John Hawkins
No matter how unfairly you're treated specifically because you're a white male, a Christian, a conservative, or a Republican, very few people are going to accept the idea that you're a victim. That may be unfair, but on the whole, it's a good thing. America is already awash in people who falsely believe they're victims and it's not a pretty sight to see: the blaming, the whining, the mediocrity, the sea of jackasses who believe their horrific behavior is justified because they're "victims." It’s time they learned that they’re not victims in any real sense.

1) 99% of the "victims" of "racism": It's not as if there aren't any racists anymore. They exist and occasionally do bigoted things to people. But for every victim of racism, there are 99 victims of "racism" who are using it as a shield to deflect criticism or explain their failures. In fact, we've gone so far over the top that false accusations of racism undoubtedly do a lot more harm than real bigotry. In truth, the reason people falsely cry "racism" so much is BECAUSE the American people oppose bigotry. A hundred years ago, when Democrats in the KKK were running wild and murdering black Republicans, calling someone a racist might IMPROVE their chances of getting elected. That's not so anymore. This isn't the sixties. Democrats like Bull Connor and George Wallace aren't persecuting black Americans. The KKK is a joke. Pathetically, in an effort to make themselves feel important, this leads to race hustlers trying to turn criticism they receive into the equivalent of being forced to drink at a different water fountain because of their skin color. They want to be part of a civil rights struggle that's already over as opposed to the beneficiaries of real heroes whom they'll never have the opportunity to match in modern America. Speaking of our President...

John Hawkins

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