Bill Bunkley

President Barack Obama has demonstrated, once again, that he is an amateur who has no problem battering and bruising the U. S. Constitution in order to win four more years for his “Dismantle America” tour. He is single-handedly making a mockery of our foundational document. Question is: Will he get away with it?

The latest episode of Obama’s “Believe It Or Not” presidency is a reckless, self-serving move to pander to yet another special interest group he polls well with: Hispanic Americans.

The president decreed that by executive order he would not deport certain children of illegal aliens. It was part of his proposed “Dream Act.” This same president explained a year ago he had no such power to make a unilateral move without Congress.

He was against the move before he was for it.

So what changed?

Political expediency changed—reckless political expediency to be sure.

And what triggered the John Kerry moment?

A freshman senator by the name of Marco Rubio.

A U. S. senator who is not only a leading Hispanic on the short list to be Mitt Romney’s pick for vice-president, but a senator who was on the verge of announcing a counter proposal to Obama’s Dream Act.

The details of the much anticipated plan by Senator Rubio was in a holding pattern pending release of his just written memoir, “An American Son.” In it Rubio chronicles the journey of his parents and grandparents from communist Cuba and growing up in their world adjusting to life and work in America. Faith, family and hard work are woven through this extraordinary story of immigrants coming to America and making it. His parents’ dedication and support for young Rubio’s success lies at the heart of the senator’s perspective in dealing with the challenges of children of immigrants—be they legal or illegal.

The rising Senator and the positive attention he’s been getting is one of Team Obama’s primary concerns. They have been watching, polling and discussing his influence among Hispanic voters for months.

So before Marco Rubio could fully launch his new book and utilize that momentum to discuss his plan for the children of illegals, the Obama camp made a preemptive strike—hoping to siphon off any significant momentum that Rubio could build with the Hispanic base.

With an important Hispanic gathering coming up this week in Orlando that both the President and Mitt Romney (and Marco Rubio) will be speaking at, the president’s handlers decided it was time to make their move.

Bill Bunkley

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