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Biden Could Stop the Russians Today Just Like Reagan

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Biden could stop Putin today. All he needs to do is use the proven tactics President Reagan used to take down the Soviet Union. 

President Reagan's strategy against the Russians in the 1980s would be a great lesson for the Biden administration today if they cared to look at what worked in the past. No shots had to be fired and the United States became much stronger because of it. 


Reagan’s multi-pronged Cold War against the Soviet Union was genius and effective. 

President Reagan famously ramped up military spending. He increased the defense budget by over 40 percent, and that included the creation of his space program called SDI. The media mocked it and nicknamed it the Star Wars program and relentlessly attempted to brand Reagan as a dunce who was a former actor who knew nothing about foreign policy. We know in hindsight that the Soviets were enraged that the U.S. could own space and potentially shoot their weapons right out of the sky with the SDI program. In response, the Soviets ramped up their spending on similar programs. 

But, Soviet money didn't grow on trees.

A lot of the money grew, so to speak, in the wheat fields of Russia. Wheat has long been in the top three biggest Soviet exports and President Reagan unleashed our farmers to produce grain. 

Instead of the world buying Russian wheat, they were buying it from the United States and other western countries that Reagan worked with in this effort. Although, as grain prices came down, it was extremely tough on American farmers. There was some pain felt during the Cold War because of Reagan's strategy, especially in the American heartland. 


Another aspect of Reagan's Cold War strategy was taking the reins off of American oil producers and ramping up our oil production. It not only gave us a great advantage to produce our own energy here, it also dramatically lowered the price of oil on the world market. Oil was and still is Russia’s top export. 

In addition to domestic production, Reagan worked behind the scenes to encourage Middle Eastern oil producers to increase the supply on the world market. The Soviets took a HUGE hit in the pocketbook when their oil suddenly became worth a fraction of what it was when Jimmy Carter was president. 

President Reagan also waged a PR war against the Soviets. 

The most famous moment was Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg gate when he told the Soviets to tear down the wall that was separating the free people in Western Europe from those imprisoned in the oppressive communist system on the other side of the wall and razor wire. 

Reagan also sent funding and arms to freedom movements around the world that were resisting the Soviet Communist takeover of countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 

And it worked. The USSR is on the ash heap of history. 

Every aspect of the Reagan strategy could be used today. Russia would immediately be knocked back on their heels and America would benefit greatly all at the same time. 


Contrast that with what Joe Biden is doing now. 

Biden is weakening our military and Putin can see that.

The most important thing right now to Biden and our military leaders is forcing the COVID jab on all the troops and kicking them out if they don’t submit. The ones who remain are trained in critical race theory and gender studies. 

Biden also showed Putin what he does to people who beg for help from America. They are ditched, left behind like Americans in Afghanistan. Biden has made it clear that he will not intervene to help anyone left behind in Ukraine.

Biden and the left are throttling back American oil production and this only makes Putin and the Russians richer every moment. 

Biden’s actions have caused the price of oil to spike. Thanks to Joe Biden closing down our pipelines and restricting domestic oil exploration, Russia's number one export is a lot more profitable thanks to Joe Biden. Every oil rig shut down by the Biden admin, every oil permit denied, every pipeline shut down in America just hands more cash to Putin and fuels his military machine. 

Worst of all, Joe Biden looks weak and confused. Vladimir Putin had several phone calls with Biden recently, and judging from the bumbling way that Biden handles the friendly American press, one can only imagine how idiotic and clueless he sounded on an hour-long phone call with Putin.


If the Biden administration would do what Reagan proved to be effective against the Soviets, he could save lives around the world and make America stronger overnight. 

Biden was in the Senate during the Reagan presidency. He knows exactly what Reagan did and he knows that it was effective, but don’t hold your breath waiting for Biden to do what works. Joe has shown throughout his entire corrupt political career that he only does what is profitable for the Bidens. 

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