Gina Loudon

Gina Loudon
Biden Could Stop the Russians Today Just Like Reagan
By Gina Loudon
Biden could stop Putin today. All he needs to do is use the proven tactics President Reagan used to take ...
February 27, 2022
Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin
By Gina Loudon
What’s going on in the mind of Vladimir Putin? Why did he choose this moment to invade?The conditions are perfect ...
February 25, 2022
The Climate Experts Have Never Been Right
By Gina Loudon
Joe Biden and other world leaders gathered in Scotland this week to lecture us peasants that something must be done ...
November 02, 2021
Your Government Is an Official Abuser
By Gina Loudon
In numerous family therapy courses throughout my graduate training, we studied the cycle of abuse. Right now, we are the ...
August 12, 2021
Biden’s Disastrous Week Was a Product of His Own Incompetence
By Gina Loudon
Last week was by far the worst seven days of Joe Biden’s entire presidential campaign — the presumptive Democrat nominee ...
August 11, 2020
Women for Trump — There’s No Conceding the 'Women’s Vote' to Liberals in 2020
By Gina Loudon
For the past three years, the Democrats have arrogantly acted as though the “women’s vote” — which includes more than ...
July 16, 2019
Trump And Capitalism Is A Winning Combination
By Gina Loudon
America’s thriving economy is showing the rest of the world that capitalism remains the most effective economic system known to ...
April 05, 2019
Throwing Crumbs at Ivanka Trump is Not a Form of Female Empowerment
By Gina Loudon
Liberals often proclaim themselves to be champions of female empowerment, but their disgusting treatment of women who hold different political ...
February 11, 2019
Trump Trade Plan With China is Working
By Gina Loudon
Stocks capped off a four-week winning streak Friday, as investors are realizing that President Trump is succeeding in bringing China ...
February 09, 2019
Clinton is Right — the Democrats Aren’t Civil
By Gina Loudon
Hillary Clinton is finally being honest -- the Democrats aren’t interested in peace and civility.Their politics of violence and obstruction ...
October 13, 2018
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