Lincoln Brown

If you have a spare minute, you might want to swing by the website of the Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance. It’s a nifty watchdog group that hasn’t gotten nearly the press it should. In addition to building the Museum of Government Waste, the Alliance has currently set its sights on Senate Bill 1813 which is brought to you courtesy of Barbara Boxer. The TPA has set up a page on its website urging people to take a pledge to oppose SB1813.

By way of a brief review, SB1813, which incidentally allows the IRS to revoke your passport, also mandates that vehicles built after 2015 must have an Event Data Recorder or “Black Box” as factory standard.

Most of the articles opposing the bill have focused on the Orwellian aspects of the bill such as this piece by Eric Peters from The American Spectator. Peters paints a chilling picture of Big Brother now assuming the role of Traffic-Cop-in-Chief.

As unnerving as it all sounds, the question that has been rolling around my brain isn’t whether or not a shadow agency deep below the Washington Monument will be tracking your trips to the local supermarket, casino or speakeasy, but how will this grow government and how will we pay for it?

If the bill passes, and given the current incarnation of Congress, I suspect it shall, and the boxes become mandatory, someone will have to get the government contract to manufacture them. Since government contracts are expensive, and since this administration has a penchant for lending the helping hand of economic development to its capitalist cronies, I have to believe that somewhere, there is a new Solyndra, it’s hour come round at last slouching towards Washington to be born. And the ensuing legislative fight over whose district will get the new company will be at the very least interesting to watch.

Since the new black boxes will be installed at the factory, an entirely new group of auto workers will need to be created whose only job will be to install the boxes. I’ll leave you to connect the dots there.

That cost will in all likelihood be passed on to the consumer, and will show up somewhere near the bottom of the sticker price, much like the “recycling fee” appears on your bill when you buy new tires.

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.