received two scoops of ice cream when others received one. How horrible! Clearly impeachable. Will you speak out?

Left wing control of other institutions is imminent; organized religion, the Pentagon and even the institution of the family are all under siege by the left. Can Facebook be far behind? Is it long before left controlled government is dictating content and control to Facebook? Hiring and firing policy? They already do with many other institutions in our society. Just ask cable TV. The FCC was supposed to only regulate the airwaves, but the bureucrats at the FCC took it upon themselves to write massive regulations, despite being specifically told by the congress to leave cable television alone.

Entertainment, education, the governmental bureaucracy and the media – these institutions make up much of Americans’ daily lives. Americans go to the movies, children learn, we listen to the news, we get directives from local, state and the national bureaucracy. And they are all leftist-prominent if not leftist-run.

When will freedom of expression and freedom of thought be another lost tenet of the United States? It is only a matter of time before they move against Facebook. Facebook has too much power, it grants too much power to the private individual, to be left uncontrolled, undirected and unmolested by the left in America.

When will they will come for Facebook? Will you speak out then or will it be too late?

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