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What Do the Trans Radicals, Pro-Abortion Activists, and Sex Traffickers All Have In Common?

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AP Photo/Armando Franca

All three groups are strikingly similar in the ways they are radical, unreasonable, and fascist as they demand that everyone conform to their religion of child sacrifice.


The thread that connects all three is that they destroy the lives of children. 

Once a parent hands their child over to a butcher (a.k.a. gender-affirming surgeon) to have their child’s reproductive organs forever mutilated, that person could never change their mind later and admit they could have been wrong. To do so would be an admission that they destroyed their child’s life. They must forever demand that everyone fall in line with the trans-radical agenda to avoid the fact that they destroyed the life of their beloved child. 

In the psych world, we call it cognitive dissonance. The human mind rejects information that clashes with a person’s beliefs. The mind of a parent who has disfigured a child cannot process the information that they could in any way have been wrong. To accept this would be horrifying to them. So horrifying, in fact, that they must force everyone else to conform to their beliefs and push everyone out of their lives who would verbalize their inhumane act.

Everyone in their family and extended family will be forced to agree with these radical beliefs or be shunned. Every workplace and every co-worker of a trans radical must participate in a month of rainbow flag worship or face the wrath of the trans cult. If the co-worker doesn’t have the authority to fire those who disagree, they will summon hordes of other trans radicals to pressure the employer to terminate the free thinker. 

Anyone who does not conform to the trans agenda is effectively calling the radical an evil person. This must not be allowed or their mind will have to deal with conflicting information that they have done something terribly inhumane. 


The same is true with abortion radicals.

An infinitesimally small percentage of women who have ended the life of their unborn child have been able to come to terms with destroying an innocent little life. To admit this to themselves and to ask God’s forgiveness takes the strength that most cannot muster. 

Almost all women who have had abortions become venomously radical and demand that abortion is absolutely unrestricted, very common, and easy to access in every corner of America. To give in, just a little, and allow any restriction would be an admission that they did something wrong. The next steps in that logic would lead them to conclude that they did something atrocious and unthinkable to their little baby. 

Some of the most fervent pro-life activists are those who were able to accept they did something terrible, ask for God’s forgiveness, and turn their life into a testimony to save the unborn. 

Future activists who will stand up and oppose the trans radicals will be those few parents who were able to accept God’s forgiveness for mutilating their children. Those parents will lead the movement to save future generations of innocent children from becoming cogs in the machine that provides untold millions of dollars to the medical cartels pushing trans surgeries on kids. 

Sex traffickers are the third in this list of those who destroy the lives of children. 

Sex trafficking is currently the biggest slave trade in human history. Slavery has existed since the beginning of time, but in the present day, the lives of children and young women are being destroyed at a record pace. The depraved people who are profiting from this and are involved in this day-to-day trade cannot ever admit to themselves that they have destroyed the lives of millions of innocents. 


They cannot admit they have committed horrendous, unspeakable, crimes against humanity like the abortionist and the trans-surgery butchers. They must continue in the sex slave trade just as the abortionist must continue to push abortion and trans radicals must continue to push the mutilation of children. 

There is a way out for all of those who have committed the most horrible crimes against the most innocent. God has the power to unburden the heart and forgive.

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but The One who confesses and renounces them finds mercy. —Proverbs 28:13

All you have to do is ask Him.

Until God is brought back into His proper place in America, and redemption is recognized as the preeminent uniting force that it is, child sacrifice, slavery, and mutilation will continue to spread like a plague of biblical proportions.


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