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On November 8th, What Might God Do With America?

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Today, there seems to be two views in the Christian community about what direction God is going to take for America in this battle of good versus evil. 

One is that God will overcome evil to restore America to its former greatness. You know … take us all back to the good ol’ days when America used to be one nation under God—patriotic as a whole generally, but not without its faults. 


The other is that God intends to punish a nation that has come to not only embrace, but promote, blasphemies on many levels—placing many idols on legal and social pedestals before which we are all being compelled to bend a knee and worship them every day, except Sunday … maybe.  

In light of all that is going on in our culture, you could make a strong argument for God taking either tack. Certainly, even a casual reader of the Bible cannot avoid the fact that, in God’s economy, either outcome is equally possible. While it is true that God is a loving and forgiving God, He is also clearly a God of justice, and which it will be, in the end, often appears to depend on the choices we make (see Deut. 30:11-20, Matthew 7:13-14 and Romans 12:21).  

In short, the exercise of our free will is almost never free, i.e., without a cost in terms of the consequences our choices bring upon ourselves. Whether the consequences of our decisions are good or bad is a matter God seems to leave with us.  

Of course, atheists or even agnostics might rebuke everything said so far as worth little more than their complete contempt. Follow the science they say, and everything will soon be alright.  

But will It? 

It is doubtful. 

To the chagrin of most who are in possession of a working brain is the fact that their “science” is devoid of any moral anchor. Science does not instruct us on how to discern “right” from “wrong. They would have us turn a blind eye to the fact that science can lead to evil as much as it can to good. Compare the nuclear bomb to penicillin.   


Perhaps that would explain why our current leaders—i.e., those who prefer science to God—have had no trouble with choosing a path for our country that, in many ways, is immoral to the core. Witness the insistence of these people that to murder our unborn children—even after birth—is a right, while arguing at the same time that their choice to have sex with those children not aborted should also be a right, which they clearly intend to normalize within our society and may soon claim. And all that before we even get to these devotees of “science” who entertain our children with drag queens in their schools while, at the same time, they are also attempting to foist upon these children a right to decide for themselves—i.e., without parental consent—whether to undergo an irreversible gender mutilation of their bodies, before they are even old enough to decide the basics … like whether it’s a good thing to obey their parents and go clean their room!  

Is this messed up, or what? For sure. But that should bring us around full circle to ask a question, not of the secular members of our society, but of all those who are accused today of being science deniers and religious bigots

Are we willing to do all that may be necessary to obtain God’s blessing by restoring to America the Judeo-Christian morality of our God, or will we shrink back in the face of evil and risk incurring God’s curse?  

The path we choose today will be the product of our free will that will have consequences for our nation’s future. For at the end of the day, the evil that offends God that we do not remove from our presence could become in the eyes of God an evil with which He may come to consider us complicit. 


It is in this way that God placed on the shoulders of our forefathers the responsibility to decide whether they would choose to obtain His blessing … or His curse.  

And, is that not the same choice we are now being given? And with that in mind, between now and next month, our prayer should be for as many of us as possible to come to a saving knowledge of Him … and, thus, to choose wisely when it comes time for us to vote

 Cliff Nichols
 is an attorney, the author of A Barrister’s Tales, the curator of The American Landscape and the drafter of The Declaration of Liberty.  

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