Kevin McCullough

When did "hope and change" get traded in for "brass knuckles?"

According to some--the same day President Obama was sworn in as the leader of the free world. This correspondent has difficulty disagreeing with that conclusion.

This past week, the presumptive GOP nominee, Governor Mitt Romney, kept getting his hand slapped by syndicated media maven Michelle Malkin. 

Her continual beef with Governor Romney? "Stop saying President Obama's a nice guy."

At the time I believed that Gov. Romney's attempt to stay above the normal pettiness of the election snark was well intended. I defended the strategy saying the Romney camp would gain little from insisting that a "like-able" man who happens to be President is a big meanie was going to do much in the way of explaining why his policies are so bad. I still largely feel this way, and for the most part I think Gov. Romney is on the right track to bring every question he is asked, every time he is asked one, back to the point of saying, "This economy is on the wrong track, President Obama can't fix it, but I promise you I will."

However... I feel that Malkin's point is all-too-valid and that for us to see with our own eyes what another four years of President Obama would mean to the nation's future is something that the average voter--especially those who are not political addicts--should have spelled out for them clearly.

Governor Romney's attempt not to be distracted into discussions that President Obama wants to have is actually a very smart move, but by purposefully giving the President a rather sizable "benefit of the doubt" on a good many things, he may appear to be going soft.

Hence Malkin's observation is well heeded.

For instance, in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal, writer Kim Strassel details--with painful precision--a campaign that is underway by the Obama campaign to identify and publicly intimidate high-dollar donors to the Romney campaign. Strassel points out that once Obama's subversives identify you, they then seek to publicly "shame you for 'betting against America'." Strassel also points out that Obama controls the Justice Department, the Securities Exchange Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service which combined can indict, fine, and audit you into oblivion.

The intended outcome for Team Obama is to prevent people from giving money to Romney.