Andrew Wilford

Andrew Wilford
Progressive Tax Fantasies Can’t Come Close to Paying for Big Government
By Andrew Wilford
With U.S. debt having soared to all-time highs and massive budget deficits as far as budgeters can see, the progressive ...
July 27, 2021
Biden’s $780 Billion Enforcement Plan Is a Mirage
By Andrew Wilford
There’s nothing politicians love more than extra revenue without having to raise taxes. And at first glance, that’s what Internal ...
May 14, 2021
GameStop Short Squeeze Is No Excuse For Bad Legislation
By Andrew Wilford
As the WallStreetBets saga that has so captivated both Wall Street and social media has come to its roller-coaster conclusion, ...
February 12, 2021
State Revenue Departments Try to Get In On Cancel Culture
By Andrew Wilford
The concept of “cancel culture,” or the stirring up of internet mobs against individuals for real or perceived wrongs, is ...
July 30, 2020
Trade Representative Sends Strong Signal Against Digital Taxes
By Andrew Wilford
Americans should be encouraged by the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) office’s recent announcement that it is ramping up its ...
June 20, 2020
Faltering State Budgets During Recessions Can Lead to Harmful State Tax Policy
By Andrew Wilford
In the aftermath of the passage of the CARES Act, American taxpayers are receiving much-needed assistance from Uncle Sam. Yet ...
June 08, 2020
OECD Pushes For $100 Billion Tax Increase On Mostly American Businesses
By Andrew Wilford
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recently released its preliminary report on the revenue effects of the first ...
March 04, 2020
New Regulation Threatens Successes of the Trump Economy
By Andrew Wilford
The dramatic expansion of the unchecked power of the executive branch is one of the major legacies of the Obama ...
January 26, 2020
New York Times/FedEx Squabble Tries to Oversimplify Complicated Data
By Andrew Wilford
It’s not often that wonky articles on capital investment create news stories, but that’s exactly what happened recently. A New ...
November 21, 2019
ProPublica Swings and Misses on Trump Tax Cut Hit Job
By Andrew Wilford
Imagine, for a moment, that you are a journalist for left-leaning media outlet ProPublica. You come across data showing that ...
October 30, 2019
Banning Flavored Vapes Is the Worst Possible Response to Youth Vaping Fears
By Andrew Wilford
Say what you will about moral panics, but they do bring together strange bedfellows! That’s certainly been the case with ...
October 12, 2019
Re-regulating Airlines Won’t Fly
By Andrew Wilford
Airline deregulation has been one of the great consumer welfare successes of the last half-century. Thanks to a push by ...
October 04, 2019
JEDI Tricks or Responsible Contracting? A Defense Department Project in Congressional Crosshairs
By Andrew Wilford
The process for awarding defense contracts is traditionally ripe for undue lobbyist influence. Contracts are awarded by unelected bureaucrats, making ...
August 14, 2019
End the Spin in the Minimum Wage Debate
By Andrew Wilford
Editor's note: This column was co-authored by Brandon Beyer. Less than a month into their control of the House, over 190 Democrats ...
July 22, 2019
Taxing Americans Is Not the Way to Solve Illegal Immigration
By Andrew Wilford
The Trump administration has been threatening to use executive power to unilaterally impose tariffs on Mexico as a policy level ...
June 07, 2019
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