Chris Salcedo

Chris  Salcedo
How Congress Should Handle Upcoming Big Tech Hearing
By Chris Salcedo
The CEOs of America's four biggest technology companies will appear in front of the House Judiciary Committee this month for ...
July 15, 2020
Joe Biden was Refused Holy Communion, Should This Happen More Often?
By Chris Salcedo
The biased press is up in arms over the revelation that the Democrat’s alleged presidential front-runner, Joe Biden, was denied ...
November 02, 2019
Faith and Real Healing in the 21st Century: A Review of 'Your Faith Has Made You Well'
By Chris Salcedo
On September 23, 2019, President Donald J. Trump delivered a remarkable address to the United Nations. He pledged American support to ...
September 29, 2019
Stop Overspending on the F-35
By Chris Salcedo
In some ways you cannot blame members of Congress for spending other people’s money. In their minds profligate spending is ...
September 09, 2019
Liberal Privilege Strikes Again
By Chris Salcedo
I’ve developed a concept that explains the double standard that has been adopted by the press and both major political ...
March 13, 2019
Consider Your Mind Blown By 'Consider The Evidence'
By Chris Salcedo
I’ve discovered a work by Dan Buttafuoco, a personal injury and malpractice attorney handling cases nationwide, that really hits it out ...
January 27, 2019
America Has A Boy Crisis
By Chris Salcedo
The Boy Crisis, by Drs. Warren Farrell and John Gray (BenBella, March, 2018), is not your typical self-help book. The ...
December 20, 2018
The Best Counter to Ever-Aggressive Atheism
By Chris Salcedo
It is not news that the Catholic Church is in crisis.  It’s a crisis that seemed to unfold in slow ...
November 13, 2018
Will Michigan Become a Sanctuary State Under Gretchen Whitmer?
By Chris Salcedo
Politicians often look at policies regarding immigration through a myopic lens seeing the good that immigrants have done for our ...
November 02, 2018
Latinos Should Rally To Omar Qudrat, Potentially The First Muslim GOP Congressman
By Chris Salcedo
It’s election season again and politician promises to Latino voters are on their way.  The question always remains whether those ...
September 26, 2018
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