Ken Connor

As the controversy over President Obama's birth control mandate continues to rage at the national level, lawmakers in Connecticut are making news with their recent determination that elective abortion is an “essential health benefit” and must therefore be covered under all insurance plans developed according to the new guidelines established by Obamacare. According to Jennifer Gaff of the group Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, “this issue is favorably resolved for all women now in Connecticut. . . . Stripping women of elective abortions is not a tenable option."

Setting aside for the time being the troubling fact that Ms. Gaff seems to view pregnancy through the lens of “chronic illness,” it extremely presumptuous to assert that “all women” in Connecticut are pleased with the outcome of these deliberations. The underlying assumption, of course, is that pro-life women are betrayers of their sex – deluded, backwards holy rollers willing to sacrifice women's rights on the altar of an outmoded, misogynistic worldview. In reality, however, what Connecticut officials have decided to promote amounts to government subsidization of "murder in utero." Any way you slice it, abortion involves the killing of an unborn child – a child who is in every way unique and distinct from his or her mother. Euphemisms like "essential health benefit" do not change the reality of what is being funded, nor justify the state's willingness to enlist the taxpayers as unwitting abettors in this grisly scheme.

One would think that “open-minded” Connecticut liberals would appreciate and respect the personal beliefs of their fellow citizens when it comes to the highly controversial issue of abortion, but this is clearly not the case. Individual conscience be damned, the people in power control the purse strings, and those people are ideologically guided by the abortion industry. As a result, the weight of the state and its resources are being employed in service of a practice that fully 50% of Americans believe is morally wrong. In deciding to declare elective abortion “an essential health benefit” carte blanche, the government of Connecticut is sending the message they they don't really care what their citizens think. They are the ones in charge and they know best, and that's that.

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.