Jeff  Carter

Still don’t have internet, typed this at a Starbucks($SBUX) on a Saturday because today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. Supposedly getting internet on Monday afternoon.

Get Dad this calendar for next year.

Does Dad need a caddy for golf?

The first amendment is under a concerted attack in the US.

Happy Greek Election day. If they leave the Euro they are screwed. Elect a communist and I hope they get screwed.

If you aren’t following @lakefrntliberal on Twitter you should. Typical, “I am not interested in a vacation involving Greece. At this point it makes me look cheap. #Aspen”.

Reading this article energized me. #beonfire.

Does Dad need a new Apple($AAPL) computer?

Brian Lund says this was the best on Stocktwits this week.

Does Dad scream at you to turn out the lights? Alternative billing leads to alternative economic solutions.

You should go to Google ($GOOG) and buy Dad a driverless car. Robot chauffeur.

It’s not your Daddy’s Republican party. Molds are being broken.

Jeff Carter

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