Sat, Nov 09, 2013

Jack Kerwick | November 09, 2013

Upon my recent review of Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America, some readers expressed some choice words for the book’s author, Paul Gottfried.

Ken Blackwell | November 09, 2013

The side-by-side comparisons of President Obama’s statements then and now are devastating. Especially the “period.” Period here is no punctuation mark. It’s a way of underscoring the word of the President of the United States.

Michael Schaus | November 09, 2013

From the party that decided to parse the meaning of the word “is” in the 1990’s has come a full range of defenses. The most popular being that “for 95 percent of Americans” the President’s claim will prove to be accurate. . . Of course this is merely the most recent lie to escape the lips of the Left’s most desperate salesmen.

John C. Goodman | November 09, 2013

If you are inclined to believe Barack Obama's claim that people losing their insurance are giving up skimpy coverage for much better benefits, read the editorial in Monday's Wall Street Journal.

John Ransom | November 09, 2013

The problem the Democrats face is that when Obama promised Americans they could keep their insurance he was either wrong and didn’t know it or he was lying and did know it; an incompetent know-it-all, or an incompetent liar. When they said we'd have more choices under Obamacare, we know now what they meant.

Brandon Howell | November 09, 2013

Georgia Democrats have staked their hopes for political revival on a That 70’s Show charade.

Bill Tatro | November 09, 2013

I’m just a simple journalist and economist who once taught junior high school math following my college graduation. However, it seemed to me that the math didn’t add up three years ago when Obamacare was first proposed, and it certainly doesn’t make any sense now.

Jack Kerwick | November 09, 2013

At long last, the conservative movement is taking a long, hard look at itself. Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his fellow ideologues barrel full steam ahead in their quest to “fundamentally transform” the country.

Night Watch | November 09, 2013

The six powers have relaxed their position significantly. The previous, longstanding position - as recently as last summer -- was that Iran must halt its nuclear program in return for sanctions to be lifted.

Jeff Crouere | November 09, 2013

The now infamous "apology tour" was an odd way for President Obama to begin his first term. While the President is obviously comfortable issuing questionable apologies in foreign countries, however, he has been reluctant to express contrition to the American people, who actually are the only ones deserving of an apology.

Ryan Williams | November 09, 2013

As we approach the Holiday Season and Black Friday, there will inevitably be a number of media reports purporting that employees at large companies like Wal-Mart are striking throughout the country.

Steve Deace | November 09, 2013

What happened to Ken Cuccinelli (and the grassroots) can never be allowed to happen again. But it will, unless we learn 3 valuable lessons from it.

Phil Kerpen | November 09, 2013

The federal website, serving 36 states that chose not to build their own sites, has been - to quote its boss, Kathleen Sebelius - a "debacle."

Larry Kudlow | November 09, 2013

That’s the GOP one-two punch for the midterm elections.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | November 09, 2013

I have learned over the years that I need to celebrate the small victories along life’s path.

Fri, Nov 08, 2013

Brian and Garrett Fahy | November 08, 2013

If Obamacare’s website,, had an initial public offering, as Twitter did this week, how might its stock price be valued after its recent performance?

Humberto Fontova | November 08, 2013

“Of all the people I interviewed in New Orleans regarding the Kennedy assassination, Carlos Bringuier was the one I trusted most. I could see in his eyes he was always telling me the complete truth.” (Oriana Fallaci, L, Europeo, 1969.)

Michelle Malkin | November 08, 2013

It's confirmed: The "F" in John. F. Kerry stands for "Feckless." Women around the world no longer need to wonder whether America's secretary of state will stand boldly with them in defense of their basic rights. He won't.

Michael Barone | November 08, 2013

In an August Washington Examiner column, I argued that this year's governor elections in New Jersey and Virginia would have little precedential significance, unlike some other off-year elections in those states.

Brent Bozell | November 08, 2013

Bob Bartley, where are you? When Robert Bartley was in charge, The Wall Street Journal editorial page was the gold standard of conservative thought. It can still be good, sometimes quite good -- but it is no longer true north for the movement.

Jonah Goldberg | November 08, 2013

The government thinks you're stupid, or at least ignorant.

David Limbaugh | November 08, 2013

Don't you believe that President Obama's lies that people could keep their health insurance plans and doctors were his only lies about Obamacare or that these and the other lies were not demonstrably false when he uttered them.

Mona Charen | November 08, 2013

The most alarming message for Democrats from Tuesday's elections was the near obliteration of Terry McAuliffe's lead over Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia. An October poll, conducted a week after the government reopened, had placed him 11 points ahead.

Pat Buchanan | November 08, 2013

"Maybe the folks in Washington, D.C., should tune in their TVs right now and see how it's done," said the big winner of Tuesday last.

Suzanne Fields | November 08, 2013

Edward Snowden's stolen secrets and the dismal failure of the rollout of Obamacare is giving electronic technology a bad name. But blaming high-tech tools is more like blaming the messenger.

Linda Chavez | November 08, 2013

Both Democratic and Republican strategists are dissecting Tuesday's election results for clues to what might happen in next year's congressional elections. State races in off years are not always good predictors of how a party will do nationally during congressional or presidential elections, but there are some important lessons to be learned.

Diana West | November 08, 2013

Dear Prospective Conservative Republican Candidates: Today's column offers strategic tips that can't possibly be worse than the ones "political consultants" charge you big bucks for. Even better, these are free.

John Ransom | November 08, 2013

The two masked robbers—the alleged victims in this case-- had just exited a corner store in Reading when a concerned citizen—the alleged criminal in this case-- confronted them, and... shot 'em dead. No word yet whether the citizen was inside or outside the three point range. Good shot!

Paul Greenberg | November 08, 2013

We don't spend much time examining the underpinnings on which our lives rest. We remember the cops and firefighters and EMTs when we need them -- and when we need them, we really need them -- but otherwise, we've got things to do, or think about doing, or get out of doing.

Donald Lambro | November 08, 2013

The national news media's liberal spin on Tuesday's off-year elections focused on the Republican loss in Virginia, insisting it demonstrated the GOP was still on a steep, downward slide.

Michael Tanner | November 08, 2013

House and Senate budget conferees have begun meeting in an attempt to head off another potential government shutdown when the latest continuing resolution expires, on January 15. In theory, the committee is supposed to report no later than December 13, but few on Capitol Hill expect them to come up with a deal by that deadline.

Lincoln Brown | November 08, 2013

The Hawaii State Senate has been limiting opposition testimony to one minute at times, and in some cases, working class families who paid $200 to fly from the other islands to testify could not even speak. Those wishing to testify against the bill, including many native Hawaiians, were barred from speaking at all.

Charlotte Hays | November 08, 2013

Geraldo Rivera’s infamous selfie—that’s a picture that one takes of themselves for those not up on the current lingo—revealed the nearly-nude 70-year-old celebrity looking lovingly into a bathroom mirror and should have been the ultimate herald that the end times are fast-approaching.

Fritz Pfister | November 08, 2013

Rising from the ashes to a modest recovery, jobs remain the key to housing. The problem is the recovery has been based upon fleeting and temporary influences and not upon solid, identifiable organic growth through natural market forces.

Night Watch | November 08, 2013

The focus of recent press reports is the cost associated with the destruction or removal of Syria's chemical weapons, agents and precursors. More than a month ago President Asad said that the cost would be more than Syria could pay.

Thu, Nov 07, 2013

Reince Priebus | November 07, 2013

Last week, the RNC launched, where those impacted by ObamaCare can share their stories and even upload pictures of letters canceling their coverage, pink slips from employers, or screenshots of glitches.

Cliff May | November 07, 2013

A war is being waged against Christians. Waiting for “Islam to police itself” is not a strategy.

Larry Provost | November 07, 2013

Steve Ross is a remarkable person. A Holocaust survivor, Army Veteran, family man, and a person of great faith, Steve knows the decency and goodness of America and its fighting men and women.

Hugh Hewitt | November 07, 2013

Voters in Colorado overwhelmingly rejected a proposed school finance reform measure on Tuesday, one which would have raised nearly a billion dollars for Colorado public schools.

Todd Starnes | November 07, 2013

Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Penn., wants to know why the president of the local teacher’s union thinks he’s a neo-Nazi after he complained about a classroom assignment that he believed to be biased.

Victor Davis Hanson | November 07, 2013

The second terms of the latest three presidents have not been successful.

Derek Hunter | November 07, 2013

I just wanted to get government to leave me alone, to leave people alone and to go all crazy and limit itself to doing only that which is spelled out clearly in the Constitution. That was what a Libertarian was. But it’s not anymore.

Larry Elder | November 07, 2013

When the weapons hunters failed to find stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, so began one of the greatest slanders on a president in history: "Bush lied, people died."

Jonah Goldberg | November 07, 2013

Many of the president's supporters are in barely concealed panic over the fact that he didn't tell the truth when he was selling the Affordable Care Act.

Ashley Herzog | November 07, 2013

Last year, I wrote a series of articles about the campus “porn culture”—the depraved, anti-woman atmosphere that dominates far too many campuses.

Ken Blackwell | November 07, 2013

President Obama will not attend ceremonies at Gettysburg later this month marking the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's immortal address. Thank goodness! Mr. Obama has been getting few kudos of late. His Gallup approval rating has slipped into the thirties. But in this, we can applaud his action.

Cal Thomas | November 07, 2013

Last August before a closed meeting of Republican leaders in Boston, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said, "We are not a debating society. We are a political operation that needs to win."

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | November 07, 2013

Transformation is fascinating, especially when the change is dramatic and you can see it happen before your very eyes. That point was underscored to me this week by "Body Evolution" by Global Democracy, a video that was released two years ago, but went viral last week, when the model was identified publicly.

Debra J. Saunders | November 07, 2013

The math for the Affordable Care Act in California is stark: Kick 1 million Californians off the private health care plans they already have at the end of the year so that a million Californians can enroll in subsidized Obamacare plans; another million or so can stay on their old plans, and the state will sign up an additional 1.1 million for Medi-Cal.

Matt Towery | November 07, 2013

For the record, I do not know the Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus. I'm told he's a nice person, and I understand shares membership in a collegiate fraternity.

John Ransom | November 07, 2013

For an East Coast Liberal, Christie makes a heck of a conservative. But the media love affair will last only until he becomes the Republican nominee, and then he’ll just be another Tea Party extremist, like John McCain and Mitt Romney were to the media.

Rich Galen | November 07, 2013

Chris Christie won in New Jersey; Ken Cuccinelli lost in Virginia. Whatever can we make of that?

Emmett Tyrrell | November 07, 2013

How does one explain the victory of Bill de Blasio over Joseph J. Lhota by some 500,000 votes? I have viewed all the learned studies offered up by the psephologists. I have studied the pundits' blah. If there were chicken entrails to be read, I would have read them.

Steve Chapman | November 07, 2013

For travelers, the modern airport has become an obstacle course of security precautions, where everything not prohibited is mandatory. Boarding a plane is an exercise in indignity that strips passengers of jackets, shoes and belts before subjecting them to machines that see through their clothes and security agents who touch their junk.

Ransom Notes Radio | November 07, 2013

It’s easy to think that all of Europe serves the leftist socialist ideals; but it turns out even within the EU some people are fighting for economic freedom. Matt Warner, from the Atlas Network, joined the show to talk about the international push for free market reform.

Daniel Pipes | November 07, 2013

The Republic of Cyprus has entered the maelstrom of the world's most volatile region thanks to new-found gas and oil reserves combined with an erratic Turkish foreign policy and a civil war in Syria.

Jerry Newcombe | November 07, 2013

The Supreme Court has heard arguments this week about whether prayers at government meetings, for example, a town council, can include the name of Jesus.

Michael Schaus | November 07, 2013

An African American woman was recently told by a school principle that – even though her child attended the school – she was no longer permitted to engage in school activities, volunteer at school functions, or even “trespass” on school property. Why? Apparently because she owns a gun.

Night Watch | November 07, 2013

This announcement coincided with a Russian accusation that the US could not deliver a unified opposition counter-party that could speak authoritatively for the opposition.

Hal Scherz | November 07, 2013

Several weeks ago, as the country was facing a government shutdown and a debt ceiling crisis was looming, Republicans in both houses of the Congress called for a one year delay of the Obamacare individual mandate. They were branded as jihadists and domestic terrorists for taking this stance. Now, everything has changed.

Wed, Nov 06, 2013

Ann Coulter | November 06, 2013

So now it turns out Obama knew that 93 million Americans would have their health insurance canceled the whole time he was claiming, "If you like your insurance, you can keep it. Period."

Jeff Jacoby | November 06, 2013

Sales of Incivek, the promising pill introduced by Vertex Pharmaceuticals for treating hepatitis C, are down — way down. The Cambridge biotech company sold just $85.6 million worth of its trailblazing drug in the most recent quarter, a precipitous plunge from the same quarter last year, when sales surpassed more than $250 million.

Terry Schilling | November 06, 2013

Everyone knows why the GOP lost in 2012. Social issues distracted voters from the winning Republican economic message – at least that’s what most people believe.

Michelle Malkin | November 06, 2013

Now that true horror stories of Obamacare's wrecking ball are finally reaching the public, the White House doesn't like "anecdotes." Live by tale-telling; die by tale-telling.

John Stossel | November 06, 2013

The market is fine for some things, people will say, but other activities are too important to be left to the market. Or too complicated. Or too fundamental to our democracy.

Walter E. Williams | November 06, 2013

Last week's column, "Is There a Way Out?", generated quite a few responses, some a bit angry. Some people were offended by my reference to Social Security and Medicare as entitlements or handouts.

Jonah Goldberg | November 06, 2013

I am writing this before the election returns in New York City come in. Assuming that Democratic mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio's near-50-point lead in the polls doesn't miraculously evaporate, it looks like the next mayor will be a Red Sox fan.

Bob Barr | November 06, 2013

In George Orwell’s dystopian novel, “1984,” which describes life in an oppressive, virtually inescapable Surveillance State, the vocabulary of the populace is so tightly controlled and manipulated by the central government, it becomes a language unto its own: Newspeak.

Ben Shapiro | November 06, 2013

President Obama is a gifted politician. He is gifted with rhetoric virtuosity. He is gifted with the ability to lie directly to camera without blinking. And he is gifted with some of the most incompetent conservative opposition in the history of the country.

Terry Jeffrey | November 06, 2013

A week after he signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama went on a road trip to Portland, Maine, to boast and prevaricate about what he had just done.

John Ransom | November 06, 2013

Obama’s recent attempt to rewrite his words on healthcare reform is just the crowning act of a majestic, fool-worthy, and compulsive act that stopped entertaining Americans at a quarter past his own reelection.

Austin Bay | November 06, 2013

Has anyone in President Barack Obama's administration acknowledged, much less commemorated, the 30th anniversary of America's telling victory in the Euro-missile Crisis of 1983, the last great media-political battle of the Cold War?

Paul Greenberg | November 06, 2013

Here we go again. Every time an administration is caught spying on the press, it professes to be "shocked, shocked."

Donald Lambro | November 06, 2013

The media frenzy over the relatively short, 16-day budget war led to widespread forecasts that it would result in massive Republican losses in the 2014 midterm elections. Don't bet on it.

Rachel Marsden | November 06, 2013

It appears that U.S. President Barack Obama is finally putting the brakes on his mouth after flooring it down Hope-and-Change Highway for most of his tenure.

Jacob Sullum | November 06, 2013

After Carol Anne Bond discovered that her husband had impregnated her best friend, the Pennsylvania microbiologist took revenge by spreading toxic chemicals on her ex-friend's car door, mailbox and doorknob. The poisonous prank was mostly ineffectual, inflicting nothing worse than a minor thumb burn.

Susan Stamper Brown | November 06, 2013

At the very core of Liberalism is the idea that good deeds can only be achieved by legislating them. Strong arguments can be made that these "do-gooder" policies achieve the opposite and actually serve to hurt those they intend to help.

Lincoln Brown | November 06, 2013

Your friends and protectors at the federal level have found another concession on which to muscle in: Farmer’s markets. In a perfect film noire scene, you can almost hear the words “Nice small farm ya got here, Mac. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

Night Watch | November 06, 2013

On Sunday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated his support for Iran's nuclear talks, but also said he was not optimistic. "No one should see our negotiating team as compromisers….I am not optimistic about the negotiations."

Ransom Notes Radio | November 06, 2013

In the Private sector, not only would Sebelius and Obama be fired over’s abysmal debut, but they might also be facing Federal investigative probes. Michael Robinson, tech sector extraordinaire, joined the program to discuss the government’s technological double standard.

Phil Kerpen | November 06, 2013

Because of a regulation designed to make nearly every plan rapidly lose grandfather status, millions of Americans have received letters informing them their health plans have been canceled.

Hal Scherz | November 06, 2013

If President Obama is the name attached to the Affordable Care Act and the federal government overreach into healthcare, then Kathleen Sebelius is the face. When Congress passed the ACA and the President signed it into law, she was instantly elevated to a position of unlimited power over healthcare. She owns this mess as much as he does.

Michael Schaus | November 06, 2013

Honestly, how else do we expect Carney to defend claims like “you can keep your insurance if you like it” or “you can sign up in as little as 25 minutes”? I guess insults and temper tantrums are the only thing left in his repertoire, given the ruined Presidency he is expected to defend on a daily basis.

Ken Connor | November 06, 2013

It's become a favorite pastime among the press and punditry to blame the Tea Party for the problems plaguing the GOP.

Tue, Nov 05, 2013

Robert Knight | November 05, 2013

"Too extreme for Virginia." That's what millions of dollars' worth of Democrat campaign ads say about Republican gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli and the rest of the GOP ticket in Tuesday's off-year election.

Hugh Hewitt | November 05, 2013

OK, this will surprise: I was a Romney guy. Still am. Would have made a superb president.

Thomas Sowell | November 05, 2013

Like so many things that seem new, ObamaCare is in many ways old wine in new bottles. For example, when confronted with the fact that millions of Americans stand to lose their existing medical insurance, as a result of ObamaCare, defenders of ObamaCare say that this is true only when those people have "substandard" insurance.

Chuck Norris | November 05, 2013

In the first two parts of this series, I discussed how 10 times more U.S. minors than foreigners are trafficked in the U.S. But are many of them trafficked into the legal porn industry?

Michael Barone | November 05, 2013

Capitalism, said economist Joseph Schumpeter seven decades ago, is a process of creative destruction. New inventions, new processes, new methods of organization lead to the creation of new profitable and efficient businesses and to the destruction of old ones unable to compete.

Mike Adams | November 05, 2013

I'm probably too young to have so many pet peeves. The list seems to get longer every year. So, naturally, the longer I teach, the longer my list of class rules seems to get.

Mona Charen | November 05, 2013

The question many on the left are asking as they witness the Obama administration flail in response to's debut disaster is: How could this happen? Obama is so brilliant, so capable and so wise. How could he bungle his signature initiative?

Cal Thomas | November 05, 2013

The Supreme Court will hear arguments this week about prayers in public life, this latest deliberation revolving around a case from Greece, N.Y., and the recitation of prayers during town board meetings. The board used to begin each of its meetings with a moment of silence.

Dennis Prager | November 05, 2013

There is a phenomenon that is rarely commented on but which is as common as it is significant. For at least two generations, countless conservative parents have seen their adult children reject their core values.

Caroline Glick | November 05, 2013

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu apparently believes the greatest threat the country now faces is an escalated European trade war. He’s wrong. The greatest threat we are now facing is a national leadership that cannot get its arms around changing strategic realities.

Pat Buchanan | November 05, 2013

Chutzpah. I believe that's the word for it.

Fred Wszolek | November 05, 2013

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez has given American businesses a short reprieve from a controversial proposed rule that, if promulgated, will restrict business’ ability to obtain legal counsel and other labor relations advice potentially leading to a dearth in labor counseling.

Debra J. Saunders | November 05, 2013

Former New York police Commissioner Bernie Kerik handed "Today" show host Matt Lauer a nickel. Kerik knows a few things about money and crime. After President George W. Bush nominated him to be homeland security chief, the 9/11 hero lied to federal investigators. Instead of joining the Bush Cabinet, Kerik pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud and six counts of making false statements. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

Bill Murchison | November 05, 2013

It may well be -- I wouldn't deny it for a minute -- that Barack Obama has less to recommend him as a U. S. president than any predecessor of the past century. Vain, cocksure, morose, disabled from admitting a mistake or a bad guess -- what a guy! Small wonder no present poll shows him with majority public support.

Rebecca Hagelin | November 05, 2013

Obamacare is a disaster—not because of the clunky, costly, inoperative website, but because President Obama and his HHS minions have grabbed control over our personal health care decisions and they won’t let go.

Ralph Benko | November 05, 2013

What can reunite the GOP with its populist base? Addressing the shrinking dollar, that’s what. The tension between populism and elitism, as well as the issue of the quality of the dollar, goes back to the very beginnings of America. It has re-emerged in a big way.

Tom Purcell | November 05, 2013

Millions of you are asking why your health insurance policies are being canceled and the premiums and deductibles for your new policies are, for the majority of you, doubling, tripling or worse.

Armstrong Williams | November 05, 2013

On a trip to Israel several years ago, I met and bonded with the notable Pulitzer prize nominated journalist and award winning author, Edwin Black. He has been a guest on my TV/Radio shows on several occasions. When he asked me to be a part of his new publication, Financing the Flames, I was more than pleased and prompted me to write this piece to be published and shared with the world.

Night Watch | November 05, 2013

The Leader of the Syrian opposition has proposed conditions for peace talks. His conditions are the conditions of a party that is losing on the battlefield. Self-righteous indignation is one of the few substitutes for tactical success.

Ransom Notes Radio | November 05, 2013

The Best part about Obamacare? Watching Liberal’s hopes and dreams collapse under the weight of their own initiative. Katie Pavlich, Michael Cannon, and Dr. Larry Kawa weigh in on the idiocy of Obamacare. (Also. . . Michael Schaus talks with Katie Pavlich about the greatest firearm training on the face of the planet.)

Gayle Trotter | November 05, 2013

There are absurdly dishonest attack ads falsely claiming that Cuccinelli wants to drag women and their families back to the stone ages. The McAuliffe attack ads has charge that Cuccinelli seeks to limit women’s access to health care. In this context, though, “women’s healthcare” is a euphemism for government-funded contraception and abortion services.

Joy Pullman | November 05, 2013

This country just witnessed a 16-day government shutdown because we can’t afford to pay for existing entitlement programs. It’s insanity to create another entitlement for families that can already afford to provide lunches for their children.

Mon, Nov 04, 2013

Byron York | November 04, 2013

What does the word "affordable" in the Affordable Care Act mean? Many people might assume it means Obamacare will make health coverage less expensive. That's certainly the impression President Obama gave when he promised his national health care scheme would "cut the average family's premium by about $2,500 per year

David Limbaugh | November 04, 2013

Everyone is focusing on Obamacare because it is such an obvious disaster, but in fact, it is but a microcosm of Barack Obama's entire presidency. Obamacare is Obama unmasked.

Kevin Williams | November 04, 2013

In less than forty-eight hours, Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be winning re-election for a second term as the Capo Di Capi of the Garden State.

Todd Starnes | November 04, 2013

A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that "healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian" men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called "White Male Club."

Hank Adler | November 04, 2013

There appears to be no fallback plan. What if the Obamacare computers do not work on November 30th? What if the health insurance companies cannot process what could easily be fifty million requests for insurance by December 30, 2013?

Brian Birdnow | November 04, 2013

Last week Dana Milbank, the noted Washington Post commentator, and Republican hater, worked himself into a fine froth over the public battles concerning the Affordable Care Act, also known commonly as Obamacare. Milbank has never met a Republican he actually respected, save for the man-crush he recently developed on John McCain, and he has now taken to referring to the GOP as “The Party without a brain.”

Deroy Murdock | November 04, 2013

Just days ago, Ken Cuccinelli was taken for dead. Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial hopeful was plowed down by a juggernaut driven by Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe, with Hillary Clinton riding shotgun.

Rich Galen | November 04, 2013

A Mullster wrote to ask me whether I was ready to admit I was wrong about Obamacare; that my chastising the House GOP for shutting the government down while demanding that the ACA be repealed, defunded, or delayed was in error.

Matt Barber | November 04, 2013

Princeton University was founded in 1746 by devoutly Christian men with a devoutly Christian mission. It has “evolved” into a fortress of secular-“progressivism,” presently employing people like Bio- “Ethics” professor Peter Singer.

Ken Blackwell | November 04, 2013

At the time when I served as Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, my city and others across the country looked to Detroit as an industrial and cultural center of America. Motown Records, started by Berry Gordy in Detroit, created some of the best music in the world with hits from The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye. After World War II, Detroit became the North Dakota oil boom of its day, as engineers and workers flocked to the city to prosper and make the classic, gas-guzzling muscle cars which would come to represent everything great about America. By 1960, with the highest per capita income in the nation, almost two million people lived there.

Kurt Schlichter | November 04, 2013

You Millenials voted for Obama by a margin of 28 percent, which will make it a lot easier for me to accept the benefits you will be paying for.

Star Parker | November 04, 2013

The presidential election of 2016 will be a defining moment for the nation and for the Republican Party.

Matthew Needham | November 04, 2013

President Obama has come under fire recently for promises about the Affordable Care Act. The President repeatedly assured doubters that under the Affordable Care Act, Americans would be able to keep their existing health insurance.

Terry Paulson | November 04, 2013

President Obama has been this generation's Teflon president. Whether it's the poorly handled Benghazi attack and cover-up, NSA's information gathering, or the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the blame has always rolled off the President's back.

John Ransom | November 04, 2013

What difference does it make asks the New York Times about cancelled insurance policies Americans were promised they could keep? Those policies weren’t worth keeping anyway say the Manhattan liberals who think that $541 is a reasonable sum to pay monthly for parking.

Marita Noon | November 04, 2013

Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are found in almost all massive rock formations—though their concentrations range from 10 to a few hundred parts per million by weight, which makes them difficult to extract.

Morgan Brittany | November 04, 2013

All that matters is that they win because they believe they are morally superior to the rest of us and we are just too stupid to understand.

Bill Tatro | November 04, 2013

If they really wanted to be rich, easy rich, what I should have done was teach my kids how to be politicians.

Rachel Alexander | November 04, 2013

A heated battle is taking place in Arizona between the fledgling solar industry and APS, the state’s largest energy company, which enjoys a state-granted near-monopoly over energy. In sunny Arizona, it is peculiar that solar energy is being portrayed as the bad guy. Since Arizona is a Republican-dominated state, APS is sneakily buying up influential Republicans, both directly and indirectly, to perpetuate its crony capitalism. The Washington Post refers to these Republicans as “some of the best pollsters and consultants money can buy.”

Sun, Nov 03, 2013

Michael Schaus | November 03, 2013

Well, like Blofeld, Dr. No, Goldfinger, or any other Bond villain, Mayor Bloomberg is not content with running his own city-island into a progressive tax-trap. He feels it might be time to expand his East Coast liberalism to states that are known for their traditional individualism and libertarian bent.

Derek Hunter | November 03, 2013

I’ve written a lot lately about the failures of Obamacare, as has everyone else – and justifiably so. Although the law’s troubles are legion and seem to grow hourly, there are only so many ways to make jokes about the fact that when Cousin Oliver joined the cast of the Brady Bunch there were more kids on that show than people who successfully enrolled in the first day.

Doug Giles | November 03, 2013

Do any of you remember back in the day when, if you were a listless, visionless, slack-jawed, gum-smackin’ laggard, your parents and peers would look at you weirdly and they wouldn’t make excuses for you, or say you have some special disease like “lazyassotosis”, and that’s why you’re such a daft dasypygal?

Austin Hill | November 03, 2013

Tumultuous economy? What tumultuous economy?

Debra J. Saunders | November 03, 2013

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener will always have a special place in my heart. Braving an onslaught of puns in a wiseacre nation, Wiener sponsored legislation to require that naked guys place a barrier between their butts and park seats.

Bruce Bialosky | November 03, 2013

As a civilized person, you know in your mind that you should not derive pleasure from the pain of others. But periodically it is simply appropriate to do so.

John Ransom | November 03, 2013

I could put together a healthcare system that would be solvent—and make a handsome profit-- if you allowed me to tax the people of France, Germany, and small portions of what used to be known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire to pay for benefits that cover people only in the United States.

Mytheos Holt | November 03, 2013

In the ongoing dust-up over tactics currently dominating conservative sites – turning former comrades against each other and causing many consternation about the fate of the GOP – it was probably inevitable that the name of William F. Buckley Jr would be brought up at some point.

Steve Chapman | November 03, 2013

When it was enacted in 2010, Obamacare was supposed to be the final culmination of 60 years of effort by Democrats to realize the dream of universal health insurance. It was a complicated scheme, designed in such a way as to bridge the gap among Americans of different ideologies on how to address an alleged evil.

Mark Baisley | November 03, 2013

Here is how it works: The union promotes their own slate of candidates for election to the school board. The union negotiates collective bargaining contracts with its newly elected friends on the school board.

Michael Tanner | November 03, 2013

When the computer system running your signature legislative achievement is slightly less functional than painting on a cave wall, you know you have a big problem. When that’s actually the good news, you know you have a really big problem.

Michael F. Cannon | November 03, 2013

Four lawsuits have already been filed to challenge those illegal taxes and spending. A ruling for any of these plaintiffs would make the problems with ObamaCare’s decrepit web site look like a hiccup.

Jack Kerwick | November 03, 2013

Many events have conspired over the last several years that have induced in self-avowed conservatives and traditional Republican voters the gnawing suspicion that in spite of what politicians and media personalities would have them believe, “the conservative movement”—their movement—hasn’t been particularly conservative.

Michael Youssef | November 03, 2013

That’s a startling question, to be sure. But it’s a question that haunted me during my recent visit to Australia.

Paul Jacob | November 03, 2013

Success in politics can easily descend to nothing more than making promises you can't keep. Which is why citizens have to step in and fix the messes made by the over-promisers.