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Mueller’s press conference this week should be giving the president a good reason to be asking, how long can his administration afford to allow this coup d’ état to continue before a quorum of public opinion takes hold in this country that will wrongfully compel him by force of some unlawful process, if not arms, to be removed from office?


Undeniably, America is in the midst of a civil war. The only things not yet flying are the bullets.

Liberals in Congress are demanding our president be impeached for undefined offenses. Liberal federal judges are letting themselves be used to thwart his policies at every turn. A complicit liberal media, with the help of Hollywood, is doing its very best to enable the president’s enemies to foment in the public’s mind — without evidence — that he is a liar, a cheat and a criminal who must be removed from office. And Mueller's press conference brought this tempest to an even greater boil than when the president was first elected over two years ago.


For one reason, because the president has survived long enough to expose a coup attempted by former high-ranking officials within our government and complicit members of the media to bring him down. Independent investigations have revealed they took affirmative actions in furtherance of a conspiracy to unlawfully — i.e., undemocratically — overthrow his administration, which is a crime.

In a word, they committed treason.

In summary, these liberal elitists felt they knew better what’s good for America than did the millions of people who elected the president. And so to thwart him and them, the Clintons and the DNC “allegedly” paid to create a false dossier that not only slandered the president but then was used by Hillary’s sympathizers to fraudulently legitimize their spying on his campaign before the election and to undermine his administration ever since.


The president’s problem now — as revealed by Mueller — is that they are still trying to pull off the coup they started before he was even elected.

And why wouldn’t they? Traitors who know they have been discovered, but who have yet to be held accountable for their crimes, have nothing to lose by trying to incite an insurrection that could help them to avoid going to jail … or worse. And this threat is made even more potent when such highly motivated people are also both very intelligent and experienced in how the system can be manipulated to achieve their infamy.

Almost one year ago I published an editorialMemo to President Trump: Prosecute Hillary or Perish— to sound a warning to our president that, if nothing is done soon to stop the overthrow of his presidency, time is likely to play in his opponents’ favor. And, that is precisely what we are all watching play out before our very eyes today with the likes of Mueller’s press conference.

It is true that since that warning was issued Attorney General Sessions has been replaced, and several of the treasonous conspirators — in addition to James Comey — have lost their jobs.

But so what?

All of them — from President Obama and Hillary Clinton on down to their minions, like Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Yates, the Ohrs, McCabe, Strzok, Page and now Mueller —have remained absolutely free to move about the country publishing editorials, writing books, giving speeches and tweeting to their heart's content to tell everybody they can how our duly elected president and his government should be overthrown and replaced. All while helping others to search endlessly for crimes they are hoping to find he committed to justify his removal. In other words, to do everything they can — with the assistance of their allies in Hollywood and the media — to persuade the public of the rightness of their cause to both buttress their nefarious purposes and save their hides.


Both the president and his administration would do well to keep in mind that in 2016 Hillary received over 65 million votes by liberals who the coup conspirators could reasonably anticipate rallying to their side. And they very well could be if enlisted if the traitors continue to be allowed to convince them that the coup they are attempting not only should succeed but can.

Why else would Comey recently write an Op-Ed published by the New York Times? There, by inference, he strongly suggested to the public that if you support the president:

You are supporting an amoral criminal who cheats, lies and forces others to commit crimes;
You are betraying our country; and
• “…you are lost. He has eaten your soul,” unless, that is, you join people like Comey, who is brave enough to resist the president’s evil.

Why else would Mueller hold a press conference weeks after the filing of his report that seemingly exonerated the president? Again, by inference, he suggested to the public that:

• Attorney General Barr’s interpretation of his report was erroneous, if not criminally biased in favor of the president;
• The president did commit the crime of obstructing justice for which Mueller could not charge him due to Department of Justice policies; and
• So, it is now the incumbent duty of Congress to do what he could not, and remove the president from office by impeachment.


If such suggestions being broadcast to the public are not calls to arms, what are they?

These are exactly the kind of solicitations for public support one would expect from those who are guilty after being informed that both the president and his attorney general are now investigating their treason. Already too guilty to deny their attempts to overthrow our government, their only remaining hope is to see their attempted coup through to the end. Operating on fear, they see it as the only path left for them to avoid years in prison… if not a noose.

Therefore, at present, the only recourse to stop this coup dead in its tracks is for the president, his Department of Justice, and all patriotic Americans to insist that the traitors be held accountable for their crimes. Only their indictments and prosecution can put such Americans on notice that their behavior is contrary to what America stands for and will be dealt with harshly in the future. Otherwise, their coup will only continue until it succeeds.

This was the gauntlet Mr. Mueller most certainly threw down before the president this week. Mr. President, please, take this moment in history to meet his challenge and do what is right… that is before your enemies — like Mr. Mueller — are enabled any further to obtain the political momentum they are seeking to force you from office and destroy the constitutional republic we love.


Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney licensed to practice in California and New Mexico. Please direct any comments or questions regarding this editorial to

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