Bill Tatro

A lot of people are very upset with President Obama regarding his broken promise of being able to keep both your current healthcare policy and physician if you so desired. Apparently, our president is very much like Rick in Casablanca who stated, “I was misinformed.” In fact, right-wing politicians are so angry with Obama that impeachment chatter is starting to surface once again. Yet, because these current impeachment discussions are based upon all the wrong reasons, I truly believe this kind of thinking is misguided. I would not impeach Obama for theoretically lying or for providing misinformation. However, I do believe that Obama could be impeached in the world of “I wish it were so” just for being downright ignorant.

Here’s the deal. Not long ago, when initially questioned about the IRS “targeting” of Tea Party group members, the White House responded that the president was not aware of the situation. In addition, last September when the Benghazi attacks hit the headlines, apparently the State Department was calling all the shots, and the president, according to the White House, was not aware of the hourly action. Moreover, the NSA — thanks to Mr. Snowden — has certainly been in the spotlight, and that’s in addition to the average American citizen having their text messages, emails, and phone calls taped, read, and catalogued. In fact, it appears this type of NSA surveillance has also been conducted on over thirty heads of state around the world, and it goes without saying that German Chancellor Angela Merkel certainly wasn’t enamored when she discovered that her cell phone had been bugged. Yet, once again, according to White House authorities, these surveillance decisions were made by underlings and the president was completely out of the loop. Furthermore, the White House, knowing three years ago that millions of American citizens would not be able to retain their current healthcare policies, apparently never informed the president. Consequently, Obama’s response regarding this crucial issue was just like Sergeant Schultz, “I know nothing.”

Okay, but if you ask Obama who won last year’s Super Bowl, he’d quickly respond that it was the Baltimore Ravens. Or, if the president was queried regarding the winner of the 2012 World Series, he would instantly declare that it was the San Francisco Giants. Likewise, if Obama was requested to provide the name of the team that won the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament last year, he would unequivocally proclaim that it was Louisville.

Bill Tatro

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