Rob Natelson

Rob Natelson
Weren’t the U.S. Capitol Protesters ‘Mostly Peaceful?’
By Rob Natelson
Why is the oligarchy and its media stooges so upset about the storming of the Capitol yesterday? Why, for example, ...
January 07, 2021
Republicans Should Never Agree to a Mainstream Media Moderator Again
By Rob Natelson
The two most important takeaways from the final presidential debate are these: First, no Republican presidential nominee should agree ever ...
October 24, 2020
The Left’s War on the Constitution
By Rob Natelson
Over the past decade, left-leaning opinion makers have been at war against the U.S. Constitution and our Founders. The nomination ...
October 21, 2020
Where Were All Those Defenders of the Constitution When the Feds Imposed a Uniform Smoking Age?
By Rob Natelson
On December 20, President Trump signed legislation purporting to impose a single national age of 21 for selling tobacco products.Obviously, ...
January 07, 2020
Lies Law Professors Tell
By Rob Natelson
The expert panel on impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee consisted of four law professors—not one of whom was a ...
December 23, 2019
The Judiciary Committee's Ex Post Facto Approach to Impeachment Violates the Constitution
By Rob Natelson
The House Judiciary Committee has issued a report claiming, essentially, that Congress is not bound by any standards of what ...
December 09, 2019
Is the Green New Deal Fascist?
By Rob Natelson
The Green New Deal (GND) often is described as “socialist.” This may be because two of its best known advocates, ...
May 14, 2019
Failure at the Supreme Court Leaves an Amendments Convention as the Best Alternative
By Rob Natelson
When Senator Susan Collins made her now-famous speech stating she would vote to approve the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to ...
October 19, 2018
Convention of States: How the States Meet to Bypass Congress
By Rob Natelson
The idea of a convention of states such as the one scheduled for Phoenix, Arizona on September 12 may be ...
September 13, 2017
How We Know a National Amendments Convention Is a ‘Convention of the States’
By Rob Natelson
Most state legislatures have filed applications with Congress demanding a national convention for proposing constitutional amendments. Americans are asking just ...
May 18, 2017
Yes, Mr. President, You Must Enforce the Laws You Don’t Like
By Rob Natelson
Must the president enforce all laws, even those he disapproves of? The answer to this question can be found ...
December 30, 2016
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