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Gary Krambeck/The Dispatch via AP, File

As the holiday season approaches and The Salvation Army’s traditional fundraising season begins, the organization has been hiding materials from its website that show they have bought into the “woke” orthodoxy, hook, line and sinker.


The Salvation Army’s new “Let’s Talk About Racism” program endorses highly controversial, racist books such as How to be Antiracist and White Fragility and includes politicized lessons on police brutality, health care, and minority unemployment. Furthermore, the curriculum demands “white culture” stop denying racism and to instead claim responsibility for its existence. During mandatory diversity training seminars, these ideas are reiterated; workers are taught that America was founded on racist ideals and that the country still suffers from systemic racism and its long term effects today.  

The group's materials can be found here, after an organization called Color Us United captured their curriculum.  They were taken down from their website on October 29th and replaced with a new page.  However, The Salvation Army has not denied their use of these materials nor have they formally pledged to stop peddling critical race theory and other “woke” ideologies to their own employees and members.  

In fact, Salvation Army Captains told Color Us United, a race-blind advocacy group, that the organization hosts mandatory “diversity” training programs and encourages workers to “repent for racism,” both of which are part of the larger “Let’s Talk About Racism” curriculum.


To streamline this teaching, the organization has recently hired two new Diversity and Inclusion Directors. These directors have been given ultimate authority to veto any company proposals that threaten their quotas. More than 60,000 employees worldwide are now subject to this “woke guidance.” 

In 1865, the Salvation Army was established in order to provide both physical and spiritual resources to the poor. Since its founding more than 150 years ago, the organization has existed to “meet human needs...without discrimination.” Today, the organization operates shelters for homeless communities, provides disaster relief, and humanitarian aid to developing countries. It has a presence in 132 countries, boasts a membership of nearly 2 million people, and helps approximately 23 million American families per year. In 2020 alone, 59 percent of its $3.3 billion revenue came directly from donors.  

All of this good work, however, is being threatened as woke culture seeps into the organization’s inner workings, in stark contrast with the wishes of the organization’s millions of largely evangelical Christian donor base and its own employees.  

Instead of continuing to provide these vital resources to the less fortunate, the Salvation Army has become wrapped up in woke ideologies. These policies are largely unsupported by both donors and staff members.  However, the organization retains them while simultaneously attempting to hide them from the public. Despite the secrecy, the truth is beginning to spill out. The curriculum encourages workers to remember that as the company engages “in conversations about race and racism, we must keep in mind that sincere repentance and apologies are necessary if we want to move towards racial reconciliation.” Regardless of whether or not individual workers feel as though they have contributed to racial unrest, they “Can spend time repenting on behalf of the Church and asking for God to open hearts and minds to the issue of racism.” 


Yes, The Salvation Army is asking its own members to repent on behalf of themselves and other people, including the larger Christian Church, for their complicity in racism.  

While the Salvation Army is busy covering up their woke policies, Color us United has launched a petition urging the organization “to avoid politically charged programs and remain dedicated to Doing the Most Good.” The petition has accumulated more than 11,000 signatures from donors and staff alike. 

Communities should not be divided on the basis of race. Individuals should not be pressured to repent for sins they did not commit. The Salvation Army expects you to give…the very people they say are racists. I can’t fathom why anyone would go to an organization that is working so hard to undermine the real work and unity that has been achieved by Americans, united by the teachings of dr. Martin Luther King, a man who dreamed of a color-blind society. Divisive equity, as a mechanism to introduce Marxism, is no substitute for Dr. King. And the Salvation Army’s betrayal of Dr. King’s vision shouldn't be rewarded. 

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