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Yuri Kochetkov/Pool Photo via AP

What’s going on in the mind of Vladimir Putin? Why did he choose this moment to invade?

The conditions are perfect right now for Putin and tyrants around the world to expand their power and territory. 


Who among the Western leaders has the moral authority to demand that tyrants like Vladimir Putin resist their dictatorial urges?

For the past two plus years of the pandemic, Putin observed Western leaders repeatedly lying to their people. When they weren’t outright lying, they were hiding the data. 

As they pushed mask and jab mandates, Western politicians hid data on their efficacy or lack thereof. There is literally not one pro-mask politician who has not been busted maskless at a gathering. They have revealed themselves as liars and hypocrites. 

When movements emerged demanding God-given freedoms be restored, Western leaders sent the jackboots to quash the protests. 

Tell Vladimir Putin he is a thug and he will point to horses trampling protesters in Ottawa and old men and women being tear gassed and dragged away to jail, or he can point to the January 6th political prisonsers still sitting in jail to this day being treated as terrorists as they are denied a speedy trial and due process, or he can point to the French citizens dragged out of restaurants refusing to show their vax papers. 

Putin now believes that Western leaders aren’t that much different from him. 

Joe Biden is the most corrupt American president to ever cheat his way to the Oval Office. The extent of his corruption fills volumes and more is uncovered every day thanks to Hunter’s laptop from hell. 

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau showed his true dictatorial colors when he treated protesters as terrorists, froze their bank accounts, and dragged them off to jail. In the eyes of Putin, Trudeau is envious of his ability to see the power he wants and to take it. 


Western leaders have gotten a taste of dictatorial power and are doing all they can to hold onto the power they grabbed during the pandemic. 

Putin sees them as kindred spirits. In Putin’s eyes, they are fellow dictators pretending to be “democratic” who wish they had the guts of Putin to seize more power and territory. 

Western leaders have each completed their obligatory condemnation of Putin in the same way they read their prepared propaganda lines in front of the camera for the past two years. Few believe what comes out of the mouths of Western leaders after they spewed COVID lies in order to grasp onto more power. Putin also knows their words are empty. Putin knows these politicians have to put on a show in front of the TV cameras. He doesn’t hold it against them. 

The rest of the world is also drunk on Russian oil right now. Putin has recently had an influx of cash that is fueling his military thanks to Joe Biden and other “green” politicians who have throttled back energy production and pushed the climate change hoax to score political points. 

Every pipeline that is shut down by an environmentalist Western leader, every drilling permit that’s denied, every oil rig shut down, gives Putin a little more advantage. Every dollar that oil rises is billions more in the pocket of Putin. 

Putin also recognizes that Biden needs an international crisis to distract from all the Biden-created crises. Biden needs someone else to blame for high gas prices. Why would Biden stop Putin from giving him a distraction and a scapegoat for high gas prices? Watch for Jen Psaki to start blaming Russia for high gas prices. Democrats will start placing Putin’s head over the stickers on gas pumps with Biden’s face that say “I did that.”


The main motivation that pushed Putin to invade Ukraine at this moment in time is because America is currently at its weakest. The U.S. won’t be this weak for long, though. The American people are about to remove a lot of incompetent and corrupt leaders in the next two election cycles, but it can’t happen fast enough. 

Unfortunately, all of the above also applies to Xi Jinping. The CCP will be the next to flex their tyrannical muscles. 

It is both a historical fact and consequence that weak, corrupt US leadership creates the vacuum for tyrants to exploit. Both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Putin’s taking of Crimea and the first parts of Ukraine all saw tyrants take territory when Democrats occupied the Oval Office. It’s just a coincidence, right? 

The moment when America is weakest is when tyrants are at their boldest. The world needs a strong United States. 

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