Liberal Privilege Strikes Again

Posted: Mar 13, 2019 12:01 AM
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Liberal Privilege Strikes Again

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

I’ve developed a concept that explains the double standard that has been adopted by the press and both major political parties.  It’s called “liberal privilege.” This concept has been the unofficial doctrine among those who falsely call themselves journalists for decades. In the era of Trump this annoyance, that many had grown to accept as normal, has fully metastasized into a full-blown effort to quash decent and criminalize conservatism. The most recent examples involve “Representative” Ilhan Omar, Democrat from Minnesota and Judge Jeanine Pirro from the Fox News Channel. 

Ilhan Omar is a Democrat and anti-Semite. She has revealed her Jew-hatred through uttering unimaginative, long-used stereotypes, designed to undermine America’s long-standing friendship with the nation-state of Israel. These utterances condemned no policy. Instead, as one liberal commentator put it, was tantamount to calling the Jewish people, “hook nosed.” 

Omar did more than simply bash Jews. She sought to separate the Jewish people and Israel from American support. At Washington, D.C.'s Busboys and Poets Café, Omar said, "I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country." With that, Omar accused supporters of Israel, some of them elected Democrats, of being beholden to Israel and being disloyal to the United States. One could ask why Omar doesn’t apply that crazy standard to any of America’s other allies. Omar’s new standard for patriotism raised a lot of eyebrows, including those of an outspoken Fox News Channel host.

In a recent episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine on FNC, the judge put dinosaur Democrats in her crosshairs. Pirro blasted the liberal leadership for passing a resolution condemning “hate” rather than taking Ilhan Omar to task for her anti-Semitism. It’s fair to point out that the new extremist Democratic freshman seems to have Speaker Pelosi and company on very short leashes. Indeed, it was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Rashida Talib’s popularity among the socialist left that inspired a resolution, brought about by anti-Semitism, that ended up condemning hatred toward MUSLIMS! Go figure that one out.

After laying waste to the largely flaccid and morally bankrupt Democratic leadership, Judge Jeanine turned her gaze toward Omar’s new standard for patriotism. Instead of her usual direct approach, the Judge thoughtfully posed a question. If Omar could question the patriotism, even of her fellow Democrats, simply because they support the U.S. ally Israel, would not Omar invite the same scrutiny when her conduct was examined?

The Judge pointed out that Omar wears a hijab. This, the judge claimed, was in keeping with a devotion to tenets of Sharia Law. Using Omar’s new standard, the judge queried: If Omar can claim that Americans who support Israel are in truth pledging allegiance to the Jewish state and she can do without sanction from Democrats, can Americans question, without fear of reprisal, if Omar is loyal to Sharia Law or the United States Constitution? It seems only fair, right? Not in today’s America.

Fox News Channel quickly denounced the judge’s line of questioning. Ilhan Omar applauded Fox News for publicly condemning the judge. It seems FNC has more integrity than does the entirety of the Democratic Party, as they have yet to publicly condemn Omar’s comments.

The judge doesn’t deserve criticism for using a tried and true tactic to shock the country awake. She used absurdity to highlight the absurd. I’m confident the judge knows full well that expressing support for an American ally doesn’t make one disloyal to the United States. Just as I’m sure she knows that simply because one wears a hijab, it doesn’t make one loyal to Sharia Law over the Constitution. 

Sadly, the outcome of this exchange doesn’t bode well for the collective intellectual prowess of our nation. Ilhan Omar used anti-Semitic tropes and accused supporters of Israel of disloyalty to America, consequence free. Judge Jeanine, in an effort to expose this nutty suggestion, asked if Omar’s standard applies to her wearing a hijab, and Pirro’s employer came down on her like a ton of bricks. Plus, the left is calling for the judge’s job. In today’s America, it seems that intellectual examination is always trumped by this cancer, liberal privilege.