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A Review of Defeating Big Government Socialism

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John Raoux

There is an old proverb which goes, “If the elephants are fighting, the mice at risk but if the elephants are making love, the mice aren’t much safer.”

That is the rough description of the fight we’ve been going through for over 250 years as populist conservatives championing individuality versus the corrupt oligarchy of big government and big corporations.


It goes back to the Whiskey Rebellion when Alexander Hamilton proposed taxing small distilleries more than large distilleries to pay the debts of the various states left over from the revolution.

The Rebellion just proved two things; people really hate taxes, especially unfair ones and even in the early days of the Republic, Washington had begun to acquire sleazy lobbyists.

Newt Gingrich is the next in line after Bill Buckley, Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan as providing rationale and steadiness and reason and more to the conservative intellectual argument we treasure. We honor and revere Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan. We will one day Newt as well. Hopefully not soon and he will be with us for a very long time.

Think of this man’s effect on the national debate. It stretches back to the 1970’s. Fifty years? Who else has had an effect for so long? Henry Clay? Richard Nixon? Eugene Debs? They all fall far short of Newt.

So when he writes a book, people pay attention. After all, he’s written two dozen books, all well received. He reminds one of the old investment commercial. When Gingrich speaks, people listen.

In his newest, Defeating Big Government Socialism, he hits the reader right in the nose right from the beginning saying the United States is in big trouble. Moreover, we will cease to be a free nation.

Think about it. One of this nation’s most important and compelling politicians is forecasting a possible dire end for America if we continue on the Biden path we are currently pursuing. Newt knows from whence he speaks. He been successfully battling corrupt collectivism back to Tip O’Neill and Jim Wright. We had better listen.


And he knows what is like to have valued allies in the fight for freedom like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.

“The core tenants of Big Government Socialism---wealth redistribution, woke thought-policing and dictatorial government control---have become the core tenants of the American Democratic Party.” This is from early in Defeating Big Government Socialism.

Interesting, is this books, he talks about a visit to the US Capitol, now and then. Thirty years ago, it was young, open, energetic with a sense of mission and purpose. Today, it is riddles with guards and barricades and fences. It is dark and dank under Nancy Pelosi, bereft of joy or intelligence. I have had the same experience. It is a terrible place to visit or work. It is an embarrassment and even worse. It is a rathole.

I recall my own experiences in the US Capitol. Years ago, I used to live on Capitol Hill and in the late evening, would jog to the Rotunda. It was hot and sticky in August so to cool down, I’d go inside and walk around. Inside, filled with priceless works of art and statuary, there was but one lonely guard. Can you imagine? Late at night, no magnetometers. No guard dogs.

Gingrich also goes after bureaucracy. Mindless numbing leftist bureaucracy. “The nature of bureaucracy is to become self-protective and to grow constantly without regard to productivity or effectiveness.” In other words, the first rule of the bureaucracy is to defend the bureaucracy.


And how liberals use bureaucracy to halt the free market through excessive taxation and regulation. Liberals always want to build agencies, create excessive staffs, anything they can do to retard our personal freedoms. It is but another way for liberals to acquire power, Raw power.

In the book 1984, Winston’s Smith’s tormenter O’Brian explains it; imagine a man in hobnail boots stomping forever on the face of his victim. This Is what American liberals have in store for all of us. All, like Jacobins, to create a new social order with themselves on top, naturally.

The book is chock full of facts and anecdotes making this but another must reads of Newt. To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, one should fling this right onto one reading list. Quickly.

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