Diana West

Diana West
When The Enemy of The States is The State
By Diana West
When St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch explained that some exonerating testimony in the shooting death of Michael Brown ...
November 26, 2014
Giving Thanks For The Counter-Jihad Network
By Diana West
I am giving special thanks this year for the hard work of patriots who toil without recompense to expose the ...
November 21, 2014
Islam Comes to the National Cathedral
By Diana West
There are several ways to see the National Cathedral's decision to host Islamic Friday prayers this week.First, the facts. The ...
November 14, 2014
Time to Judge Presidents and Generals on Afghanistan
By Diana West
In the summer of 2009, U.S. Marines pushed into Afghanistan's Helmand province to begin the new offensive that President Obama ...
October 31, 2014
Will Obama Order Troops to Fight Ebola in Liberia Clinics?
By Diana West
Do you get the feeling the United States government is trying to get us all killed?OK, not all of us. ...
October 17, 2014
A Border That Is Not a Barrier Is Still a National Crisis
By Diana West
About a dozen news cycles ago, Americans seemed horrified by the border crisis – horrified by the tens of thousands ...
October 10, 2014
We Live in a Global World -- Take Cover
By Diana West
Common sense and love of country dictate that air travel to the United States from the West African Ebola hot-zone ...
October 03, 2014
Blinding History
By Diana West
For logic-minded Americans still genuinely puzzled as to how it could be that our presidents and secretaries of state and ...
September 26, 2014
Uncle Sam Needs To Protect American, Not Islamic Interests
By Diana West
DIANA WEST by Diana West--> It's 9/11 the 13th and these United States have never been closer to losing the last ...
September 13, 2014
Countering "Extremism" Will Never Defeat Jihad
By Diana West
It's just seven minutes of airtime out of millions since 9/11, but a recent segment of "The Kelly File" on ...
September 04, 2014
Eric Holder: Leading the Rush to Judgment
By Diana West
DIANA WEST by Diana West--> One thing an old Ivy League revolutionary can't stand is people noticing that he represents the ...
August 22, 2014
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