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The Democratic party has placed America in an interesting pickle. Three months before the election, Democrats continue pretending to support a presidential candidate who can’t possibly defeat the incumbent they all hate. How can one know they are pretending? Because in any remotely fair election, Biden can’t beat Trump. More importantly, the Democrats know this. Which leaves us wondering what they’re really up to.


Of course, they may hope to win by their vote-by-mail gambit, predicated on the “dangers” of Covid-19. But even if they could pull that off, aided by their mainstream media friends and the skewed anti-conservative censorship of social media, it remains unlikely they’d want Biden as the beneficiary of their shell game.   

Why? Quite simply, no reasonably intelligent person could seriously want a president who delights more in letting children smooth down his curly leg hairs than anything else. That holds true even when his handlers let him out of his basement long enough to speak about the “city” of Arizona or tell the non-diverse block of voters who happen to be black—that is, when compared to Hispanics—how to officially qualify as black.   

This alone indicates a Democratic leadership becoming more desperate with each passing moment. Your average Democrat probably agrees something must be done to remove the current president who threatens their most sacred of so-called sacred cows—their right to murder the preborn. At a higher level, however, other realities have transformed the president from a man Democrats have always hated into one they now fear. Some of them are assuredly feeling a growing urgency to wrest control of the DOJ and FBI from the president before he allows people like U.S. Attorney John Durham and Ghislaine Maxwell to publicize the nasty little things some of them have been doing over the last several years.   

Little things like committing perjury, destroying evidence, obstructing justice, violating the Espionage Act, misusing their offices in corrupt pay-for-play schemes, sex trafficking, and child abuse. All before getting to those well-documented acts that fall under the heading of sedition or, in the words of the president, treason. Criminal acts known as #Obamagate. To say these Democrats are desperately motivated to end Trump’s presidency by any means would be an understatement. Their reluctance to place their fate in Biden’s incompetent hands to achieve that goal is an even greater understatement.    


Thus logic and reason dictate that Biden will be removed from the equation, if not at the DNC Convention, certainly prior to November 3rd. This late in the game, that leaves Democrats only two viable options: Plan A and Plan B.   

Plan A: The most predictable option is sucker-punching the president at the DNC Convention with a last-minute swap-out of Biden for a ticket with sufficient demographic/political cachet to defeat the Trump/Pence ticket. Such a maneuver was actually anticipated in a 2019 editorial entitled, “Is Michelle Obama Plotting to Take the White House in 2020?” One need only imagine the political clout of such a candidate, particularly with a running-mate of someone like Susan Rice, or perhaps Sally Yates. Such a ticket would undoubtedly enlist the support of the entire feminist/genetalian voting bloc, race-baiting BLM/ANTIFA voters, and those millennial Caucasians prone to apologize for their “white privilege.”   

Of perhaps greater importance, both these women have a baked-in incentive to take up the challenge. Win or lose, their mere positions as political opponents of the president would forestall any embarrassing indictments per the Durham or Epstein/Maxwell investigations before the election. Of course, Michelle with Susan or Sally may not be the exact ticket settled on to replace Biden. But that some form of such a ticket will replace Biden at the Democratic Convention is one quite foreseeable option available to the DNC.   


Plan B: The other option is not as pretty as Plan A. This would be using America’s current state of social upheaval to achieve the overthrow of our government that some already attempted by misusing Clinton’s fraudulent Steele Dossier, a coup attempt code-named Operation Crossfire Hurricane that metastasized into the amazingly corrupt Mueller investigation. For many elite Democrats, that might appear a better option than allowing the president a second term which could result in coup co-conspirators spending the remainder of their lives in prison.   

Any thought that this option is preposterous should be checked by reviewing former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s videotaped call-to-arms issued four years ago: “Some have marched, they’ve bled, and some of them have died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”  

Consider such words being repeated in the near future by Lynch and co-conspirators determined to avoid paying the price for their seditious activities or licentious behavior, both now subjects of pending investigations under President Trump. Might that explain the Democrats’ thinly-disguised support, if not open aiding and abetting, of violent BLM/ANTIFA mobs that are looting private property, destroying historical monuments, and attacking federal properties? Could it be more than mere irony that Lynch issued her call-to-arms to overthrow America’s government about the same time that #Obamagate was initiated? Funny how that works.  


Which brings us back to former Vice President Joe Biden, one known player in that coup who most certainly has a vested interest in hiding from the president his and his infamous son Hunter’s tracks in the Ukraine and China. All of which should give America even more reasons Biden shouldn’t be on the ballot this coming November.   

What say you, Mr. Durham? Given all you presently know, are you going to allow someone like Joe Biden or even Michelle Obama or Susan Rice to regain control of the White House and thereby the DOJ you work for? Even if Trump wins, are you going to continue sitting idly by while the operatives of Obamagate try to undo yet another election and bring down the president? Please know, if Trump wins in November, Plan B will not only most probably survive the election but will be likely ratcheted up to even more violent and widespread proportions than we are seeing now if people like Lynch, Rice, Yates or Comey have anything to do with it. Not to mention Obama or Hillary.  

How can Barr accuse local officials of failing to uphold the rule of law when it comes to street mobs when his own inaction on Obamagate is making the DOJ appear guilty of the same failure with respect to a treasonous coup attempt? 

Perhaps now would be a good time to do the right thing, Mr. Durham. Enforce the law equally to all regardless of their power or status. Put a stop to all these seditious attempts to bring about a coup d’état, and restore the rule of law now rather than later. Hopefully, this will put a stop to at least some of the attacks against our democracy.


America is waiting for your answers.  

Clifford C. Nichols, author of A Barrister’s Tales, is an attorney licensed in both California and New Mexico. Follow him on Twitter at @Cliff1Nichols, and direct any comments or questions regarding any of his writings to

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