John Ransom

Ken5061 wrote: Nixon would make ten Obamas. Nixon did a lot of good things and not many bad, that I saw. Obama has done a lot of bad things and not many good, that I have seen. Nixon was hated by the press for fighting communists. Maybe that colors your input.- Watergate at 40: Obama is the Democrats’ Nixon

Dear Ken,

The column isn’t about how the two are dissimilar. It’s about their similarities.

Granted Nixon did some good things and he was hated by the press.  

But Nixon wasn’t just hated by the press.

He was also very much hated by his peers.

That was in large part because he was deeply flawed, insecure man who kept a list of enemies, just like Obama does.

While Nixon was a brilliant man, the personal and national tragedy of Nixon was that he made poor use of such great gifts.

Few people, including the press, like Obama actually. They think he’s too cool, too reserved, too haughty and too eager to hog the stage. They subordinate those feelings for the good of their agenda, but it’s there below the surface. That’s one of the reasons why Democrats and some members of the media have practically relished the chance to break with Obama.    

For Obama, the bottom line is that he has been given great opportunities. The personal and national tragedy of Obama is that he has made poor use of such opportunities.

John Ransom

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