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Opposition to the Wall is Symbolic of a Nation in Decline

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I love my country. Therefore, I strongly support my President — who at present is President Trump.

This to me is not amazing.

What is amazing to me is that, in today’s political environment, I feel the need to summon a modicum of courage to declare this publicly.


In places like the People’s Republic of Santa Monica, California — where I happen to live — I know that to make such a declaration public is a grievous offense to many of the leftists who reside in such liberal bubbles.

They have done all they can do to label people like me as a fascist, a fanatic, a bigot, a racist, an extremist, a conspiracy theorist, a deplorable.

What such people don’t seem to appreciate, however, is that their taking an “offense” to my beliefs in the greatness of America is an offense to me as an American.

Thus, so far as I’m concerned, from here on out they can color me whatever they damn well please.

Quite simply, I don’t care.

The truth is…I am none of these things they call me.

If I am anything, I am a patriot…which, until recently, used to be a good thing.

And, as such, I am also a person who is sickened by what I see being done to America— not to mention, to my President — by those who so obviously do not love this country.

Quite frankly, I am tired of giving the absurd notions floated by the left the dignity of debate.

Donald Trump IS our President.

President Trump was duly elected in accord with the provisions of the 12th Amendment to our Constitution which, by the way, has governed all presidential elections since 1804.

His victory was a not a consequence of any “collusion” with Russia.

Nor was it the result of money paid to a pole dancer who, it appears to me, sought to blackmail the President just before the 2016 election.


It was the result of 63 million people who voted for Donald Trump in response to his promises to do his very best to restore America to what it was initially intended to be — a singularly great nation with a government committed to enabling all Americans to pursue their God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What bewilders me are those among us who, because their candidate lost, have done all they can to prevent President Trump from fulfilling those promises.

For example: President Trump, as our duly elected President, should be enabled to build a wall to protect our border.

If that is what he has determined is necessary to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, why should he not be allowed to do so?

Like him, I, for one, do not like hordes invading our country to take what is ours away from us without offering in exchange any hope of them ever attempting to make any effort to lawfully assimilate to our culture and become one of us.

I also do not like drug cartel mules crossing our borders to bring our children drugs.

I do not like criminal gangsters — with or without tattooed faces — coming in to endanger our neighborhoods and bring us death.

I do not like terrorists being imported who would bring us only their bullets and bombs.

I do not like people coming to live among us whose culture embraces notions like vaginal mutilation and the killing of homosexuals.

And the undeniable conclusion this brings me to is that borders that some would have remain porous do — and will — allow such people to come live among us.


Therefore, I cannot avoid also concluding that anyone who resists our President’s efforts to prevent such malignancies from spreading in America by the building of a wall cannot possibly love the country they pretend to champion.

And so, like my President, I also do not like liberal judges who would obstruct our President’s efforts to prevent such undesirable people from coming here to live among us.

Nor do I like elected officials in this country who would turn to those same courts to validate such individuals being afforded “sanctuaries” intended to insulate them from our laws once they have found a way to circumvent those same laws to take up residence among us.

I am also tired of the left proclaiming that such judges and politicians are preserving for us all “who we are” as Americans.

No. They are not.

Rather, they are merely representatives of those on the left who continuously seek to bypass the likely defeat of their ideas if they were to be subjected to the process of legislative debate or democratic elections.

They are people who prefer instead to encourage liberal courts to legislate from the bench and thereby seek to impose their leftist social agenda upon us all via judicial diktat.

Moreover, they are also people who have revealed themselves to be more than willing to do anything necessary to destroy any man or woman who might prevent them from obtaining these objectives.

As a result, they have created for us all a toxic — yet, “politically correct”— cultural environment that more and more is becoming a direct threat to my life, liberty, and pursuit to happiness.


As these progressives “progress,” we increasingly find ourselves experiencing a society where:

i. Character assassination of good people who the left opposes is now their preferred political strategy;

ii. Free speech has been taken hostage by the left’s notions of what is politically correct;

iii. The political orientation of those who are in control of our social media can determine whether a lie will be disseminated with lightning speed to millions of people, while at the same time can be used to justify the silencing — censorship — of those in a position to offer any evidence that would reveal it, in fact, to be a lie;

iv. Anti-Semitism is being encouraged to again slink out of the shadows by the likes of Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, and the BDS Movement;

v. The rights of businesses run by Christians are being made to take a seat at the back of the bus;

vi. Due process has been rendered expendable by liberal social movements that are only gaining steam with time;

vii. Truth has been denigrated to the status of collateral damage that is only to be discarded in the wake of leftist political narratives being advanced by increasingly fake news organizations; and

viii. The Rule of Law has been emasculated by the Left’s corruption of institutions like the FBI and the DOJ to such an extent that it has left the average American doubtful that our government is even capable anymore of meting out justice that is blind to a person’s wealth, power or status.

Historically, the combination of any several of these social malignancies might reasonably be considered symptomatic of a culture in decline.


In the aggregate, however, they suggest with a scream that we as a nation can no longer delay turning our attention to doing whatever we must to reverse the decline in which we find ourselves.

If it even remains possible — and for no other reason than for the sake of our grandchildren — we must act now to avoid reaching that point where we find our ability to reverse the trajectory of our culture’s decline has been surpassed.

And that is why today I find it more important now than at any other time in my life to attempt to do my part to start this reversal by declaring publicly:

I love my country, and therefore, I support my President.

I feel it is an excellent place to start by virtue of two ultimate truths.

I can no longer just ignore the fact that those on the left who openly hate the President really hate me, and all of those who, like me, love the America they appear to be doing their very best to destroy.

And in light of this fact, I must also acknowledge that the only person who presently possesses the unique character, the amazing perseverance, the remarkable willingness, and the legal authority to stand in the gap to protect people like me from the evil these adversaries would have inflicted upon us is our President.

And for that, I am eternally grateful that he is our President for this appointed time in our nation’s history.

So …if in the course of his tenure he decides a wall is necessary to protect both the sovereignty and the citizens of America, I say …so be it.


Let him build the wall, damn it.

If nothing else, it will enable our national debate to move on and focus on other far more pressing issues like:

• Restoring our commitment to Truth;

• Reconstructing our religious freedoms;

• Resurrecting our reverence for Due Process and the Rule of Law; and

• Replacing the identity-based hatreds of many with an impartial love for all of the individuals who comprise mankind.

Surely, any one of these deserves our greater attention at present than does an endless debate about the building of a wall that is clearly intended to safeguard our rights as Americans to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Clifford C. Nicholsis presently an attorney licensed to practice law in both California and New Mexico. Comments regarding this editorial may be directed

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