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The Memphis Grizzlies Go Full-blown Fascist, Tell Fans to Show Their Papers

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AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

There is bad news to share for Memphis Grizzlies fans. If you plan on attending an NBA game you will have to provide vaccination papers and wear a face mask

The Grizzlies are owned by people who seem to have an affinity for fascism, which should not be surprising for a professional sports organization that dribbles with the Communist Chinese

The unvaccinated must get a test within 72 hours of a game and must provide official government documents verifying the test results. 

"FedExForum will require everyone – regardless of vaccination status – to wear a face mask inside FedExForum until the order is lifted. This includes Grizzlies games, Tigers games, and all concerts and events. Per local and national guidelines, children under 2 will not be required to wear a mask," the team said in a statement.

The same rules apply for all University of Memphis basketball games. 

Grizzlies president Jason Wexler said they polled their season ticket holders and "found that a clear-cut supermajority of our MVPs are vaccinated and want to be in a vaccinated/tested environment for games.” 

“It was genuinely encouraging that the best interests of the health of our community so profoundly aligned with the preferred way for Grizzlies’ season ticket holders to enjoy games at FedExForum in the current environment. Those who are vaccinated overwhelmingly said they are willing to show proof of vaccination," Wexler said. 

In recent days the news media has been reporting on vaccinated Americans who have become infected with the China Virus. 

The medical experts are stumped. But for whatever reason those who are vaccinated are just as much at risk of contracting the virus as the unvaccinated. So why aren't the vaccinated required to produce a negative China virus test?

"So the vaccinated can go in even though they can still be positive but if you’re not vaccinated you can’t go in without a neg test? This makes absolutely no sense at all... gonna lose a lot of money on these games," one observant fan noted. 

It's a fair point, but these rules have nothing to do with science — this is all about power and politics. 

Normally, I would encourage you to reach out to the NBA and urge them to change their policy. But unless you are a Chinese Communist, they really don't care. So I recommend cancelling your season tickets and demanding a full refund.

University of Memphis fans should do the same thing -- and then place a personal call to the president's office explaining why you will no longer donate money to a school that supports fascism. 

The Memphis Grizzlies may not care about freedom or liberty, but nothing triggers a fascist quite like an empty bank account. 

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