Dan Holler

The big headline from USA Today says it all: Democrats beginning to support Obamacare delays.

Of course, what the article does not say is that a delay of Obamacare is exactly what conservatives have been demanding for months. The intrepid reporter also forgot to mention President Obama’s refusal to discuss even a miniscule delay caused parts of the federal government to shut down.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel proclaimed this week “a turning point” because “After 16 long days of vowing to Republicans that they would not cave in any way, shape or form on ObamaCare, Democrats spent their first post-shutdown week caving in every way, shape and form. “

That may be a bit of an overstatement, as most of these red-state Democrats are merely advocating a tweak that does absolutely nothing to prevent premiums from skyrocketing for those who already have insurance.

The Heritage Foundation’s Drew Gonshorowski crunched the numbers, and buying health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges is an expensive proposition. A 27-year old adult in Arkansas will see premiums increase by 171-percent. In Louisiana, it is 106-percent. North Carolina comes in at 90-percent. Adults over 50 fare slightly better, as do families – though higher premiums will still results in thousands of dollars in extra expenses per year.

Back to the politics and pundit spin.

Strassel continued: “With the GOP's antics now over, the only story now is the unrivaled disaster that is the president's health-care law.” The suggestion here is that the month’s long campaign to halt Obamacare before the disastrous open enrollment period began was nothing more than a political sideshow. Nonsense.

Dan Holler

Dan Holler is the Communications Director for Heritage Action for America. Previously, he held numerous positions at The Heritage Foundation, most recently he was the Senate Relations Deputy. A Maryland native, he is a graduate of Washington College.