Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes
Tennessee Principal on Leave After Warning Kids about Twitter Censorship
By Todd Starnes
A Tennessee high school principal is on administrative leave after he told students they should be alarmed by the recent ...
January 14, 2021
The Conservative Purge Won’t Stop With Big Tech
By Todd Starnes
I think there's a bit of confusion over the meaning of the First Amendment. Twitter has every right to decide who ...
January 11, 2021
Mississippi Police Threaten to Punish Christmas Cheer
By Todd Starnes
If you host a Christmas party in Aberdeen, Mississippi you could wind up on the police department’s naughty list -- ...
December 05, 2020
It’s Easy to Conquer Countries Where the Army Is Wearing Evening Gowns and High Heels
By Todd Starnes
Harry Styles, the former boy band singer, is making national headlines in the fashion world. The first man to grace ...
November 16, 2020
Cuomo Will Have to Pry the Turkey Leg From My Cold, Dead Hands
By Todd Starnes
Democrats are waging a war on Thanksgiving from border to border, coast to coast.Governors and mayors have announced bans on ...
November 13, 2020
It’s the Supreme Court, Not the Make-A-Wish Foundation
By Todd Starnes
Democrats are demanding that President Trump and Senate Republicans honor the dying wish of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — or ...
September 21, 2020
Obama-era Pentagon Training Manual Attacks White Men
By Todd Starnes
In 2013, I received a controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers that ...
September 09, 2020
Grocery Store Tells Air Force Veteran to Remove American-flag Themed Face Mask
By Todd Starnes
An Air Force veteran quit his job at a North Carolina grocery store after he was told that he could ...
September 04, 2020
University Lesson: ‘If a Few of the Worst Republican Politicians Were Assassinated, it Wouldn’t Be the End of the World’
By Todd Starnes
I received a disturbing note from one of my radio show listeners the other day about a political science lesson ...
September 01, 2020
What’s to Blame For Key Issues Missing From Trump’s Second Term Agenda?
By Todd Starnes
Over the past four years President Trump has established himself as a man of his word – promises made, promises ...
August 31, 2020
Government Agents Post 'Cease & Desist' Order on Church’s Front Door, Says Singing is Unlawful
By Todd Starnes
The message posted on the front door of the North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California was jarring.“Cease and ...
August 26, 2020
Middle School Lesson Portrays Police Officers as KKK Members
By Todd Starnes
I received correspondence from a number of Todd Starnes Show listeners who were rightfully outraged over a middle school lesson ...
August 24, 2020
Pasadena Threatens to Jail Pastor, Congregation Over Indoor Worship
By Todd Starnes
Che Ahn, the pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, may soon be preaching from jail.The city prosecutor threatened ...
August 21, 2020
Michelle Obama Has a Raging Case of Trump Derangement Syndrome
By Todd Starnes
So I watched all two hours of the Democratic National Convention last night - primarily so you don’t have to. ...
August 18, 2020
Woman Punches Teen Boy in Walmart For Not Wearing Face Mask
By Todd Starnes
A middle-aged couple is under fire after they berated a group of teenagers and punched one of the boys because ...
August 03, 2020
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