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What if … the Democrat Party operatives intend to use Biden’s unlawful possession of classified documents as an excuse to remove him from office prior to 2024—for which a consensus seems to be forming? 


Do you think before doing so, this will mandate that they first remove Kamala Harris?  

It should. 


To replace her with someone more suitable to America’s political palate for purposes of assuming the nation’s presidential responsibilities. 

And, if so, who do you think they will put in her place as a Vice President that is better qualified than she to assume the Presidency upon Biden’s subsequent removal? 

For those old enough to remember, that is exactly how it was done with Nixon. 

First, Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro Agnew, was removed from office for tax evasion and replaced by Gerald Ford, who then, upon Nixon’s resignation for cause, was positioned to assume the Presidency. 

All done without anyone in America having to cast a single ballot. 

So, the next logical question is, this time around, who will the Democratic Party choose to be their “Gerald Ford?” 

That would likely turn on who would suit their purposes, which in turn, would depend entirely on what exactly those “purposes” are.  Which, in turn, should cause us to pause and redirect our thoughts to ask, exactly whose purposes are we discussing? The “Democrat Party’s” or the purposes of their overlords embedded within that which has recently come to be referred to as … the “Deep State?” 

Of the two, without a doubt, America’s greater concern should be to focus on the latter.  While the primary purpose of the political shell game about to be played regarding the replacement of Harris and Biden is undoubtedly to prevent Donald Trump’s return to the White House, the resources available to the Deep State to accomplish that objective are far greater than those available to the Democrat National Committee. 


In the last two weeks, Tucker Carlson has suggested that, via its effective use of the C.I.A., this Deep State was able to successfully remove two prior Presidents after they had each expressed their desire to eradicate the Deep State’s globalist cabal: John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. So, why would this objective not also be on their agenda with respect to Donald Trump? 

Of course, the answer is, it not only would be … it most certainly is! 

President Trump’s expressed desire to take out the “Deep State” by cleaning the “Swamp” has been his clear message to anyone listening for the last six years.  Thus, preventing him from having another opportunity to accomplish that mission can only be at the top of the Deep State’s priorities. 

To do that, there are only three venues available to them in which to make their play: i.e., the political, the legal and/or the physical impairment of President Trump. 

To see that two of these three options are in play right now does not take much effort. 

The Biden/Harris shuffle—that is already in the works—is an indication of the Deep State’s current maneuvers within the political arena to advance their hope of eliminating the Trump threat. As discussed above, the “classified” documents the Deep State has allowed to be found in Biden’s house is allowing them to put into play their search for his replacement, which is only leaving us to wait and see if the Deep State thinks it can put in his place a political animal who would even remotely stand a chance of legitimately defeating Trump in an honest election—i.e., absent cheating at the polls.  At best, something that is not likely at present, given the limited cast of qualified characters from which the Deep State has to choose—i.e., none. 


Moreover, even the Deep State’s cheating in the next election will not likely leave them with any confidence sufficient to calm their nerves no matter who they might choose to replace Biden.  That is largely due, in part, to President Trump’s effective efforts to educate Americans everywhere about the various means of election fraud used by the Deep State in the past recent elections.  Which has consequently produced a presently strengthened public resolve to make every effort possible this time around to ensure—i.e., demand—that our elections will be fair, honest and transparent in 2024. Even if the Deep State thinks the patriots may fail to do so, they also know that the next time around it won’t be for lack patriots doing their best to make it happen.  

This takes us to the Deep State’s second option: to legally impair Trump’s availability in 2024.  As with the political option, this alternative is also fully on display by virtue of Merrick Garland’s appointment of Special Counsel attack dog, Jack Smith, whose mission it is to criminalize President Trump’s possession of classified documents.  But, as was the case with the political option, when coupled with the failed Mueller investigation and the two subsequent failed impeachments of President Trump, the Deep State is well aware that this “legal” option is also unlikely to succeed. Especially, given Biden’s now revealed greater culpability for the same criminal allegations that Garland and Smith had hoped to use to bring down President Trump—i.e., the unlawful possession of classified material. 


And frighteningly, this leaves the Deep State with one last option that—to our knowledge—has yet to be attempted: i.e., to physically disable President Trump from ever again becoming a viable candidate to become President. 

Tragically, President Kennedy proved this possibility falls far short of being impossible. Moreover, with the recently revealed blatant weaponization of the F.B.I. and D.O.J., it also cannot be denied that the Deep State has far more resources available to them today than just the C.I.A. to be able to successfully pull off such an option.  In fact, the availability of such resources to the Deep State today, will undoubtedly afford the Deep State a far greater opportunity to achieve this purpose, and to do so in a way that would be far less obvious than was the assassination of President Kennedy … or, for that matter—to Hillary’s chagrin—the “suicide” of Epstein. 

This should leave all of us wondering … what the heck is the Director of our F.B.I., Christopher Wray, doing attending the World Economic Forum in Davos? Looking past any excuses he may offer to justify his foray into the heart of the Deep State, let us hope and pray he is not there to get his marching orders from those who he may consider to be his true masters. Like, how they expect him to help expedite the removal of the thorn in their side that for the last six years has only continued to impede the advancement of their globalist ambitions: i.e., America’s MAGA movement that for all of that time has been single-handedly personified by none other than … Donald J. Trump. 


Cliff Nichols is an attorney, the author of A Barrister’s Tales, the curator of The American Landscape and the drafter of The Declaration of Liberty.  

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