Sat, Jun 30, 2012

John C. Goodman | June 30, 2012

When Barack Obama was a candidate for president, he endorsed universal health insurance, but opposed forcing individuals to buy their own insurance.

Caroline Glick | June 30, 2012

So it works out that Iran's vice president really hates Jews. In fact, he hates Jews so much that even The New York Times reported it. On Tuesday, the Times published an account of Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi's speech before a UN forum on fighting drug addiction in Tehran.

John Ransom | June 30, 2012

Obamcare, when shorn of its Euro-Metro sophistication, is a tax. A really big, fat, ugly tax, with a really big, fat, ugly bureaucracy attached to it. And it keeps the fine folks in D.C. in vittles. But does nothing else. Perfect. Washington. Solution.

Kathryn Lopez | June 30, 2012

I was not alone Thursday morning, thinking about the man who appointed the chief justice, former President George W. Bush. Reading the majority opinion, my mind went to an April morning in 2008, on the West Lawn of the White House.

Jeff Crouere | June 30, 2012

The sky is the limit now for the advocates of more government control. To think that supposed “strict constructionist” Chief Justice John Roberts not only provided the deciding vote in this case, but wrote the decision is quite distressing.

Chris Poindexter | June 30, 2012

While everyone was paying attention to the health care decision in the U.S., European finance ministers inked a new plan to deal with the Euro-zone banking crisis.

Dave Moenning | June 30, 2012

Wall Street traders are nothing if not adaptable. So, it wasn't terribly surprising to see stocks sell off in earnest over the ensuing half hour. It became clear to me that SCOTUS was worth about 9 S&P points.

Steve Deace | June 30, 2012

It was a cold winter day in North Dakota. Personhood USA had just testified before the state senate’s judiciary committee regarding HB 1450, otherwise known as the 2011 personhood bill.

Bob Beauprez | June 30, 2012

For those of us who originally disagreed with ObamaCare and now disagree with the majority opinion of the SCOTUS, the challenge remains the same as it would have been had the Court ruled otherwise. We need to elect Mitt Romney and House and Senate majorities that will repeal ObamaCare.

Night Watch | June 30, 2012

Prime Minister Erdogan said any Syrian military element moving towards the Turkish border and deemed threatening would be declared a military target.

Carl Horowitz | June 30, 2012

In the immediate aftermath of its unfortunate Thursday ruling on the constitutionality of the Obama health care law, it’s easy to forget that the Supreme Court gets things right from time to time. A decision one week earlier, on June 21, was such an occasion. And at least part of the nation’s work force is a little freer for it.

Jeff Carter | June 30, 2012

In the Obamacare system, they aren’t creating one insurance market. They are creating fifty of them. Each state will have it’s own market. That fragmentation will create massive inefficiencies.

Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Larry Kudlow | June 29, 2012

As a non-lawyer, I see the Roberts vote as a massive expansion of federal government taxing power. Just what we don’t need.

Cal Thomas | June 29, 2012

When is a tax not a tax? When President Obama says it isn't, or when the Supreme Court says it is?

Paul Greenberg | June 29, 2012

The only thing sure about decisions out of the Supreme Court of the United States is that you can never be sure about them, Wasn't the swing vote on the court supposed to be that of Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy? Instead, it's Chief Justice John Roberts who wrote yesterday's majority opinion upholding Obamacare, casting the fifth vote in the 5-to-4 decision.

Rich Galen | June 29, 2012

Just about everyone in Washington was wrong about what the Supreme Court would do yesterday on the Obamacare case. Well, we were sort of right but in the end we were wrong.

Hugh Hewitt | June 29, 2012

Originalists will eventually recognize Chief Justice Robert's decision and opinion yesterday as a bit of judicial genius that will be his Marbury v. Madison --the case that at first glance seemed a win for an executive whom the then Chief Justice opposed but which was in reality a huge win for the Court and the original design of the Constitution.

John Hawkins | June 29, 2012

Dear People Crying Racism: We're all friends here, right? All right, maybe we're not.

Thomas Sowell | June 29, 2012

Nowhere is political rhetoric more shameless -- or more dangerous -- than in the pious names that politicians give to the legislation they pass. Perhaps the most egregious example is the so-called "Indian Child Welfare Act," which callously sacrifices the welfare of Indian children.

Michelle Malkin | June 29, 2012

Did you know that President Obama has been incommunicado with Colorado's governor for more than two weeks as the nation's worst wildfires rage across the state? Maybe he thought we were all "doing fine."

Brent Bozell | June 29, 2012

HBO should really try a new slogan for its original programming. Indeed they already had one courtesy of Aaron Sorkin's acid pen in the debut of his ridiculous new series "The Newsroom." That slogan is "Speaking Truth to Stupid."

Jonah Goldberg | June 29, 2012

Why not just cut open a goat and be done with it?

David Limbaugh | June 29, 2012

The Supreme Court's ruling in Obamacare v. the United States of America is yet another body blow to the U.S. Constitution's principle of limited government and the freedom tradition, but there is a major upside.

Mona Charen | June 29, 2012

It has traditionally been liberals, not conservatives, who have looked to the courts to implement their policy preferences. Whether it was racial and sex preferences, abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment or the "rights" of illegal aliens, liberals have attempted to move the country left by judicial fiat.

Neal Boortz | June 29, 2012

Do Americans – do you -- really understand the gravity of what happened in the Supreme Court yesterday? Do you have any idea at all how the power of the Imperial Federal Government of the United States has been exponentially increased?

Scott Rasmussen | June 29, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision that President Obama's health care law is constitutional keeps it alive for now. But it's important to remember that the law has already lost in the court of public opinion. The Supreme Court ruling is a temporary reprieve more than anything else. In March, I wrote that the health care law was doomed even if it survived the court. Looking at the data today, it's hard to draw any other conclusion.

Oliver North | June 29, 2012

It's been a week of big decisions in our nation's capital. The Supreme Court's 5-4 verdict on Obamacare was the biggest story for politicians, pundits and the so-called mainstream media.

Pat Buchanan | June 29, 2012

In 1948, Arthur Schlesinger Sr. wrote for Life magazine a controversial article on a subject that has been the cause of spirited and acrimonious debate ever since. He listed the consensus of our academic elite as to which American presidents had been Great, Near Great, Average, Below Average and Failures.

Suzanne Fields | June 29, 2012

I am woman, hear me whine. With apologies to Helen Reddy, whose "roar" was heard 'round the world from the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972. The new line, replacing roar with whine, hasn't found a place on the 21st century Hit Parade, but we've all heard versions of it. This latest wail was inspired by the latest feminist cause celebre, an Atlantic magazine cover story titled, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All."

Debra J. Saunders | June 29, 2012

I approve. Chief Justice John Roberts has written a cagey political decision upholding Obamacare in order to keep the court from being too politicized. That's a good thing.

Linda Chavez | June 29, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down two decisions this week that cry out for Congressional action.

John Ransom | June 29, 2012

With a sterling stab in the back, the boycott strategy has collapsed with a chorus of loudly ringing “no comments” from the UAW’s King…And by that I mean Bob King, UAW president, not Obama.

Diana West | June 29, 2012

With so many assaults on the boundaries of governance and sovereignty in the news lately, reflecting on the career of writer and Hollywood director Nora Ephron, who died this week at 71, may seem off-topic.

Donald Lambro | June 29, 2012

Do Democrats care about the dismal economy that is now in the fourth year of Barack Obama's jobless presidency?

Gina Loudon | June 29, 2012

The bad news is that the 1% just completed their utter takeover of the nation and Lord help us now.

Rachel Alexander | June 29, 2012

Conservatives are scratching their heads trying to figure out why Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts voted with the four liberal Justices on the Court 5-4 to uphold the constitutionality of the most controversial part of Obamacare.

Fritz Pfister | June 29, 2012

The miscreants in the main stream media know that the reelection chances of their chosen one hinges upon the economy. Therefore they put the most positive spin on every report.

Marita Noon | June 29, 2012

The vast majority of the green energy loan guarantees were given to companies that could not obtain enough financial backing from private investors.

Jeff Carter | June 29, 2012

As I told Rick Santelli of CNBC on the floor yesterday, the EU reminds me of the Black Knight in Monty Python. Parts of the body keep getting cut off and they are bleeding to death.

Trevor Burrus | June 29, 2012

Today, when the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate as an exercise of the taxing power, Chief Justice Roberts’s political acumen and self-proclaimed “judicial minimalism” was on full display. During his confirmation hearing, Roberts famously described his view of justices as “umpires” who should “call balls and strikes.”

Lincoln Brown | June 29, 2012

You must support candidates who believe in and will champion federalism. You must work phone banks and fundraisers and walk neighborhoods. You must write letters to editors and publish your blog wherever you can.

David Sterman | June 29, 2012

International sales growth has been the biggest top-line driver for hundreds -- if not thousands -- of U.S. companies in recent years. Yet it cuts both ways.

Thu, Jun 28, 2012

Kate Hicks | June 28, 2012

John Roberts is not a “traitor to his philosophy.” He is not a liberal. He is, above all else, a very strict originalist, and the Chief Justice of a Court that is acutely aware – and wary – of its role in politics. Understand that his opinion, though certainly not ideal for the Right, contains more good news for conservatives in its pages than it does on its face.

Michael Brown | June 28, 2012

My recent interaction with Facebook confirmed what many have already observed: You can mock Jesus and the Christian faith on Facebook in the crudest and ugliest terms without penalty (as you’ll see in a moment, I do mean “crudest and ugliest”), but if you dare post something that is considered offensive to LGBT members, you could very well be punished.

Steven Aden | June 28, 2012

Over the past few months, the ties between the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood have become more and more evident. Not only was the president initially elected with the strong support of Planned Parenthood officials, but prior to the issuance of the HHS abortion pill mandate, Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards was brought in to advise Obama on how and when to do so. (Since then, Planned Parenthood’s former media director Tait Sye has been selected to serve as a deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at HHS.)

Thomas Sowell | June 28, 2012

If there were a Hall of Fame for political rhetoric, the phrase "social justice" would deserve a prominent place there. It has the prime virtue of political catchwords: It means many different things to many different people.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 28, 2012

President Obama recently issued an edict exempting an estimated 800,000 to 1 million illegal aliens from the consequences of federal immigration law. Ostensibly that blanket amnesty applies to those who arrived before the age of 16 and are younger than 30; who are in, or graduated from, high school or have served in the military; and who have not been convicted of a felony or multiple misdemeanors.

Michael Barone | June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court's decision announced Monday in the Arizona v. United States case opens the way for sensible reform of our immigration laws.

Larry Elder | June 28, 2012

Did the French just elect a self-described socialist who wants to raise taxes on the rich? Yes, they did. Is President Barack Obama asking for four more years with an economic philosophy similar to that of the new French president? Yes, he is.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | June 28, 2012

When the Obama administration decided that it had no interest in preventing the movement of undocumented aliens from Mexico into the southwest United States, the State of Arizona decided to take matters into its own hands. Based on a novel theory of constitutional law, namely, that if a state is unhappy with the manner in which federal law is being enforced or not being enforced, it can step into the shoes of the feds and enforce federal law as it wishes the feds would, it enacted legislation to accomplish that.

Michael Reagan | June 28, 2012

The conservative crowd's clamor for Rubio is beginning to worry me. It could backfire. For one thing, it's setting up Romney for a disaster.

Cal Thomas | June 28, 2012

Throughout America's history, there have been people who denied threats from our enemies. During the Revolutionary War, significant numbers sided with the British monarchy. Enablers in politics, the media and even religion helped Communism remain in power for seven decades in the Soviet Union. German Nazis had their U.S. apologists.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 28, 2012

We declared our independence from Great Britain 236 years ago next week. It was a declaration long in coming, brought about by the overreaching rule of King George III and Britain's insistence on taxation without representation.

John Ransom | June 28, 2012

Thanks to unions a bankruptcy by Stockton, California will make it the largest city to file for bankruptcy protection in U.S. history. Thank God for the unions and Democrats protecting the middle class. Without them, we might have something outrageous like fiscal solvency breaking out.

Steve Chapman | June 28, 2012

When the Supreme Court ventures into the subject of corporate political spending, it has a way of fogging the minds of its critics. Earlier this year, lamenting the infamous 2010 Citizens United decision, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said, "The rights of Vermonters and all Americans to speak to each other and to be heard should not be undercut by corporate spending."

Cliff May | June 28, 2012

At some point this year, President Obama is expected to ask the Senate to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty, known to its critics as LOST. Every living former secretary of state has endorsed LOST. The U.S. Navy is on board. So are many business groups. Can they all be wrong?

Emmett Tyrrell | June 28, 2012

The summer Olympics are upon us, and already they are spoiling things for those of us who like our summers restful and given over to reasonable pageantry, particularly pageantry in London.

Maggie Gallagher | June 28, 2012

What is college really worth?

Bill Tatro | June 28, 2012

By simply measuring goals accomplished, this week’s summit will melt away like all the others, while the Summit will continue to be remembered for its legendary status.

Jeff Carter | June 28, 2012

When the subject of “electronic trading” entered the lexicon of finance, no one planned for HFT. No one could envision HFT. I doubt seriously that anyone can envision where or what the next revolution of electronic trading will be.

Marybeth Hicks | June 28, 2012

Perhaps it was the rash of sexual-abuse cases on the part of public school teachers discovered during the 2011-2012 school year. Or maybe it was the poor impression of educators left by Wisconsin teachers union members in the wake of protests against Gov. Scott Walker.

George Friedman | June 28, 2012

There is little conflict between Russia's and Israel's interests because neither country is nearly as powerful as it would like to be in the region.

Lincoln Brown | June 28, 2012

Soon the bones of would-be faithful members of the party were added to those of the millions of men, women and even children slaughtered by the Khmer Rouge.

Night Watch | June 28, 2012

The overwhelming majority of Taliban attacks are concentrated in the areas of the US surge, the 12 Pashtun provinces of the south and southeast.

Chris Poindexter | June 28, 2012

The trend toward digital cash is just the next evolution of paper currency. That, to me, makes the physical possession of gold and silver all the more attractive.

Paul Tracy | June 28, 2012

In a nutshell, royalty trusts exist for one reason... to take in millions of dollars in royalties and pass that money to investors in the form of distributions.

Mark W. Hendrickson | June 28, 2012

Theoretically, the elemental political choice in a democratic system is between more government or less—more government control over our lives and livelihood, or less; more government spending and programs than the year before, or less; more government power, or less.

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

Ann Coulter | June 27, 2012

Forget executive privilege, contempt of Congress, "fast and furious," how many documents the government has produced and who said what to whom on which date.

Russell Pearce | June 27, 2012

Imagine if the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate in Affordable Care Act tomorrow, but for some reason found that minor provisions such as the tax on tanning salons or the requirement that chain restaurants display caloric content unconstitutional. There is no doubt that President Obama would consider the decisions a resounding victory for his bill. After all, the crux of the debate over the healthcare bill was the individual mandate.

Zachary Gappa | June 27, 2012

My previous piece on health care reforms presented a variety of ways by which doctors and individual consumers might affect positive change in our health care system. Now we must consider the opportunities for insurers and government to play their parts.

Douglas MacKinnon | June 27, 2012

By their own admission, the vast majority of the mainstream media is not only liberal, but often purposely (and unethically) carries water for liberal politicians. Politicians who in reality, almost never have the welfare of the poor in mind.

Ken Connor | June 27, 2012

In his 2007 book Boomsday, Christopher Buckley writes of a fictional future where an overwhelming number of elderly baby boomers are given tax incentives to end their lives early. With recent developments out of Switzerland, Buckley’s tongue-in-cheek novel may prove all-too-prescient.

Susan Stamper Brown | June 27, 2012

Americans love their freedom, so no matter how the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rules on the Democratic Party's Darling, viz a viz, Obamacare, one thing is for sure: Obamacare's days are numbered, should, come November, voters decide to send a president to office who wears big boy pants and is qualified to clean up the mess Democrats have made of healthcare reform.

Wayne Allyn Root | June 27, 2012

Not only do my ex’s live in Texas, but your ex’s, and pretty much everyone else’s ex’s as well. All of America is moving to Texas.

Jeff Jacoby | June 27, 2012

I have a dream, said Martin Luther King in 1963, that someday "on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood." King was a prodigious dreamer, but even he might have found it hard to imagine that thousands of those listening to him that day would live to see a black pastor elected -- unanimously and enthusiastically -- to lead the Southern Baptist Convention.

Thomas Sowell | June 27, 2012

Politicians seem to have a special fondness for words that have two very different meanings, so we are likely to hear a lot of these kinds of words this election year.

Michelle Malkin | June 27, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder's people have no shame. After months of stonewalling, misinformation and petulant disregard for the victims of the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal, President Obama's Justice Department is hiding behind the most despicable race-card demagogues on the planet. "Post-racial" America never looked so bitter, clingy and cowardly.

John Stossel | June 27, 2012

I'm scared. I fear that even if the Supreme Court overrules most of Obamacare (or did already, by the time you read this), Republicans will join Democrats in restoring "good" parts of the law, like the requirement that insurance companies cover kids up to age 26 and every American with a pre-existing condition.

Walter E. Williams | June 27, 2012

In President Barack Obama's 2012 State of the Union address, he said that "higher education can't be a luxury. It is an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford." Such talk makes for political points, but there's no evidence that a college education is an economic imperative. A good part of our higher education problem, explaining its spiraling cost, is that a large percentage of students currently attending college are ill-equipped and incapable of doing real college work. They shouldn't be there wasting their own resources and those of their families and taxpayers. Let's look at it.

Brent Bozell | June 27, 2012

Though the Supreme Court overturned much of the Arizona law, just not the part the liberals and their media friends loathed the most, it wasn't hard to predict the networks would once again line up with the amnesty lobby. ABC's Diane Sawyer mourned "the most inflammatory part of the law" was upheld.

Jonah Goldberg | June 27, 2012

It's a sure sign someone is losing when he demands that the rules be changed.

Michael Medved | June 27, 2012

Are you willing to spend $2,675 a month to support the federal government? Would you choose to invest $32,100 every year to pay for the services Washington provides for you?

Michael Brown | June 27, 2012

We hear it from gay activists day and night, “This is about marriage equality. We believe in marriage for all.” In reality, what most of these activists want is a redefinition of marriage that suits them alone. For the rest, they want anything but equality.

Terry Jeffrey | June 27, 2012

President Barack Obama, occupant of the bully pulpit, set aside the past month to celebrate a most peculiar thing.

Ben Shapiro | June 27, 2012

"There is no good government but what is republican," John Adams wrote. "(T)he very definition of a republic is 'an empire of laws, and not of men.'"

John Ransom | June 27, 2012

Not surprisingly, given the desperate times for unions, the UAW is relying on an appeal to racism in the south- one of the only tricks left in the liberal bag- in order to exploit African-American workers at the Nissan plant in Canton, MS

Austin Bay | June 27, 2012

The boy cried "Wolf." Turkey's Prime Minister cried "NATO!"

Paul Greenberg | June 27, 2012

Executive Privilege. It's a constitutional principle but it might as well be an old dance, the steps are so familiar.

Rachel Marsden | June 27, 2012

As European leaders meet this week in an attempt to once again shoo reality away from the continent's respirator, countries outside the European Union are making it increasingly clear that they'll have no role in prolonging the charade.

Donald Lambro | June 27, 2012

The Supreme Court has laid down a few hard rules about what states can and can't do to deal with the wave of illegal immigrants within their borders. But the issue remains murkier than ever because Congress can't agree on needed reforms.

Jacob Sullum | June 27, 2012

Pity the poor speech regulators at the Federal Communications Commission, who are charged with sifting through complaints about TV and radio programs in a farcical attempt to determine which references to "sexual or excretory organs or activities" are "patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium."

Peter Ferrara | June 27, 2012

On June 14, President Obama announced his economic plan to finally bring economic recovery and growth to the U.S. in a much ballyhooed address in Cleveland. He threw down the gauntlet to Mitt Romney on the issue, saying "more than anything else, this election presents a choice between two fundamentally different visions of how to create strong sustained growth; how to pay down our long term debt; and most of all, how to generate good, middle-class jobs...."

David Sterman | June 27, 2012

Over the years, I've been tracking insider buying and noticed that the buying lists are no longer dominated by company executives but instead by these big-time fund managers that build major positions in a stock.

Paul Howard | June 27, 2012

No matter what the Supreme Court decides tomorrow, Congress will have to revisit Obamacare’s fundamentally flawed structure. But instead of trying to solve all of our health care woes at a single stroke, Congress should carefully examine what the most pressing shortcomings of the health care system actually are, address those with common sense reforms, and then free the states to innovate.

Bill Tatro | June 27, 2012

Over a year ago, I called for the 10-year Treasury to break 2%. My prognostication was challenged, ridiculed, and downright laughed at.

Night Watch | June 27, 2012

Turkey has no intention of going to war in response to its F-4 Phantom jet being shot down by Syria on 22 June, according to Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc on the 25th.

Chris Poindexter | June 27, 2012

You might have noticed that gold was up sharply while your 401(k) plan was taking another epic beating. While nothing like the great crash of 2007/2008, your equity investments are reflecting the general slowdown in the global economy.

Ralph Benko | June 27, 2012

President Obama’s re-election strategy will be predicated on blaming the economic stagnation on George W. Bush, and, thus, the GOP, my colleagues Frank Cannon and Jeff Bell persuasively argued recently in The Weekly Standard. Cannon and Bell are right. And, that said, Bush’s fiscal policies were not the culprit.

Marvin Olasky | June 27, 2012

I went to two New York City churches on the last Sunday morning of May: First a Christian one, then the American Museum of Natural History, a towering steeple within the Church of Darwin.

Jeff Carter | June 27, 2012

The government stimulus had a multiplier effect of 0. It did nothing for job growth or GDP growth in the US. Combine the inefficiency of US fiscal policy with the continued implosion of Europe, and you have a world wide malaise.

James Hyerczyk | June 27, 2012

While bullish speculators are celebrating the return of the bull market to U.S. agricultural markets, consumers will likely feel this surge later in the year in the form of higher food prices, particularly meat and cereal.

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

Brian Birdnow | June 26, 2012

Last week the Associated Press reported, in breathless tones, the fact that the Pentagon has officially recognized June as Gay Pride month, and will host a “celebration” on June 26th, saluting gay service personnel, just as they sponsor events honoring specific racial or ethnic groups. The AP, naturally, considers this a “…remarkable sign of change”, which is to say a significant advance in military thinking, and the tone of the article is accordingly triumphant.

Tony Katz | June 26, 2012

Not be be eclipsed by New York Mayor-Nanny Bloomberg and his proposed limit on soda serving sizes, Los Angeles Councilman (Nanny-In-Training) Mitch Englander is trying to banish soda from vending machines in LA parks and libraries. In a city with a $222 million budget shortfall, it's good to know that Councilman Englander has his, and LA's, priorities straight.

Frank Gaffney | June 26, 2012

Egypt’s newly elected president, Mohammed Morsi, says he will be a “leader for all Egyptians.” That sounds a lot like the sorts of lies his fellow Muslim Brothers have been telling for months, only to renege on them when they can. We ignore the true character and ambitions of the Brotherhood – in Egypt, elsewhere in the Mideast, in the wider world and here – at our extreme peril.

Alan Sears | June 26, 2012

Gold is valuable because of its singularity and its scarcity. It is singular in that it is gold and there’s nothing like it, and of course it’s scarce because of where it’s located and the struggles that must be undertaken to reach it. Because of these factors, we buy gold bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Some investors even buy gold bars and coins, as there is intrinsic value in the genuine article.

Carrie Lukas | June 26, 2012

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels announced that he will become the president of Purdue University when he leaves office in January. While fans of the cost-cutting governor had hoped he would set his eyes on a different president, the announcement should be welcome news to students and taxpayers alike. One of the nation’s most successful, reform-minded executive can now play a role in reinventing higher education.

John Hawkins | June 26, 2012

America is on track to go bankrupt. Just like Greece. The signs are all around us.

Thomas Sowell | June 26, 2012

Since this is an election year, we can expect to hear a lot of words -- and the meaning of those words is not always clear. So it may be helpful to have a glossary of political terms.

Chuck Norris | June 26, 2012

A Boy Scouts of America national board member, James Turley, who is also global chairman and CEO of the accounting firm Ernst & Young, recently said he "will work from within to seek a change" to overturn the BSA policy that bans gay Scouts and leaders. But is Turley working on his own initiative, or has the White House prodded him with perks and favors?

David Limbaugh | June 26, 2012

One advantage of defeating Barack Obama in November, apart from saving the country from financial ruin and the rest, is that conservatives will presumably be able to criticize liberal policies again without automatically being accused of racism.

Mona Charen | June 26, 2012

Anne-Marie Slaughter's eye-catching Atlantic article, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All," is being greeted with a certain reverse snobbery. We've been reminded that the choices and challenges of women with advanced degrees are hardly typical and not the sort of thing that should divert us from the problems of the middle class.

Cal Thomas | June 26, 2012

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- Regardless of how the Supreme Court rules on the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (this was written before the decision), the Obama administration has indicated it will move forward with those parts of the unpopular law it can impose on the country.

Dennis Prager | June 26, 2012

Why do gay groups label everyone who supports retaining the man-woman definition of marriage as people filled with hate?

Pat Buchanan | June 26, 2012

Sixteen months after the United States abandoned its loyal satrap of 30 years, President Hosni Mubarak, to champion democracy in Egypt, the returns are in.

Debra J. Saunders | June 26, 2012

President Barack Obama hailed the Supreme Court's 5-3 decision Monday that struck down most of Arizona's 2010 immigration law.

Paul Greenberg | June 26, 2012

The most depressing development in American education this week, although you surely have your own nomination for that distinction, might have been one right here in little old Little Rock.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 26, 2012

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, a good friend of the Constitution and We the People, has sent President Obama a powerful letter co-signed by 20 senators.

Paul Driessen | June 26, 2012

Poor countries are slowly catching on that these UN events are little more than neo-colonialist, eco-imperialist schemes to control and restrict economic development – and poor families are beginning to realize they won’t get a dime from these sustainability pledges or derive any tangible benefits from the green schemes.

Bill Murchison | June 26, 2012

Arizona's grasp of constitutional niceties may be imperfect according to U.S. Supreme Court standfasts, but the state's attempt to wrestle with the immigration conundrum deserves more respect than jurists and commentators are willing to assign it.

Hal Scherz | June 26, 2012

The entire country is anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court decision, which will determine what comes next for healthcare.

Robert Knight | June 26, 2012

Out here in Amish country, an island of tranquility amid America’s frenetic culture, news of the titanic power struggle over ObamaCare in Washington seeps in like unwanted flotsam. You catch glimpses of it when tourists check their iPhones or overhear people talking about it over their shoofly pie and coffee.

Jeff Carter | June 26, 2012

The French are going to make it extremely hard to fire anyone. The are going to increase the costs. What does that mean? It means no one will get hired.

Bill Tatro | June 26, 2012

Here we were, once again, in the same position that we’ve found ourselves in for the past four years, since the credit crisis of 2008.

Chris Poindexter | June 26, 2012

At this point, it’s hard to imagine that currency policy could be much more help to gold prices.

Bob Beauprez | June 26, 2012

The evidence that Obama is out of touch is overwhelming, and in the middle of a re-election campaign that is almost totally about the economy, it is hard for him to make a convincing argument that "I feel your pain" if he doesn't even believe any pain exists.

Dave Moenning | June 26, 2012

It certainly feels like "déjà vu all over again" right now as we're seeing the same pattern and the same issues/concerns, all at exactly the same time for the third year in a row.

David Sterman | June 26, 2012

I'm undeterred because I know I own a basket of compelling long-term opportunities and expect my patience to be rewarded -- handsomely.

Armstrong Williams | June 26, 2012

In 1993 Islamic terrorists launched an war on America. With a Rider Truck bomb, they attacked in the heart of NYT, trying to topple the World Trade Center. They were led by a terrorist know as the Blind Sheik, the head of Gamaa Islamiya, an Islamic extremist terrorist organization based in Egypt, who was orchestrating a wave of attacks trying to blow up major landmarks.

Gina Loudon | June 26, 2012

There are upwards of 20 million people enjoying what they are told are "free Obama phones”. The rest of us are forced to subsidize the Volksphone through hidden taxes assessed by the Obama Federal Communications Commission (FCC), through the universal service fund.

Mon, Jun 25, 2012

Byron York | June 25, 2012

Mitt Romney's main argument for his presidential candidacy is that if voters want a leader who can fix the economy, they should elect someone who knows and understands -- and likes -- business.

Michael Gerson | June 25, 2012

Fights between Congress and the executive branch over access to information are a staple of American politics. Every president will prefer less disclosure about the messy internal processes of his administration. Congressional investigators suspecting scandal prefer more.

Michael Brown | June 25, 2012

My recent article, Mitt Romney Is Not the Answer, generated an unusually high number of personal emails along with some fascinating comments.

Rich Galen | June 25, 2012

The long-awaited decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (which we here, in Your Nation's Capital, refer to as SCOTUS) on Obamacare is due to be handed down this week.

Paul Jacob | June 25, 2012

Not everything proclaimed a lie is a lie, Geppetto. Sometimes a wooden nose is just a nose.

Michael Barone | June 25, 2012

As Barack Obama's lead over Mitt Romney in the polls narrows, and his presumed fundraising advantage seems about to become a disadvantage, it's alibi time for some of his backers.

Star Parker | June 25, 2012

One area that awareness of the need for freedom from government control has penetrated black attitudes is in education. The chronic failure of public schools to notably improve dismal test scores and high dropout rates of black children has made it clear to many black citizens of good will that there has got to be a better way.

Mike Adams | June 25, 2012

For decades, Democrats have had success in portraying Republicans as being a party of older white males. They have often portrayed us as insensitive to the needs of our weakest citizens – most notably women and children. Recently, President Obama played the latter card as he announced a new policy on illegal immigration. He predicated his announcement of amnesty for the children of illegal aliens by saying we are a “better nation” than one that deports innocent children. For a moment, I thought he said we were a “better nation” than one that aborts innocent children. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Katie Kieffer | June 25, 2012

Drones are a smart way to start a trend on Twitter; D.C.-area drivers tweeted feverishly when they mistook the Navy’s X-47B drone traveling on a flatbed truck for a UFO. But the way President Obama employs drones is unconstitutional and therefore dumb with a capital ‘D.’

Lisa De Pasquale | June 25, 2012

He had one of the best TV character names of all time. No, not that one. The other one – “Bob Loblaw.”

Bruce Bialosky | June 25, 2012

My introduction to Dennis Prager took place in 1981, at a synagogue in Reno, Nevada. There we were – a group of grown men huddled around a tape player – listening to a recording of a guy who was principally known to Angelinos through his local radio show called “Religion on the Line.” Dennis has raised his profile a good bit since then, and he has done much to change the world in the process.

John Ransom | June 25, 2012

“No offense Homer,” Bart Simpson told his dad, “your half-assed-under-parenting was a whole lot better than your half-assed-over-parenting.” And so it goes with the boys from Harvard in the White House.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 25, 2012

Several years ago I came across a well-written book that outlined a step-by-step process for personal change. The book, Change Or Die, actually explored the psychology of change. The author, Alan Deutschman, helped me to focus several important health changes in my personal life. I chose to “Change”, not “Die.”

Brian Darling | June 25, 2012

Coming this summer: a national debate on the “Thurmond Rule.”

Dan Holler | June 25, 2012

Instead of tensely waiting for the Supreme Court’s opinion on the constitutionality of Obamacare, let’s survey the political and legislative landscape for the next round of Washington absurdities.

Chris Poindexter | June 25, 2012

The chief reason behind downward gold prices seems to be deflation. As the world struggles with a global recession and slowdown in manufacturing, commodity prices across the board are taking a beating.

Morgan Brittany | June 25, 2012

You have great shows that are serious and well-thought out, well written and well acted like the CSI franchise, NCIS and others, and then you have the inane, stupid, degrading reality shows that expose the lowest common denominator in our society. That's what the MSM has become. The lowest.

Mark Calabria | June 25, 2012

Perhaps the most compelling evidence to me is that most of the really bad features of our financial regulatory system were the result of lobbying efforts by small banks. Such disasters as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Banks, the FDIC, or restrictions on branch-banking (thankfully now gone) all came about from the demands of small banks.

Michael F. Cannon | June 25, 2012

In a free market, people spend their own money. At Medicare, Berwick spent, and ObamaCare continues to spend, other people’s money.

Jeff Carter | June 25, 2012

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the two signature elements of the Obama administration were both ruled unconstitutional? Further irony is that Obama was a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. Too bad he didn’t learn anything about the Constitution and only concentrated on civil rights.

Shawn Mitchell | June 25, 2012

Some clever people today say the Constitution is outdated. It was designed for a small, simple society. Our modern world needs something more complex. This claim is curious, both as a matter of observable history and of theory.

Bob Beauprez | June 25, 2012

Over the next decade the food stamp program is expected to cost $770 billion – yes, about the same size as the Obama Stimulus – and devour 78% of the entire spending of the farm bill, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Chris Edwards | June 25, 2012

It turns out that state and local governments in the United States are not $2.5 trillion in debt as previously reported, but $3 trillion in debt.

Janet Mefferd | June 25, 2012

American conservatives have borne the brunt of several gut punches in the last few weeks over the issue of legalizing so-called homosexual marriage.

Sun, Jun 24, 2012

Jeff Jacoby | June 24, 2012

When Senator Scott Brown turned down an invitation to debate Elizabeth Warren at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston, did he shrewdly avoid a trap? Or did he foolishly blow an opportunity?

Salena Zito | June 24, 2012

Standing behind the cash register of a Wawa store, a young man handing change to a customer was distracted by Mitt Romney’s “Believe in America — Every Town Counts” campaign bus arriving outside. “He’s here! He came here!” the young man shouted, grinning from ear to ear.

Marita Noon | June 24, 2012

Tuesday’s hearing is one of the latest attacks on the loan guarantee program that have intensified since the public collapse of Solyndra drew attention to the department’s policies. The story is much bigger than Solyndra and wider than the DOE.

Doug Giles | June 24, 2012

What these little 666s did to this passive, sweet lady—ultimately bringing her to tears—was truly disgusting.

Derek Hunter | June 24, 2012

There’s desperation. Then there’s the Obama-Biden re-election campaign’s fundraising operation.

Austin Hill | June 24, 2012

Hey AARP, and AMA – where did you lose your souls? And where does the iron fist of President Obama end – and where does your influence begin?

Debra J. Saunders | June 24, 2012

The important question to ask about Attorney General Eric Holder is: Whom does he protect and whom does he pursue?

John Ransom | June 24, 2012

I don’t portray all environmental activists as privileged, hypocritical liberals. I portray some as non-privileged, hypocritical liberals, just to be fair and balanced.

Rich Tucker | June 24, 2012

Each year, it seems, politicians declare that the upcoming election will be make-or-break for the future of the country.

Ed Feulner | June 24, 2012

We all know how the Obama administration likes to portray the auto bailout: A generous infusion of money enabled the government to save General Motors and Chrysler. Jobs that would otherwise have disappeared were rescued by this taxpayer-funded largesse. It was expensive, but we had no choice.

Steve Chapman | June 24, 2012

Americans often buy guns for self-defense, a purpose that now has Supreme Court validation. But according to advocates of gun control, those purchasers overlook the people who pose the greatest threat: themselves.

Alan Sears | June 24, 2012

For a while, advocates pushing for the redefinition of marriage did so from behind closed doors, and in a manner that all but guaranteed their efforts could not be traced back to them. In time, however, they began pushing for redefinition in the light, but always with the careful use of a specific lexicon that allowed them to state what they wanted to accomplish while simultaneously not stating it in concrete terms.

Mark Baisley | June 24, 2012

Like his predecessor of 1972, it will not be Obama’s friends’ bad behavior; but, rather his response that will reveal the President’s measure of integrity.

Jeff Carter | June 24, 2012

Smarteys is a Chicago based start up run by two women that happen to be minorities. A lot of people in the start up world worry that there aren’t enough women or minorities entering it, but Adrissha and Charisse took the plunge.

Tad DeHaven | June 24, 2012

Now that it appears that the Senate bill won’t be going down in flames, here’s the big question: Will the more conservative House go along with the taxpayer-funded farm pig out?

Michael Tanner | June 24, 2012

Instead of increasing government spending in hopes of stimulating the economy, as Krugman has urged, the Estonians rejected Keynesianism in favor of genuine austerity.

Michael Youssef | June 24, 2012

The blog posts that I write are not intended to be pastoral in nature; they are written on behalf of a for-profit entity and don't represent any of the ministries I'm associated with. Nonetheless, religion and politics sometimes intersect, and it's inevitable that my writing will sometimes reflect that intersection.

Night Watch | June 24, 2012

What is increasingly certain is that the Brotherhood will not be allowed to govern Egypt by the current military leadership. The Saudis appear to be responsible for stiffening the spine of the SCAF.

Jerry Bowyer | June 24, 2012

Here’s a radical idea worth contemplating: that school is not the best way to learn.

Bob Beauprez | June 24, 2012

The White House and much of the media tried to explain away the preposterous "doing fine" statement as simply a gaffe. Later that same day, the President tried to explain what he really meant, and over the weekend his surrogates were in major damage control mode. It didn't work.