Nathan Slaughter

The naysayers about the natural gas revolution are flat wrong. And they're especially wrong about one of the most important companies in this space. Those with the guts to call them out and invest in the natural gas revolution stand to make a killing.

Let me explain...

If you visit regularly, then you know I've called the natural gas revolution "The Biggest Story in Energy." And thanks to the financial crisis, the ensuing recession, and a glut of storage and supply during the past few years, natural gas prices are near historic lows.

But investors need to keep one thing in mind. Natural gas prices are starting to perk up, and the long term future for this commodity (as a fuel for power, transportation and export) looks bright, leading me to recently announce that "Now is the Time to Invest in Natural Gas."

There's just one problem: One of the heaviest-hitters in this space is caught in a firestorm of controversy. That's leading many investors to question whether this company is worth an investment.

Let me be clear: It is, without question.

Sure, the company is catching a lot of bad press right now, and some changes may need to be made. And while nothing is a sure thing, I'm telling my Scarcity & Real Wealth readers that I think it's one of the single best ways to profit from the natural gas revolution.

Nathan Slaughter

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