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The open secrets in politics today are that: progressives lie; they accuse those who tell the truth to be liars; and they declare the truth to be a lie whenever it suits their agenda.


The problem this poses for America is, as Joseph Goebbels put it, “…a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” And that is exactly what the progressive left is counting on as they work to dismantle our constitutional republic and replace it with a socialist regime.

Take Covid for instance.

Let’s start with the truth. A virus with an average survival rate of 99% for those under 70 who are actually infected is not a deadly pandemic! Nor is there any scientific evidence that exists to establish that masks, lockdowns or social distancing effectively stop the transmission of any virus, much less Covid.

Yet, the many doctors and scientists who have attempted to point these truths out to the public have been tarred and feathered by the left—i.e. branded as liars, censored or both. … and thus, effectively silenced.

All while progressives ratchet up the public’s fears of infection by doing little things like buttressing the mortality rate. By shipping infected patients to nursing homes while withholding from the public possible life saving prophylactics—such as hydroxychloroquine based on a false pretense that it is deadly—they have shocked us all with another truth: evidently some on the left are willing to even let some people die to keep their politicized Covid pandemic narrative of fear alive.

Which should cause anyone with a moral compass to ask, why?

Was it justified by their perceived need to use the pandemic panic to manipulate an upcoming election in order to achieve outcomes like resetting in their favor the ideological balance on the Supreme Court? It would certainly allow them to preserve the legal protections they all care so much about, like the LGBTQ agenda and the unfettered and federally funded availability of abortions. Last year’s push by the proponents of such causes for mail-in ballots based on the public’s fears of a false pandemic they had creatively hyped—i.e. magnified by their lies—strongly suggests such a conclusion is not beyond the pale. Regardless, however, at the end of the day, even conservatives must admit that the progressives’ midnight election steal—predicated on, and enabled by their pandemic of lies about Covid—was a well-coordinated and successful propaganda-based coup d’état that even would have left guys like Goebbels envious.


As would the next batch of progressive big lies that followed the election: i.e. that it was not stolen; and that anyone who says differently is a liar, if not a domestic terrorist.

By the constant repetition of such lies, we are being commanded by the left to obey and deny that which we all saw with our own eyes. But even more shocking was our present government’s shameless subordination of those lies. Witness the refusal of our F.B.I, Department of Justice and Supreme Court to even look at any of that evidence. Their inaction not only reinforced the lies of the left—and thus, their agenda—but alarmingly, also revealed the magnitude of the systemic corruption that progressives have already successfully caused to metastasize within the various institutions and branches of our government. The very government that these insurgents are: presently controlling; pretending to lead; and, all the while, openly seeking to dismantle and replace with what many of them fondly call, democratic socialism.

All of which is what has brought patriotic Americans today to a unique place in our nation’s history. That point where they can no longer afford to ignore that the facts confronting us bear witness to the following uncomfortable truths:

  • We have a systemically corrupt government that is now controlled by a corrupt few who have already demonstrated their willingness to fraudulently steal an election;
  • Given these circumstances, if the integrity and legitimacy of our most recent election cannot be restored now, there is no reason for anybody to even pretend that future elections tomorrow will be any different; and,
  • Thus, if we continue to allow such progressive lies about the legitimacy of our last election to stand unchallenged, we will have conceded to their push to replace our constitutional republic with their socialist regime… in which we will be made nothing more than their indentured servants.

Which is exactly what has resulted in so many Americans today asking the same two questions:

  • What can be done to effectively challenge such lies; and
  • Where do we start?

For answers, perhaps it would be useful to look to our nation’s founders.

When confronted with similarly adverse circumstances causing them to feel it was time for them to take a defiant stand to remove the shackles of an unjust government, the Second Continental Congress certainly gave us a great example of how to get the ball rolling: i.e. it started with their thoughtful drafting, signing and delivering a Declaration of Independence.

As they did with King George, might we start with something similar to be delivered to King Joe?

A modernized—i.e. digitized—Declaration drafted by a select group of legal scholars committed to the preservation of our constitutional republic who have been carefully vetted by a committee that would include the likes of Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Jay Sekulow and David Clements.

A Declaration that would enable patriotic Americans of all stripes to affirm by their digital signatures their unity of purpose to not only declare, but to demand, such things as:

  • That science that has been neither politicized nor weaponized be exposed to the light of day to refute any lies about Covid that have been wrongfully used to unconstitutionally deprive the people of this nation of their God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness;
  • That all available evidence of the 2020 election fraud—via mail-in ballots, or otherwise—be thoroughly investigated and disclosed to the public by an uncorrupt and politically neutral tribunal appointed by a retrofitted Continental Congress comprised of delegates appointed by participating state legislatures;
  • That said tribunal be authorized to declare the lawful victor of the 2020 presidential election based on a tally of only those votes that it determines were legitimate; and
  • That tribunal be further authorized to inaugurate and immediately install in office the President of the United States that was in fact duly elected by the people of this country in 2020 …whoever that may end up being.

Hopefully it would be a Declaration signed by at least 75 million verified voters to provide notice of one very simple truth to the rest of America:

We The People have had enough of the frequently repeated progressive lies that are tearing at the fabric of our nation’s constitutional republic and will tolerate it no more!

In short: Declaration of We The People.

Clifford C. Nichols is an attorney and author ofA Barrister’s Tales.

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