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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

For the past three years, the Democrats have arrogantly acted as though the “women’s vote” — which includes more than half the voters in the country — belongs to them.

Democratic politicians and liberal commentators regularly badger and shame the huge numbers of women who enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump in 2016, treating us as though we’re traitors to our sex.

To hear liberals tell it, the issues that women like me care about aren’t really “women’s issues.” To them, “women’s issues” are policies such as abortion on demand right up to the minute of birth, or even after birth, no questions asked, or fighting to make sure professional women’s soccer players are paid the same as their male counterparts, even though the men’s World Cup games bring in over 50 times more revenue. Those are the sorts of things that Democrats believe women — all women — are supposed to vote for.

Those aren’t my values, though — and nothing about being a woman, a wife, or a mother of five has made them my values. No matter how hard leftists try to rip away our agency and paint us as helpless victims of the “patriarchy,” we’re never going to abandon our values or let ourselves be shamed into adopting theirs.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the latest initiative for women like me: women who refuse to ”sit down” and let others tell us what we have to believe in order to count as women. And there are plenty of women who feel that way — in 2015, women made up just 25 percent of all donors to the Trump Campaign; today, they account for about half of all donors.

On July 16, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, I helped launch the 2020 Women for Trump coalition. I’m excited to offer women the opportunity to stand proudly for their beliefs, without shame, and let the Democrats know why we’re sticking with Donald J. Trump for president. 

The last two and a half years have seen the greatest gains for American women in a generation. Thanks to the historic Trump economic boom, women have their pick of a wider variety of good paying jobs than ever before in American history. The unemployment rate for adult women fell to 3.1 percent in April — the lowest level since 1953, when only about one-in-three women were in the labor force.

Today, almost two-in-three women actively participate in the workforce, which is why President Trump recognizes that paid family leave is long overdue in this country. It’s certainly a “woman’s issue” to make it easier for new mothers to take time off so they can start a family without jeopardizing their career prospects. We women need to pressure the Democrats to get on board and help pass Ivanka Trump’s family leave plan.

At the moment, liberals are obsessing about how men need the same parental leave as women who’ve given birth — an example of feminist “equality” at its most ridiculous.

The Trump revolution has delivered tremendous benefits to women all over the country, but all of our recent progress will be at risk if we let the Democrats set the agenda with their patronizing platitudes about “women’s issues.”

That’s why dozens of female role models are joining me on the Women for Trump coalition to keep Donald Trump in the White House. You can be sure that this group of strong women will never concede the “women’s vote” to any Democrat, no matter how much they try to pander to us or rally their base with divisive rhetoric about social wedge issues.

We’ll be fighting hard to put our values forward in the 2020 race, and to remind the Democrats that we have minds of our own, and that “women’s issues” are American issues.

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