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AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

Joe Biden and other world leaders gathered in Scotland this week to lecture us peasants that something must be done NOW or climate change will be irreversible.

Joe Biden can barely put words together to form a sentence, but he read a cue card prepared by his handlers that said, "we don't have any more time." 


At the COP26 summit, Biden said, "None of us can escape the worst that’s yet to come if we fail to seize this moment.”

UK PM Boris Johnson spouted an even more apocalyptic-sounding message, "It's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock, and we need to act now.”

We are led to believe that if we would just allow the globalists to print and borrow a few trillion more, they could really save the planet in just the nick of time.  

The doomsday climate cult has been preaching about the coming apocalypse since before I was born. 

Back in 1967, the LA Times warned it was already too late. Famine would devastate the world population. At that time, the experts claimed there was nothing that could be done to reverse it. 

Joe Biden might even remember that story. He was about to start his political career in the U.S. Senate soon after that. Politicians soon realized they could claim to be the saviors of the world and use the climate topic to gain political power.  

In 1989, an Associated Press article quoted UN climate experts saying that entire nations would be wiped off the face of the earth by the year 2000. 

We are still waiting for those “experts” to issue a correction. 


It wasn’t always about oceans rising and global warming. In 1970, the Boston Globe quoted experts who said an ice age would hit the earth by the year 2000. 

And my father's favorite climate scientist, Paul Erlich (who has literally never been right about anything he has ever predicted) said in 1970 that the oceans would be dead by 1980 and the US would be rationing water by 1974 and rationing food by 1980. Although, all we were rationing at that time was gasoline thanks to Jimmy Carter. 

The climate crazies warn that climate change isn’t about warming or cooling anymore, it’s about more extreme weather conditions like bigger and more deadly storms. Although, in recent years, as if to mock the climate "experts" the U.S. went through one of the most dormant eras of hurricane activity in recorded American history. 

For more than a decade (and for the entire Obama-Biden administration), no major hurricanes hit the United States.  The NOAA classifies major hurricanes as category 3 or higher.

Obama and Biden did use Hurricane Sandy in 2012 to push the climate-change lie, but that was only a category 1 storm. So, when Ida hit the United States earlier this year, Biden was visibly excited to have a Cat 4 hurricane to exploit for political power.


For those who still worry that the climate is in crisis and politicians can fix it, look no further than the traffic jam of 400 private jets flying world leaders and their entourages into Glasgow to the UN Climate Summit, or check out Biden’s 85-car motorcade. They don’t believe what they are preaching. The climate craziness is all a play to grasp more power and tax us into submission.

If you don’t believe me, wait another 50 years and play the words of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson saying the world is on the brink. They will be proven just as wrong as all the rest of the climate “experts” throughout the ages who have literally never been right. Not once. Ever.  

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