Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson
The Government Shouldn’t Take After the New York Jets
By Eric Peterson
This past Thanksgiving was the fourth anniversary of one of the worst plays in a football game: the infamous “butt ...
December 01, 2016
Ballot Measures will Prove an Insightful Experiment on the Minimum Wage
By Eric Peterson
While last week’s shocking presidential election certainly took up most of the oxygen in the media, it wasn’t the only ...
November 14, 2016
Two Faced-Debate on Minimum Wage
By Eric Peterson
The “Fight for $15”, a union-backed campaign to boost the minimum wage for fast food workers, continues to make waves ...
October 27, 2015
Trick or Treat: Zombie Bank Attempting Reanimation
By Eric Peterson
Just in time for Halloween, voodoo is coming out of the back rooms in Congress. Taking advantage of the chaos ...
October 17, 2015
OPIC: Corporate Welfare by Any Other Name
By Eric Peterson
The winds of change might finally be blowing in Washington. For the first time in 81 years taxpayers are no ...
August 20, 2015
Times are Tough for the Export-Import Bank
By Eric Peterson
It’s not been a good month for the embattled Export-Import Bank. Time is running out for this decades-old creature of ...
April 24, 2015
Congress Should Pump the Brakes on Gas Tax Hike
By Eric Peterson
While few Americans were fortunate enough to see a holiday bonus this year, there is one gift that American motorists ...
January 16, 2015
The Krugman Conundrum
October 04, 2014 |
A Whopper Of A Deal
August 26, 2014 |
The Export Import Bank’s Small Business Charm Offensive
By Eric Peterson
The taxpayer-backed Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) is facing intense scrutiny on Capitol Hill in the lead up to its scheduled ...
June 26, 2014
High U.S. Corporate Taxes Bad Medicine for Ailing US Economy
By Eric Peterson
The merger of two medical companies often makes few headlines outside of the business section of the daily newspaper. ...
June 25, 2014
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