Cliff Nichols

Cliff Nichols
The Constitutional Crisis Deciding the Fate of America’s Liberty Is NOW
By Cliff Nichols
Imagine if a cadre of very clever and industrious thieves formed a grand conspiracy to rob some place, like say ...
June 14, 2021
Who in America Is Entitled to Call Who an Insurrectionist These Days?
By Cliff Nichols
A friend recently asked me an interesting hypothetical question: if fraud and other means of chicanery were found to have ...
May 03, 2021
The Supreme Court's Failures to Act Are Putting America on a Path Toward Tyranny
By Cliff Nichols
Rarely does the generation experiencing the actual events and decisions that lead to their nation’s demise fully appreciate the calamitous ...
April 21, 2021
Progressive Lies Must be Confronted Today Before They Become Tomorrow’s Truths
By Cliff Nichols
The open secrets in politics today are that: progressives lie; they accuse those who tell the truth to be liars; ...
April 14, 2021
America Is in a Cultural Riptide That Defies Logic
By Cliff Nichols
America is presently caught in a cultural riptide that is dragging us to a place where most of us really ...
March 01, 2021
Why Mike Lindell’s Election Fraud Video Should be Played at the Impeachment Trial
By Cliff Nichols
On Friday, February 5th, Mike Lindell—Mr. My Pillow—released to America a video entitled Absolute Proof. Therein, he purports to provide irrefutable ...
February 13, 2021
Why the Sentencing of Kevin Clinesmith Is an Insult to America
By Cliff Nichols
Transcending even the importance of the very good question, “Where is Hunter?” is today’s reemergence of the following far more ...
February 02, 2021
The Biden Swap That Should Concern John Durham
By Cliff Nichols
The Democratic party has placed America in an interesting pickle. Three months before the election, Democrats continue pretending to support ...
August 08, 2020
Aiding and Abetting Seditious Mobs Should Have Consequences
By Cliff Nichols
After at least one murder, several shootings and reported rapes, not to mention destruction of property, CHAZ has finally been ...
July 06, 2020
Judges Who Tilt the Scales of Justice Do Exist
By Cliff Nichols
Recently, President Trump tweeted that he felt Roger Stone’s nine-year sentencing recommendation by his own justice department was too harsh. ...
February 29, 2020
America Beware—Adam Schiff Represents a Sign of the Times
By Cliff Nichols
A nation’s decline is usually best evaluated after the fact by historians. From this position of hindsight, the sequence of ...
November 27, 2019
Memo to A.G. Bill Barr: Without the Rule of Law, a Nation’s Wall Is Worthless
By Cliff Nichols
The Rule of Law must be cherished and protected by anyone who desires their freedoms to survive the inevitable storms ...
October 17, 2019
Robert Mueller—Befuddled Old Man or Sly as a Fox
By Cliff Nichols
Robert Mueller’s less-than-stellar performance last week before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees seems to have left just about everybody ...
July 30, 2019
Traitors Must Be Prosecuted To Stop The Coup
By Cliff Nichols
Mueller’s press conference this week should be giving the president a good reason to be asking, how long can his ...
June 02, 2019
Will the Left’s ‘Living’ Constitution Again be Used to ‘Kill’ the Unborn?
By Cliff Nichols
The Left contends the United States Constitution is a living document.And actually, they need it to be.Otherwise, it could never ...
May 28, 2019
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