Sat, May 12, 2012

John C. Goodman | May 12, 2012

Because they do not seem to have any real solutions to real problems, the leftwing in this country has become fixated on a non-problem: inequality.

Wayne Allyn Root | May 12, 2012

I've said for years that the mainstream media doesn't report the news...they report the news that fits their storyline. Well as Ronald Reagan might say, "There you go again." Tuesday was one of the darkest days in American political history for a sitting President. And, as usual, the biased mainstream media decided not to cover it.

Ken Blackwell | May 12, 2012

Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of an embattled Great Britain on May 10, 1940. At last, his political exile was over.

Michael Brown | May 12, 2012

We know the story well: Barack Obama was for same-sex “marriage” (1996) before he was against it (2004) before he was for it (2012), although in 2008, he was apparently for it and against it (although mainly against it).

John Ransom | May 12, 2012

Disability is serving as a backstop to unemployment insurance for the Obama administration. When unemployment insurance runs out, the unemployed are using disability insurance by claiming “’difficult-to- verify disorders,’” including muscle pain and mental illness.”

Paul Greenberg | May 12, 2012

In the fall of 1983 in Moscow, we came in from the cold. Ending our tour of what was then the Soviet Union, a group of editorial writers from across the United States stepped on American soil for the first time in three weeks. Our reception that night was at the U.S. Embassy. We were free. Back home. Oh, Freedom!

Kyle Olson | May 12, 2012

When Detroit Public Schools were assigned an emergency financial manager by the state, we thought he would have the power to turn things around, more or less, with a snap of his fingers.

Ed Feulner | May 12, 2012

Who should be in charge of your health care – you, or the government? That, in a nutshell, is what the debate over Obamacare is about. True health care reform is needed. Unfortunately, the president’s signature law is the wrong medicine. Which is why, if the Supreme Court affirms that the law is unconstitutional and overturns it, we shouldn’t consider the problem solved. Not at all.

Lincoln Brown | May 12, 2012

Unless you receive your internet via the mail or something, the news has no doubt hit your browser that Scottish researchers at St. Andrews University are postulating that dino gas was responsible for the end of the terrible lizards.

Jeff Carter | May 12, 2012

Run correctly and transparently, markets are some of the greatest truth detectors known to mankind. It’s not like market pros were in the dark about the big trader in London.

Mark W. Hendrickson | May 12, 2012

The election of Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande to the presidency of France epitomizes the sorry state of contemporary democracy. By that, I don’t mean to imply that the French people should have voted for the incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy. Neither would be capable of solving France’s intractable problems in a way acceptable to French voters, nor are the problems with democracy unique to France.

Steve Deace | May 12, 2012

Speculation is already swirling about whom Mitt Romney will select for his running mate.

Night Watch | May 12, 2012

The dispute over claims to islands and waters in the South China Sea shows no signs of easing. The Chinese warning coincided with the announcement of an increase in US Navy deployments to the Philippines.

Doug French | May 12, 2012

Chinese economic growth has exploded on the shakiest of financial systems, Carl E. Walter and Fraser J.T. Howie point out in Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China's Extraordinary Rise.

Phil Kerpen | May 12, 2012

With the increasingly likelihood that Obama's health care law will be struck down in court or repealed next Congress, the administration has been working hard to cement another dubious legacy: the destruction of the coal industry.

Byron Babione | May 12, 2012

On May 9, Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to openly support a redefinition of marriage. By so doing, he demonstrated that he doesn’t understand the public purpose of marriage and that he isn’t beyond politicizing every institution—even sacred ones—for personal gain.

Bill Tatro | May 12, 2012

Daily, the clarion call is buy, buy, buy!

Douglas MacKinnon | May 12, 2012

As much as most in Hollywood bow, kneel, and even weep in joy before their Messiah Barack Obama, they are not doing him any favors of late with the release and massive viewing of first, The Hunger Games and now, The Avengers.

Chris Poindexter | May 12, 2012

The Cirque de Europe will almost certainly roll up on our shores, but the U.S. has been able to absorb the bad news so far, but it’s not going to last.

Fri, May 11, 2012

Oliver North | May 11, 2012

WASHINGTON -- Last week, this column described a deadly suicide attack by the Haqqani network on a secure compound outside Kabul, Afghanistan, and the failure of NATO officials to heed human intelligence that might have saved lives. I wrote, "The intel provided included information on how to precisely locate the terrorists. When I asked why the attack wasn't prevented, I was told: 'It was HUMINT. Nobody pays attention to HUMINT.'"

Scott Rasmussen | May 11, 2012

When relationships go bad, an early warning sign is that one side doesn't really hear what the other is saying. That's certainly the case today in the relationship between voters and America's political class.

Crystal Wright | May 11, 2012

“Losing it” should be President Obama’s re-election slogan. In trying to clean up after loose lips Vice-President Joe Biden’s gay marriage fumble, President Obama looks like the master of an undisciplined operation that should be dubbed clueless in the White House.

Rich Galen | May 11, 2012

When Joe Biden was selected by Barack Obama to be his Vice Presidential running mate I was thrilled. I thought "If Obama wins, Biden's propensity to trip over his own tongue will provide enough material to write two columns a week." I would only have to earn the third column. For the most part, darn it, Biden has behaved himself and hasn't been the loose-lipped fool he has been since he was first elected to the U.S. Senate from Delaware when he was 29 years old.Biden made up for all of that this past weekend when he proclaimed his support for gay marriage on "Meet the Press".

Tony Katz | May 11, 2012

Proving wrong the leaders of the Progressive movement and the MSM, the Tea Party has rocked the political establishment by driving Republican Richard Mourdock to a primary victory in Indiana over 36 year incumbent Richard Lugar.

Armstrong Williams | May 11, 2012

Thales of Miletus, considered one of the first philosophers, said, that hope is the most abundant thing in the world, because even when you have absolutely nothing, hey, at least you still have hope.

Victor Davis Hanson | May 11, 2012

Sometimes a trivial embarrassment can become a teachable moment. It was recently revealed that Harvard professor and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren had self-identified as a Native American for nearly a decade -- apparently to enhance her academic career by claiming minority status. Warren, a blond multimillionaire, could not substantiate her claim of 1/32 Cherokee heritage.

Rachel Marsden | May 11, 2012

The markets appeared to collectively yawn in the wake of Hollande's election. Perhaps it's a sign that regardless of who's captain of the ship, it's still considered to be on a crash course with the iceberg.

Judge Andrew Napolitano | May 11, 2012

The trial of the alleged masterminds of 9/11, which began last week at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will address some of the most profound issues of our era.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | May 11, 2012

For mothers with children at home and in school, May can bring madness. It's a month that tends to be filled with end-of-the-school-year projects, performances, concerts, dress rehearsals, parties and more.

Michael Reagan | May 11, 2012

The only person I know who is better off today than he was four years ago is President Obama.

John Hawkins | May 11, 2012

C.S. Lewis was one of the most brilliant writers who ever set pen to paper. He was an insightful thinker, had remarkable common sense, and there may not have been anyone in the last century who was a better writer about the Christian faith and the human condition.

Michelle Malkin | May 11, 2012

While the White House and its media water-carriers try to distract the American public with gay-marriage talk and half-century-old tales of Mitt Romney's prep school pranks, the inconvenient truth remains: President Obama is responsible for perpetrating jaw-dropping, job-killing scientific fraud.

Brent Bozell | May 11, 2012

So Barack Obama declared he's all for "gay marriage." Really, was anyone surprised? Did anyone doubt it? Still, it's official, and Obama is now the rental property of Hollywood.

Jonah Goldberg | May 11, 2012

For most of 2012, President Obama has been running in the Democratic primary. I know that seems odd given that he's essentially running unopposed. Though don't tell that to West Virginia Democrats, who cast nearly half of their votes for Keith Judd, an inmate currently serving time in a Texarkana, Texas, prison.

David Limbaugh | May 11, 2012

Two very important things happened in politics this week. First, the elections underscored just how fed up mainstream America is with extreme liberalism. Second, President Obama, with his formal endorsement of same-sex marriage, is openly casting his lot with his extremist base.

Mona Charen | May 11, 2012

Now that President Obama has "evolved" on the matter of same-sex marriage to the position favored by "enlightened" Americans, this would seem to be a good time for some rhetorical hygiene.

Pat Buchanan | May 11, 2012

It took Joe Biden's public embrace of same-sex marriage to smoke him out.

Michael Gerson | May 11, 2012

Principled or calculating or a bit of both, President Obama's choice on gay marriage is a bet on the political future -- a wager on the views and values of the millennial generation making its long march through American institutions.

Suzanne Fields | May 11, 2012

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney, the man he once described as the "worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama."

John Ransom | May 11, 2012

After buying from the White House more of the same Hopey-slash-Changey rhetoric that “the recovery has finally started,” even supporters are recognizing that on economics, this White House hasn’t a clue.

Linda Chavez | May 11, 2012

The U.S. dodged another terrorist bullet when a would-be "underwear bomber" turned out to be a double agent.

Donald Lambro | May 11, 2012

President Obama sent a warmed-over, five-point "to-do list" to Congress this week that he said will create jobs and spur growth.

Rebecca Hagelin | May 11, 2012

It’s a story that’s been largely ignored by the mainstream press--perhaps because it challenges the politically correct storyline that it’s gay teens who are persecuted and bullied.

Stewart Scott | May 11, 2012

Over the past few weeks we have been studying a number of interesting puzzle pieces pertaining to potential threats to U.S. interests by transnational jihadists.

Fritz Pfister | May 11, 2012

Obama continues dancing around the countryside telling us we are headed in the right direction, that there’s still work to do, and that’s why you should vote to give him another term. That’s like Captain Francesco Schettino asking the folks who survived the Costa Concordia if they’d like another boat ride.

Jeff Carter | May 11, 2012

Super Angels are the 1970's version of VC. They are generally running their own money and can make the smaller bite sized investments that are required to get companies going.

Craig Steiner | May 11, 2012

Unemployment is still in excess of 8% even with the government's goofy math. Real unemployment exceeds 14%. Millions of Americans have been out of work for record lengths of time. Hundreds of billions of fiscal stimulus and trillions of dollars in printed money have failed to revive the economy.

Paul Tracy | May 11, 2012

Telling you what a stock has already done isn't going to make you a better investor... or make you money. That's why I want to tell you why it's been so successful. This way you can find similar investments of your own, buy them, and hopefully make triple-digit profits as well.

Night Watch | May 11, 2012

The mounting confusion is the result of a power struggle that has emerged from the generals' decisions about establishing democracy.

Jeff Crouere | May 11, 2012

Gone are the lofty goals and the inspired rhetoric. Instead we have the stark reality of a failed presidency.

Lincoln Brown | May 11, 2012

If you had to scratch out a tax check this year or are curious as to where that amount in the mysterious “FICA” box goes, take a blood pressure pill (or get a prescription for some) and allow me to enlighten you as to how your money is being spent.

Nathan Slaughter | May 11, 2012

Every year, investors around the world anxiously wait to hear what the world's most prolific investor has to say about what lies ahead... this year was no exception.

Thu, May 10, 2012

Hugh Hewitt | May 10, 2012

President Obama is a thorough-going man of the left obsessed with power and thus in re-election, so his decision Wednesday to declare for same sex marriage is hardly a surprise.

Ken Blackwell | May 10, 2012

When politicians want to look busy while avoiding tough decisions during an election year, what do they do? They form commissions and councils.

Michael Barone | May 10, 2012

Just as the political air is filled with talk of the inevitability of Barack Obama's re-election -- we are told that the kids at his Chicago headquarters are brimming with confidence -- in come some poll numbers showing him behind.

Larry Elder | May 10, 2012

National Public Radio's Kai Ryssdal recently talked about the weak economy. His guests, two reporters from The Washington Post and The New York Times, acknowledged the obvious -- that the economy is underperforming.

Cal Thomas | May 10, 2012

Who could have doubted that the president favors expanding the definition of marriage to include gays and lesbians?

Debra J. Saunders | May 10, 2012

Walid bin Attash used to frequent online dating sites. "Loves to travel -- sometimes at a moment's notice," bin Attash described himself before his 2003 capture.

Matt Towery | May 10, 2012

The defeat of Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar has political tongues wagging all over the nation. Lugar was a major force in the U.S. Senate.

John Ransom | May 10, 2012

For sayeth Obama, the great Law Giver, Provider of Healthcare and Constitutional Tax Lawyer: “Let the spending of the fathers be visited upon the children to the third our fourth generation. Note: See box 5 of the instruction sheet that comes with IRS Form 433-B revision 0108. Failure to follow complete instructions may result in the delay of account resolution to future generations.”

Steve Chapman | May 10, 2012

Moderates, we all hear, are an endangered species. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., is the latest to be eliminated. Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, announced her retirement in February.

Emmett Tyrrell | May 10, 2012

Conrad Black is back in Canada. He controlled the third-largest string of English-language newspapers in the world before he became entoiled with the Unites States Department of Justice.

David Sterman | May 10, 2012

These stocks have been under heavy pressure in recent weeks and are falling anew, leaving them -- at least in the context of recent trading patterns and valuation sentiments -- quite cheap.

Jeff Carter | May 10, 2012

Indiana Republican Senator Dick Lugar lost his primary bid yesterday and the spin is amazing.

George Friedman | May 10, 2012

Britain's rise to its once-extraordinary power represented an unintended gift from Napoleon. It had global ambitions before the Napoleonic Wars, but its defeat in North America and competition with other European navies meant Britain was by no means assured pre-eminence.

Bob Beauprez | May 10, 2012

The rejection of the Keystone pipeline quickly became a 2012 presidential campaign issue and the poster-child for Obama's opponents who charge he has the "most anti-oil-and-gas record in U.S. history." Mitt Romney has pledged "I will build that pipeline if I have to myself!"

Jerry Bowyer | May 10, 2012

My daughter Grace put our video recorder on a tri-pod, pointed it at me, and turned it on. Over the course of a couple of days and five or six sessions, we covered everything from productivity, growth, and inflation to demographics, integration of the economy with capital markets and even international economics.

Wed, May 09, 2012

Ann Coulter | May 09, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, who also goes by her Indian name, "Lies on Race Box," is in big heap-um trouble. The earnest, reform-minded liberal running for Senate against Scott Brown, R-Mass., lied about being part-Cherokee to get a job at Harvard.

Ben Shapiro | May 09, 2012

This week, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan essentially endorsed same-sex marriage. The Obama campaign, however, wary of minority and blue-collar voters, promptly announced that President Obama was against same-sex marriage -- sort of -- but that his position was "evolving."

Dennis Prager | May 09, 2012

When it comes to the "anti-gay" charge, conservatives need to clarify to themselves as much as to the general public where they stand.

Jeff Jacoby | May 09, 2012

SHIN DONG-HYUK grew up in North Korea's Camp 14, one of the monstrous slave-labor prison complexes in which the world's most tyrannical regime has crushed hundreds of thousands of its citizens, working them to death in conditions of excruciating brutality and degradation. Though the North Korean concentration camps have lasted far longer than their Soviet or Nazi counterparts did, Shin is the first person born and raised in one of them to have successfully escaped abroad.

Ken Blackwell | May 09, 2012

Elections are about choices, and 2012’s pivotal election showcases two very different visions for America’s future. Governor Mitt Romney is quickly consolidating the Republican base to enthusiastically support him this November.

Michelle Malkin | May 09, 2012

With six months until Election Day, conspiracy theories are percolating on the Internet like bubbling mud pots at Yellowstone: Left-wing billionaire George Soros is going to rig the election for Barack Obama. Foreigners will oversee the nation's entire vote-counting system. The fix is in, and all is lost.

John Stossel | May 09, 2012

A child leaving home alone for the first time takes a risk. So does the entrepreneur who opens a new business. I no more want government to prevent us from doing these things than I want it to keep us in padded cells.

Walter E. Williams | May 09, 2012

MSNBC's Chris Matthews, in a recent debate with former Republican National Chairman Michael Steele, called the Republican Party the "grand wizard crowd." Grand wizard is the title given to the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. It is truly misinformed to call Republicans the party of the Klan. Throughout our history, most Klansmen and most racists have been Democrats. Here are a few racist quotes from major Democratic figures.

Byron York | May 09, 2012

Watching Newt Gingrich's graceful and low-key withdrawal from the presidential race last week, it was hard not to think back to January in Columbia, S.C., when he drew a wall-to-wall, fired-up crowd to celebrate his blowout victory in that state's primary.

Brent Bozell | May 09, 2012

The New York Times really loathes Rupert Murdoch. The Gray Lady almost achieved nirvana on the front page the other day when a group of laborites in the British Parliament asserted in a "damning report" that Murdoch was "not fit" for major media ownership. Bill Keller, recently the paper's executive editor, devoted his latest column to Fox News with the headline "Murdoch's Pride Is America's Poison."

Jonah Goldberg | May 09, 2012

The political idiocy of Bryan Fischer's culture-war whoop over Grenell's resignation should be apparent.

Michael Medved | May 09, 2012

If Mitt Romney succeeds in his quest for the presidency, the media will focus on his status as the first Mormon in the White House. But it’s even more significant that he’d represent the last of another controversial cohort: the final Baby Boomer to occupy the Oval Office, or even to top the ticket of a major political party.

Terry Jeffrey | May 09, 2012

What does President Barack Obama know about the economy and what the government can and cannot do to create jobs?

John Ransom | May 09, 2012

Going through ideological miasma on the Roosevelt Institute’s and the Campus Network’s websites, it’s hard to understand how any real Republican could have signed up with a lefty group while expecting to hold on to the nomination for US Senate from his supposedly conservative party.

Austin Bay | May 09, 2012

The 23-year-old photograph is a stunning record of Chinese courage past and an insight into China's present political turmoil. Unless China's government chooses liberty and just law over tyranny and crony corruption, the picture prefigures a bloody future history.

Paul Greenberg | May 09, 2012

Every presidential campaign seems more vicious than the last, probably because it's happening right now, and the public has had four years to forget the slings and arrows of the last one.

Rich Galen | May 09, 2012

For a campaign that has been up-and-running since just about January 21, 2009, the Obama crowd did not have a good "official" first week.

Donald Lambro | May 09, 2012

WASHINGTON - It should be clear by now that President Obama is running against the U.S. economy and as of last week the economy was beating him.

Paul Driessen | May 09, 2012

Unprecedented! As bills to extend seemingly perpetual wind energy subsidies were again introduced by industry lobbyists late last year, taxpayers finally decided they’d had enough.

Jacob Sullum | May 09, 2012

"I favor legalizing same-sex marriages," Barack Obama told a gay newspaper while seeking his first term as an Illinois state senator in 1996, "and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages."

Rachel Alexander | May 09, 2012

Now that Mitt Romney is the presumptive Republican nominee for president, the left is increasing its attacks on his Mormon religion, hoping to distract voters into focusing on perceived negatives about Mormonism. The latest attack is shrewdly done. Instead of directly attacking Mormonism, which could look bad, the left is claiming that Mormonism is really socialist.

Chris Poindexter | May 09, 2012

The dollar continues to gain ground after tumultuous elections in France and Greece that brought the era of paying the banks before paying for social services to a screeching halt.

Marybeth Hicks | May 09, 2012

Last week, in an advertorial slideshow on, the president’s re-election campaign introduced “The Life of Julia” about a fictional “everywoman” whose government-subsidized existence is intended to reassure women voters about President Obama’s ability to provide for them in an uncertain future.

Ralph Benko | May 09, 2012

Mike Lee, U.S. Senator from Utah, recently sponsored a bill entitled the “Federal Reserve Modernization Act.” It is the counterpart to Rep. Kevin Brady’s Sound Dollar Act of 2012 (which enjoys 35 House cosponsors and, of equal note, already is drawing liberal fire). The Brady/Lee legislation represents an important first step forward to restoring good money to America: money that can provide a foundation for prosperity with equity, security, and, of at least equal importance, constitutional integrity.

David Sterman | May 09, 2012

Roughly two months ago, I cited three distinct economic indicators that can give a read into the changing economy. The subsequent data points are surely sobering.

Lincoln Brown | May 09, 2012

Stewart could have chosen to make his point in a variety of ways. He chose however to make that point in a manner so offensive in its denigration of women and Christianity that I shall not recount it here.

Robert Knight | May 09, 2012

What do Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have in common? They comprise the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VI. They also constitute the core of America’s energy production, especially oil.

Jeff Carter | May 09, 2012

I am lucky and have had an interesting life. Through the years, from the time I was pretty young up to today I have met some pretty cool people.

Larry Kudlow | May 09, 2012

In terms of the president’s signature achievements, the taxes, regulations, and mandates attached to Obamacare have been job-hiring inhibitors for both large and small businesses. And the $850 billion stimulus package simply has not worked. Obama doesn’t even mention these in his campaign speeches.

Ken Connor | May 09, 2012

"Prosperity theology is a false theology. . . . TBN has been a huge embarrassment to evangelical Christianity for decades." R. Albert Mohler Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It's a drama fit for reality television: Larger than life characters, familial infighting, private jets, mansions, pink poodles, and of course contentious litigation.

George Friedman | May 09, 2012

Russia has been on the path to resurgence since Putin won the presidency in 1999. He inherited a broken, weak and chaotic Russia. As Stratfor has noted over the years, Putin did not seek to re-create the Soviet Union. He is a student of geopolitics, and he understands Russia's constraints and the overreaching that led to the fall of the Soviet Union.

Bill Tatro | May 09, 2012

Due to ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), seniors, retirees, and pretty much any recipient of fixed income were forced to take risks never before contemplated.

Tue, May 08, 2012

Peter Ferrara | May 08, 2012

In his weekly radio address on April 14, President Obama displayed his lifelong commitment to an ideological extremism of pure theory unhinged from reality. That failure of leadership is why America is in a scary downward slide that will not stop until fundamental change is made at the top.

John Hawkins | May 08, 2012

There's a reason it took the country so long to pull out of the Great Depression under FDR, why Americans became acquainted with the Misery Index under Carter, and why we've had the weakest economic recovery from a recession in U.S. history under Obama.

Thomas Sowell | May 08, 2012

The "Occupy" movement, which the Obama administration and much of the media have embraced, has implications that reach far beyond the passing sensation it has created.

Chuck Norris | May 08, 2012

Last week, I showed how the Republican Party likely would lose the presidential election in November if it were to use conventional campaign tactics. However, I also explained an unconventional strategy that could usher in victory for the GOP and our republic -- a tactic used by President Abraham Lincoln.

David Limbaugh | May 08, 2012

President Obama formally kicked off his re-election campaign in Richmond, Va., and Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, and his theme was certainly not, shall we say, "it's morning again in America" -- President Ronald Reagan's optimistic re-election slogan in 1984.

Mona Charen | May 08, 2012

The theme song of a popular TV show from the last decade featured the lyric "I worry all the time. If you paid attention, you'd be worried, too." It's a wise posture when analyzing the slow-motion crisis that is Europe. Staff | May 08, 2012

New Jersey’s governor may have a “conservative rock star” persona, but when it comes to the government takeover of health care Chris Christie has done nothing to stop it

Cal Thomas | May 08, 2012

"Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr." is another of the Harvard professor's wonderful television series for PBS.

Pat Buchanan | May 08, 2012

How Europe's crisis resolves itself as yet remains unknown.

Debra J. Saunders | May 08, 2012

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," President John F. Kennedy famously said in his inaugural address.

Michael Brown | May 08, 2012

How can we quote the Bible in support of our moral values when the Old Testament contains laws calling for the stoning of a woman who lost her virginity before marriage? Actually, based on biblical principles, both Judaism and Christianity teach that such laws are not for today.

John Ransom | May 08, 2012

The "reform" policies the Obama administration has championed are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: namely, take the greatest economy in the history of the world- one based on a meritocracy- and turn it into a European-style mediocrity.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 08, 2012

The abortion industry racks up profits by dumping expensive procedural complications on hospitals, legitimate physicians and the public. Many abortionists lack staff privileges at local hospitals, so when women having abortion complications go to an emergency room, the enormous costs are shifted to others.

Paul Driessen | May 08, 2012

Thereby protecting environmental values, endangered species, jobs and human welfare

Bill Murchison | May 08, 2012

What Barack Obama has going for him in 2012 is, well, put it this way: human nature.

Jeff Carter | May 08, 2012

If you notice the kinds of companies he buys, they throw off a lot of cash and are built for the long haul. The companies in his portfolio aren’t going to be going out of business anytime soon.

David Sterman | May 08, 2012

All of the headwinds have taken their toll with investors. The latest survey from the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) tallies just 27.6% of investors in the bull camp. That's the lowest reading in seven months.

Hal Scherz | May 08, 2012

Medicare was already on shaky financial ground before Obamacare. With $37 Trillion in unfunded liabilities, and a growing senior population, a plan that Lyndon Johnson promised would not exceed $10 Billion in the first 10 years of the program, now costs over 100 times that amount and threatens the financial stability of our country.

Chris Poindexter | May 08, 2012

It appears the forward looking players in the European precious metals market are betting the elections are going to trigger a return to deficit spending and an increase in inflationary pressures.

Carrie Lukas | May 08, 2012

Young Americans face tough times: Record-breaking youth unemployment—including for those with college degrees—and high levels of debt from student loans have left millions unable to live independently. They are living in Mom and Dad’s basement, putting off marriage and family, and are down-scaling their aspirations when they should be dreaming big.

Jordan Lorence | May 08, 2012

The main reason the people of North Carolina should vote yes for the proposed marriage amendment in that state has everything to do with preventing improper state court activism and nothing to do with unmarried couples, their benefits, or allowing domestic violence to go unpunished.

Doug French | May 08, 2012

The fact is, without the constant inflation of fiat money, people would (or have to) spend very little time thinking about their money or savings. Squirreling a little money out of every paycheck would suffice for retirement preparation.

Alexis Garcia | May 08, 2012

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the program will operate at no cost to the taxpayers, but that claim is laughable considering the billions taxpayers pumped into the too-big-to-fail bank following the 2008 financial crisis.

Mon, May 07, 2012

David Cortman | May 07, 2012

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made some unforgettable statements during her political career. Some of them have been laughable, while others have pushed the limits of believability—like her contention that the abortion coverage in ObamaCare will actually save lives. How can killing preborn children save lives?

Brian Darling | May 07, 2012

Conservatives in Congress are fighting to undo mandatory cuts to defense spending, slated to bite in January. Called “the Sequester,” these automatic cuts would gut important Pentagon programs, undermining our national security. Even worse, these automatic cuts do not distinguish between wasteful and efficient spending due to their mechanistic nature.

Kevin McCullough | May 07, 2012

In 2008 the Obama campaign made a big deal about how singularly unique (I know rhetorically repetitive--just like his campaign) then candidate Obama was.

Michael Barone | May 07, 2012

Washington Post editorial writer and liberal blogger Jonathan Capehart is puzzled. Why does the "non-issue" of Harvard Law professor and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's Native American ancestry "require so much attention?" he asked last week.

Mike Adams | May 07, 2012

There is an enormous free speech controversy that is pitting an outspoken North Carolina faculty member against a public university administration.

Star Parker | May 07, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-Wis), chairman of the House budget committee, provoked some angry push back when he claimed that not only is his proposed sweeping revamp of the US budget fiscally sound but also morally sound.

Katie Kieffer | May 07, 2012

Stealing from babies is easy and low. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates makes himself feel powerful while negligently ripping off babies. I am a capitalist. I defend entrepreneurs. However, I think young people and their parents should know that Gates is a sham entrepreneur.

Ken Blackwell | May 07, 2012

What will come next? Will the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issue a Pork Mandate as part of ObamaCare?

Lisa De Pasquale | May 07, 2012

Given that 95 percent of the personal information given about Schulz on the show is a running gag, it’s hard to know what’s true. We get to the bottom of it in our exclusive, conclusive interview.

Terry Paulson | May 07, 2012

Have you ever wondered how President Obama's budget can be unanimously defeated by both the House (414-0) and the Senate (97-0) and how the U.S. Senate can go three years without submitting or passing a single budget and yet government spending keeps exploding and the federal debt keeps growing?

Lurita Doan | May 07, 2012

Eric Holder’s incompetent team of legal minds has botched things up again.

Bruce Bialosky | May 07, 2012

Meandering through the articles in the New York Times can occasionally be instructive as opposed to the normal of being infuriating. The thing is that they are oblivious to how they have educated you.

John Ransom | May 07, 2012

Social Security Disability is a picture perfect program scam for the Obama administration. It allows Obama to say that unemployment is going down, while adding to the rolls of people who are dependent on some sort of Democrat-Party enabled government assistance.

Dan Holler | May 07, 2012

Hidden by the fog of a presidential campaign and slumping economic recovery is President Obama’s signature achievement: Obamacare.

Jeff Carter | May 07, 2012

In this age where Obama campaigns on divisiveness and class warfare, I find dealing with entrepreneurs a welcome respite.

Doug French | May 07, 2012

The pricing of Ms. Didion's newest reflects consumer preference, not the cost of production. The chart below reflects changing consumer preferences.

Tad DeHaven | May 07, 2012

62 senators voted for an eye-glazing 191-page bill that would keep Congress’s hand placed firmly around the USPS’s neck.

David Sterman | May 07, 2012

I went looking for the most interesting mid-cap stocks right now. I focused on companies that exceeded first-quarter profit forecasts by at least 30% (with earnings of at least $0.25 per share). After a deeper look, a few stocks in the group appear especially appealing right now.

Michael F. Cannon | May 07, 2012

Alabama legislators are working on legislation to create an ObamaCare Exchange. But,Governor Robert Bentley will likely veto the bill.

Mark Baisley | May 07, 2012

Based on recent trends in education and politics, I predict that human thought in the 21st Century will progress even further with a new separation of science, this time from politics.

Craig Steiner | May 07, 2012

Though things have often appeared calm, the truth is that nothing has changed.

Sun, May 06, 2012

Jeff Jacoby | May 06, 2012

There is nothing new under the sun, including politicians who seek to win votes by milking the gap between rich and poor.

Paul Jacob | May 06, 2012

The great campaign slogan of the season is an old standard: "The Lesser of Two Evils." Be less than impressed.

Doug Giles | May 06, 2012

Independent sassy ladies, make way for Obama’s government dependent gal … Julia!

Derek Hunter | May 06, 2012

When not appealing to people based on race, sexual orientation or through class warfare, Democrats return to their default divisive issues – genitals.

Salena Zito | May 06, 2012

LISBON, Ohio – The two-lane Lincoln Highway passes sparkling creeks, tree-lined valleys, coal-mine entrances and mom-and-pop motel lots filled with the muddy trucks of shale-industry workers, on its way to this eastern Ohio town.

Austin Hill | May 06, 2012

“Forward!” It seems like a sufficiently innocent, positive word – doesn’t it?

Debra J. Saunders | May 06, 2012

President Barack Obama was entitled to a victory lap. In August 2007, then-Sen. Obama stuck out his neck when he said that there were terrorists holed up in the mountains of Pakistan and that he was willing to do something about it.

John Ransom | May 06, 2012

You know how actors have stuntmen to fill in for the real dangerous work? Liberals should have stuntmen for economic arguments. Because it’s becoming increasingly apparent that anytime a liberal gets into an economic argument, he just hurts himself.

Steve Chapman | May 06, 2012

Ninety-six years ago, when President Woodrow Wilson ran for re-election, two notable things happened: 1) His campaign used the slogan "He kept us out of war," and 2) he won.

Nathan Slaughter | May 06, 2012

Gas hasn't been this cheap in 10 years. The peak above $13 per Mcf in 2008 is now a distant memory.

Earl Tilford | May 06, 2012

President Barack Obama’s five-point plan for turning the war back to the Afghans is designed to cover the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces and “forge a just and lasting peace.” What does the plan involve, and can it work?

Larry Kudlow | May 06, 2012

Businesses aren’t investing in the United States because of a lack of consumer demand, International Paper CEO John Faraci said.

Michael F. Cannon | May 06, 2012

Anti-fraud efforts paltry for government.

Lincoln Brown | May 06, 2012

By the looks of it, if your preferred form of energy, renewable or otherwise is not in bed with the administration it is out in the cold.

Marita Noon | May 06, 2012

President Obama campaigned with the promise that he would slow the rise of the oceans and enact cap-and-trade legislation. Talk of manmade climate change was central to his election efforts. Now we know it will still be a part of the re-election rhetoric.

Tad DeHaven | May 06, 2012

Call me crazy, but when you’re already losing customers, it’s probably not a good idea to irritate the ones that you have left.

Chris Edwards | May 06, 2012

Everybody knows that federal policymakers usually break prior deals on discretionary budget caps and agreed-to entitlement cuts. The dominance of Keynesian-minded policymakers and advisers in Washington these days further reduces the believability of any long-term budget deal that policymakers may come up with.

Mark Calabria | May 06, 2012

As reported in today’s Financial Times, instead of pushing for an increase in the value-added tax, Italy will focus its next austerity measures on cutting government.

Byron Babione | May 06, 2012

Well-meaning folks, including legislators, who oppose redefining marriage, yet support civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples, do so with the mistaken belief that both sides of the marriage debate will be satisfied with this apparent compromise.